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  2. Noted. You're now leading. (( @Dubai )) Noted. Leading.
  3. Noted. You are now leading.
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Coffee Speedshop, Washington St. Description: Great business location right in the heart of Los Santos, highly populated area, right across from Pizza Stacks. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 35,000 Minimum Increase: 2000 Buyout: 100,000 Auction ends: 28/07/2017 Contact Information: Given to the winner.
  5. Bid: 12k Gimme the hoose big man
  6. Forgot to mention my boi @Unitts for being the best gateman around, your service is highly appreciated
  7. @Hurley You may be shit at scripting but you're an even shitter admin. Jk ily really kiss kiss E-Sex me later on Ivan. @Wright for being Marko. @Scarlet I would say you're good but you've yet to E-Sex me. Get on @Hurley's level.
  8. I think you spelt St. Francis Gangster Cripples wrong?
  9. Sorry to intrude the thread but my character is Luzev Ikovich, the above quote if you remember correctly @xxx you were mid way through the conversation and rolled up my windows because I wasn't interested in your conversation due to you being aggressive towards me prior to the events that took place, thought I'd throw this in here as you'd mentioned that I could've used those words as method of meaning no harm.
  10. When I was circumcised they miss clicked.. It ended badly..
  11. Congratulations you have won the action, please message me privately for contact details.
  12. 1 day remaining.
  13. Noted, leading. You've been outbid.
  14. Noted, leading. You've been outbid.
  15. Declined, sorry. Only looking for cash.