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  1. Glad to see this still going strong.
  2. my boy sacred back up in this bitch xx
  3. @Awesome @Thomasmith Happy to see you both on the list. I love you two.
  4. Oh hello there, I'm sure you remember me from PRRP. Good to see you back here.
  5. Script

    Ace Vision Ltd

    Lovely people doing lovely stuff. :)) Good luck, fellas.
  6. Welcome to OwlGaming, lad. Hope you have fun here.
  7. you're not hard, DogM OT: good luck, seems very nice indeed
  8. Nice one, Jer. Did you resign from Senior Admin?
  9. Cheers. PS: We get Just Cause 4 on Epic Store, for free, tomorrow. @Jer
  10. Top 10 saddest anime deaths. Surely would go down as one of the best RP server, in my books. Thank you to everyone who I've met here and have become a friend of! You're all good people. Thank you to Chaos for running this the best way he could. Thank you, OwlGaming!
  11. climb out. OT: good job ben, always a delight to see you starting factions.
  12. watched it all, informative video x
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