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  1. RolePlayer10

    [STATE] The People V. Maris Jekabs Liepa [07/01]

    "Yes, your honor, I do wish to have legal representation"
  2. RolePlayer10

    [STATE] The People v. Maris Jekabs Liepa [10/09]

    ''No your honor, I do not, I'd like a public defender to be assigned to me.''
  3. RolePlayer10

    [STATE] The People v. Maris Jekabs Liepa [10/09]

    **Maris Jekabs Liepa walks into the courtroom, taking a seat**
  4. RolePlayer10

    Car - 1964 Chevrolet Impala [ENDS: 7th October 2018]

    name: MJ bid: $20,000
  5. I plead guilty to all 3 charges, except Obstruction, as I was not the driver.
  6. RolePlayer10

    Character Kill Appeal - Laura Ashcroft

    Kinda is, even with logic, how can you say that the nightclub's gonna be opened at 8PM IG and open it by your irl timezone?
  7. RolePlayer10

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    I disagree that it should be banned, RP is RP for a reason, you can do whatever you like (with both parties consent of course) If you want to ban pedophilia (which I agree is disgusting), you should also ban rape, necrophilia, sexual assault etc. So I vote NO for 2 reasons. #1 It's limiting RP-Roleplay is roleplay for a reason, you can do whatever you like and it takes both parties consent, so limiting certain aspects is not good for both the community and the RP factor itself. #2 It's very hypocritical to ban pedophilia in its entirety (Including consensual sex), but not ban necrophilia, rape, sexual assault, etc.
  8. RolePlayer10

    Question about skins

    :/, that sucks, but thanks for the reply
  9. RolePlayer10

    Question about skins

    Can a dff file skin be added? If not, can you please code the game so there's a possibility that It can be added?
  10. RolePlayer10

    My own skin

    Lol I just remembered about this post, found out the skin thing myself, but wanted to say thnx for replying xD
  11. RolePlayer10

    My own skin

    So basically I created my skin (even though its shit) I would still like to try it out.

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