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  1. Holy shit, this is a sad news to get early in the morning. Owl really was a great community. I joined pretty late and didn't get to be a part for as long as many others here but it surely gave me some great hours of enjoyment and fun. One of my best decisions of my gaming life was to move to Owl, surely. I will remember all the friends I made here and I hope to stay in touch with them, and who knows maybe meet a few in the future, someday. So long, friends. So long.
  2. This was a great faction. Hope to stay in touch with all you guys in the discord. And hopefully, someday in the future, this will be back.
  3. A step in the right direction. A necessary and much needed step. Glad to see this initiative being taken by the higher ups.
  4. Glad to see this still going on! Absolutely beautiful screenshots guys.
  5. Good job @QueenC Congratulations @Zebulon
  6. Good updates all along! ? PS: promote quinecy to senior ?
  7. Yelawolf ? OT: Keep it up, lads! ?
  8. All the luck to you, my dude!
  9. Script

    happy birthday monggooo

  10. Script

    Legion of Chaos

    absolutely lost my shit at that 1 second of music at the very end, i dont know why. @Jer good luck also can i join ? : )
  11. Stay in touch mate. Perhaps we'll play together again someday on some other game. ?
  12. spawn me 52 cars from bots impound lots. please. I MISS THOSE OLD FUCKING DAYS. YOU WERE ONE OF THE BEST MTA ADMINS. I hope you're still one of the good ones on V too. xx
  13. hello. might wanna mention that im your best friend.
  14. nobody's gonna reply on this topic? seems like a good guy. IT Engineer? i think you would get along with vubs.
  15. who are you again. sound like a good guy.
  16. i am still subscribed to you on youtube. what do i get
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