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  1. Why does this sounds so much like something that'd play on radio station #10 all summer long
  2. Renny

    happy birthday parkinsons

  3. ★ Dimitri Petrov pulls both arms outwards in front of his chest and pumps them behind his back, then repeats this motion in a smaller range of motion down to his hips two times once more all while sliding his legs in a faux walking motion, claps his hands together in front of him while both his knees knock together, pumps his arms downward, pronating his wrists and abducting his fingers outward while crossing his legs back and forth, then repeats this motion again two times while keeping his shoulders low and hunching over, then does a finger gun with right hand with left hand bent on his hip while looking directly forward and putting his left leg forward then crossing his arms and leaning back a little while bending his knees at an angle.

  4. Right, but vehicles are still a large part of the MTA server, and taking away something that everyone takes for granted such as names of cars can have effects on other parts of the server too like I said before.
  5. And going back to the basics would mean there would be less RP like I mentioned before. The things you've mentioned such as no imports, no irl brands, not having to do RP to tune your car really sound like an RPG server (RP servers and RPG servers are different things), and just like on MTA there is a massive difference in quality between a good RP server like Owl and all of those brazilian (And many, many other) RPG servers. Speaking from experience after spending some time on one of these "RPG" servers, not only is the quality of the server as a whole a lot worse but there is no such thing as RP on them, it's a big DMfest. On such servers you just choose to buy a car which is based on the MTA models, if you want to tune it you would just go to a building, click some buttons, pay the money and you'll have a tuned car with nitrous or w/e you wanted. You want to buy a gun? Easy, just go into an ammunation and buy one, no questions asked. You want to rob a house? Easy, it's built in as a script, you just right click on a house and rob it. You just got killed by the police in a shootout? No problem, just respawn with no penalties. Pretty much just the singleplayer game, but with multiplayer. The reason that Owl doesn't have as many issues is that RP is enforced and required for major things such as vehicle tuning. If there was no RP required to increase your car's performance and instead all you had to do was go into LSC and click a few buttons to fully tune your car, what would make my Elegy unique from someone else's who fully tuned it too. And you said that people who would want to RP can do so ("do roleplay of modding it if you want to"), well judging from how many people don't RP unless required, and doing the roleplay if you just wanted to but were not required to would count as passive RP, what would be the point? Even though the vehicles you listed are no larger than 10MB, getting more custom vehicles would be going against: As for this, the profit wouldn't be great at all as NPC Dealerships would have their prices, and many players would be stingy and would not want to sell vehicles for lower than the price they get it for. And then the player run dealerships could only sell the vehicles for a cheaper price than the NPC dealerships effectively making them junker dealerships. Then don't pay and do it yourself. The mechanics are only charging you that much for the sake of convenience of doing it for you. I'm no mechanic irl but after watching many in-depth guides, reading handbooks/guides and other stuff it's really not as difficult as you would think. Of course, real life experience does help a lot, but it's not like you can't do anything without irl experience. As for this, yes this is a massive issue (Especially with car's that have just a engine swap and a turbo going for 500k+) caused by retards slow people actually buying said cars for a shitload of money so they can actually gofestmen. It caught on and most people are just doing it to make money nowadays really. I believe this could be prevented by rather than having to make a request for a performance mod and having to have it approved before you do the RP, you should be able to just send the RP in first and have the request based on that. Sure that'd mean there would probably be more modified cars out on the streets, but the prices wouldn't be as stupid (But rather, be more competitive). But with the very low amount of people in VT and the team getting smaller (@Park could give you a rant about it), I don't see how changes like that could happen.
  6. Though this may confusion unless the vehicle has a description of something like "(( IS A 2017 NISSAN R35 GT-R))" as different people may want to RP their cars as different years or models if that were the case. And there'd be some people sticking to the GTA V names. Below is just a convo I had a while ago with someone when the topic of Owl V using the GTA V car names as the actual car names came up. Also, what about vehicle import companies, would they then just import cars with GTA V names, but then where would the prices of cars come from? Might as well have different NPC dealerships selling all of the different cars. And if all of the prices are the same (i.e. if all Elegies are the same price) then that'd affect auctions too, pretty much making sure that auction buyouts never go past the NPC dealership price because if they do, what would be the point in buying from the auction if the NPC would be cheaper? Just a "small" (Not really small for people like the VT as handling and stuff would need to be changed individually) thing like no longer having real life names on cars can affect the server in many more ways.
  7. Seeing how mechanic RP is quite popular on MTA, how would stuff like engine mods work if the cars are just the GTA V cars RPly? Would there be predefined parts that you can buy for each specific car, or would it be as simple as going into a place such as Los Santos Customs (Or whatever it could be) and clicking a few buttons and you would end up with a modified car? Or would there be no performance mods of any kind?
  8. sad 2 see a certified member of the community go :(



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    1. EDR


      lolwat get fucked

  9. Y'all know of the game?

  10. Happy birthday!

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