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  1. Guga

    New guy.

    Hello man! And wellcome!
  2. Guga

    [Request] Gate For Jambaz Store.

    thank you.
  3. I would like to add a gate to my biz so i can buy and sell some used cars. in addition i have some prints from the editor to show how it looks like. prints: 1- http://imgur.com/bjRmZlC 2- http://imgur.com/kVaNg0H 3- http://imgur.com/QD01wGU 4- http://imgur.com/6NhC6Bb 5- http://imgur.com/Ofd4Mro 6- http://imgur.com/LMU7Njr Regards Guga
  4. Guga

    [Steam] Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Free)

    Thank you m8! looks a nice game.
  5. Guga

    Guga o/

    Hello im Guga , im from portugal im 25 years old and im new on RP i wish i can learn some more english and i will try to make some new friends
  6. Guga

    Business - @Big Moe's [$1 Starting]

    Name :Guga Louro Comment: 10,000!

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