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  2. Not really a major priority, yet. But sure, for future, we could have this.
  3. Yes please. This was a needed suggestion! Great job.
  4. You got my support, my mate. This is definitely needed.
  5. This is a very nice suggestion and I'm sure they'll be picking a lot of stuff from here. Just gotta wait for it, since this is not the major priority yet.
  6. Indicates admins. But yeah, I agree with the suggestion!
  7. The phone system needs a lot of work to be done. I believe it is in the works just not a MAJOR priority as of yet, imo.
  8. This will probably be a thing later down the line. I agree with the suggestion though.
  9. MindScape's idea is a great addition indeed. Yes please, to this suggestion, along with MindScape's.
  10. Yes please. Would be nice to be able to locate publicly known buildings.
  11. I was going to say this. I think we should be able to have NPC dogs for roleplay and whatnot but PLAYERS RPING as ANIMALS shouldn't be a thing. Period.
  12. This will be added. They're already looking into adding more of these but since we're in the beta stage, things like these take a backseat but trust me, they're being looked into.
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