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  1. Script

    happy birthday monggooo

  2. Script

    Legion of Chaos

    absolutely lost my shit at that 1 second of music at the very end, i dont know why. @Jer good luck also can i join ? : )
  3. Script

    JW Outdoors

  4. Stay in touch mate. Perhaps we'll play together again someday on some other game. ?
  5. this. congratulations you both
  6. spawn me 52 cars from bots impound lots. please. I MISS THOSE OLD FUCKING DAYS. YOU WERE ONE OF THE BEST MTA ADMINS. I hope you're still one of the good ones on V too. xx
  7. hello. might wanna mention that im your best friend.
  8. nobody's gonna reply on this topic? seems like a good guy. IT Engineer? i think you would get along with vubs.
  9. who are you again. sound like a good guy.
  10. i am still subscribed to you on youtube. what do i get
  11. good that you didn't tell your real name here. only i know that, okay baby? good.
  12. what is going on here
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