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  1. Script

    Dinoco perms

    done queenc and mint
  2. Script

    SEMC perms.

    semc employee group given
  3. Script

    LSIA Perms.

    lsia employee usergroup given
  4. Script

    Unitts on his daily walk

    @DylanW 🤤
  5. Script

    Pacho ''Gamba'' Cardenas - El mismo diablo

    why was this posted on 9/11? OT: good job, man.
  6. Script

    DCS Perms

  7. Script

    LSIA Perms

  8. Script

    LSIA leader perm

    uhm, LSIA Management usergroup has full access to everything inside LSIA. could you post a SS of how it looks to you?
  9. Script

    Pizza Stack Leadership Perms

    done yooooo
  10. Script

    SEMC Perms

    employee group given
  11. Script

    LSIA Perms

    already has that. l&a'd
  12. Script

    LSIA permissions

    done yo
  13. Script

    LSIA perms

    done yo
  14. Script

    LSIA Leader Perms

  15. Script

    SEMC perms

    SEMC Employee perm given

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