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  1. I agree with what was said about a rule being hard to be made about it. It's dumb, and unrealistic that someone can just smack you with their car, and take a few items off you, leaving you forced to RP injuries for a while due to a petty robbery. If it's RP'ed correctly though, there's not much that can be said about it.
  2. ''Wrong. Mihkel was turning the bike and trying to escape.'' You RPly had a gun in your hand, and in no way, shape, or form, as it visible if you were turning to get a better angle or escaping. Either way, you had a gun out and your target was obviously Niko. My character saw you pull a /ame with a gun, and that's why he rammed you in the heat of the moment.
  3. He corrected the statement where he claims that i had unintentionally rammed you. That was a complete misunderstanding, it was my intention to smack you with the car. Now you say we were ''dragged'' into the situation, implying we got ourselves back in. Now let's have a look at it again. You PK me, CK Boris. Next day, we are with Niko. You try to kill Niko. Am i just supposed to watch him and giggle? No, i rammed you guys on your bike, whilst you had RPed having a gun out. I think it was completely justified for me to get into the situation again when you pulled that gun.
  4. Name: Aman Age: 17 Country: Denmark Time Playing OwlGaming: Two years Favorite Player(s): @Ramsis @ItsMelodyy @Vubstersmurf @scarlxd @Colonel Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: Favorite Faction: Sparta Inc. Favorite Faction Leader: @Vubstersmurf @ItsMelodyy @Ramsis Favorite GAT Member: @Vubstersmurf @ItsMelodyy @QueenC @Cryotich @croozerdog Favorite UAT Member: All of them are pretty cool, haven't had the pleasure of getting to know everyone yet. Favorite LEO Roleplayer: Idk Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: Idk im a good boy i don't break laws
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.imgur.com/OpuskB9.jpg Property Type: Residential Address: #2510 S Clean Drive - Palomine Creek Description: A beautiful house with a few rooms in it - A Kitchen in an open area, connected with the living room and dining room, and a bedroom with its own bathroom ( Entrance would be in the bedroom). The house also has a backyard and a frontyard, and a garage(( Garage int is combined with the house int )). Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 25.000 Minimum Increase: 1.500 Buyo
  6. You won the auction sir. Contact me with the information above. Im available now. (( @colestephens901 ))
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car https://i.imgur.com/LbzFJtG.png Vehicle year: 1997 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Toyta Supra Turbo VIN: 14292 Mileage: 54502 Description: A White 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo in Perfect Condition. It's Stock. Selling it due to the fact that i do not use it. Good handling, tops at 186. Images https://i.imgur.com/PsLetbR.png https://i.imgur.com/udFkqa5.png Starting bid: 15.000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 50.000 Auction end date: 12/06/2018
  8. Congrats bro <3 hope ur having an amazing day

    1. Ramsis


      Thanks mayne <3


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