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  1. Name: D. P. Comment: Used to own this place a while back, and is very profitable if you use it well. Price is more than what I bought it for back then, though you're very likely to make that money back in like a week if you advertise well and have good prices. I'm pretty sure it had two vehicle lifts, whatever happened to the other one?
  2. Renny

    Residential - #4 Spring Street [ENDS: 15/06/18 4 pm]

    (( Interior images link 404's? ))
  3. Renny

    GAT Update - June 12th, 2018

    RIP @Law and @usev25 /mourn Couldn't find a "Rayy" on the forums
  4. I'm for the idea of adding it to the locksmith, though if it were to be added as a command, could it be a part of the upcoming faction permissions menu?
  5. Renny

    [Items] - /call [contact name]

    I'm for this suggestion, just a small feature but would also improve the contacts as you wouldn't even need to go into your inventory just to call someone. May want to add a poll to the thread?
  6. Renny

    [CPQL] - Declaring War

    Name: D Comment: inb4 Gandhi is behind all of these attacks
  7. I'd have to say no too. Currently this suggestion would only benefit the people who already own properties next to the Pay 'n Sprays. Eventually we'll see these properties be auctioned off for hundreds of thousands just because they include some passive income.
  8. Renny

    Turkish Appreciation Thread

    kebabs are 👌
  9. Name: T. Comment: bruh, legalizing weed will only make prices lower, mans gotta make profit somehow 😂
  10. Renny

    May need Dinoco perms

    Yup, that works, thanks!
  11. Renny

    May need Dinoco perms

    May need Dinoco dealership perms in case anything needs updating and no one is there to do it @Script @Unitts can confirm I'm in the faction
  12. This can be stopped with improvements to VT
  13. Name: D. Comment: Does this announcement have anything to do with the current votes going on? Or is it just a coincidence?
  14. Nice, looking good. How would things like indoor fires work? Would fire be visible from the outside, or maybe some smoke could be added to the house making it look like it's on fire from the outside?

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