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    Glendale , California.
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    Fuck around inna AMG GTR

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  1. spudi

    3 Vehicles [ENDS: October 7th 2018]

    Name : Bradley. Bid : $26.000 on #1.
  2. Name : Bradley. Comment : @InDiGo28 @Maikeyy2
  3. We have a WINNER, contact me via email so you can pick up the vehicle.
  4. spudi

    3 Vehicles [ENDS: October 7th 2018]

    Name : Brad. Bid : Starting 3.
  5. @Pardal is leading, @Maximas Outbidded. (( I couldn't edit the last quote because my phone is retarded, now he had become the edge version of the P9 Lite because of the walls he caught in the morning
  6. Name : Auctionner. Comment : Everything is possible for my dear , Unfortunately I'm not available right now , give me half an hour and you'll have it tested out. Great car , I wouldn't miss the opportunity.

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