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  1. Congratulations! You've won the auction! 504-278 contact his number to colllect!
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Skully's Super Store, San Andreas Blvd. Description: Good shop with a great interior right next to Idlewood Gas Station! Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 35,000 Minimum Increase: 2500 Buyout: 100,000 Auction ends: 27/09/2017 Contact Information: Given to winner!
  3. Residental - Farm Shack

    Name:YourAverageNobody Bid:11k
  4. Character Kill Appeal - Franklin_Mayson

    So from what I gather: Your friend was getting shot at by Blake, then you retaliated by pulling out your UZI, shooting towards Ron, Ron then retaliated by blasting you with his shotgun. I see no reason why you've appealed this as it was blatant disregard on your part, there was no reasoning behind you needing to fire at anyone as it wasn't you that they were aiming for therefore you took it upon yourself to take out your UZI and disregard your life, which in the end resulted in your death. This is denied.
  5. Character Kill Appeal - Franklin_Mayson

    I'll be the one reviewing this appeal, I'll review all of the evidence and get back to you as soon as possible.
  6. Residential - 37 Crest Street

    Auction ended. No bidders.
  7. Residential - 37 Crest Street

    Buyout lowered.
  8. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 37 Crest Street Description: Nice house situated in Palomino Creek Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 40000 Minimum Increase: 3000 Buyout: 80000 Auction ends: 20/09/2017 Contact Information: Given to the winner.
  9. The Montgomery Organization

    Best of luck!
  10. Name: DancingWithTheDevil. Bid: 25k

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