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  1. only click if ur a rich saudi prince

    CCMaker ftw, can get you more than photoshop
  2. Name: The Onion News Network Comment: Thank you for your contribution to the community.
  3. Name: The Onion News Network Comment: I heard they have a christmas speciality in jail right now, hopefully it's something good. o7 HatSnatcher, you will be remembered.
  4. Name: The Onion News Network Comment: Sir, sources claim that you were imprisoned, how did you get an internet connection down there?
  5. Name: The Onion News Network Comment: He never did seem to grow up, nor he ever wanted to leave his care home, so according to his papers, he still counts as a 13 year old boy.
  6. ** Would be tagging the quoted commenter ** Name: The Onion News Network Comment: Thank you kind sir/woman/object, may we expose the dark truth behind Mengele.
  7. The Onion News just in, footage near City Hall shows that Thomas Mengele, our lord and saviour thy bless his soul, just gave his christmas hat to a poor orphan. Further updates may or may not come next. Mysterious orphan man can be see running joyfully with his newfound hat in his hands: And Thomas Mengele (On the right), after having an important conversation with Urshankov, watching with tears of joy in his eyes as his christmas hat goes to a better place: Update #2: News just in, sources claim that Sir Thomas Mengele, our white knight, has changed his mind in private and decided to get the LSPD to chase down the poor, poor orphan, and is now pressing charges. This is truly a dark day for San Andreas.
  8. The San Andreas Trade Union Center

    Looked through my ancient PMs to see something about this faction. This thing is dead, right? Oh, right.
  9. That's a shame However, cars have to follow roads and avoid buildings, whereas Helicopters could fly over them and "cut corners". Combine that with the TS TAC channels and you can still get a constant flow of info which, if PD use their heads, could allow them to cut off the ricer.
  10. Then they can use a heli and just go around looking for it in the area it was last seen (the GUI seems to be OP at finding things), then tell the HSIU and other cruisers where they are = even more RP
  11. Isn't that what HSIU's are for? They go 286km/h and can keep up with ricers only if the driver is actually competent (I heard PD have some secret new ones that go 310km/h but that's just a rumour I heard)
  12. 2004 Nissan 350Z Touring

    (( Ummm, didn't this car fall off a cliff after a PD chase? You can just barely make out the 16000 VIN ))

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