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  1. Script

    GAT Update - January 12, 2019

    there are others who deserve it more than me, x. but cheerio. 😘
  2. Script

    [Sparta Media] Drug epidemic hits Los Santos

    Name: V Comment: Once again, a great job by you lot!
  3. Script

    GAT Update - January 12, 2019

    Good luck to all the applicants!
  4. happy birthday!

  5. Script

    A trouble in my MTA owl gaming acc.

    Guess you've solved it then.
  6. Script

    Welcome to the Los Santos Auction House!

    05th January, 2019 Rule adjusted: Bids placed can be of any form as long as they make sense to the auctioneer and to the general public.
  7. Script

    A trouble in my MTA owl gaming acc.

    What is your ingame username? 'GhostMaster' gives up no results.
  8. Script

    VT Update - January 2019

    Great job VT!
  9. Script

    Year In Review 2018

    Great job everyone!

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