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  2. I don't really agree with sending location in an SMS as I feel that it's not really necessary. Most places around Los Santos and the county (which is the roleplay zone) are mostly well known and easy to describe. Although realistic, working with the phone system is ass and if you really need to send a location, roleplay using Google Maps or whatever, do /getpos and send the coordinates.
  3. Either this or just disable shooting when the radar mode is enabled.
  4. Syncer

    LSIA access

    i approve
  5. Name: Private Bid: Offering 5'000$
  6. vegans are the reason animals die
  7. Will it be possible to kind of reserve your character name for V? I can totally imagine someone deciding to grab a couple names that are very well known at MTA.
  8. If this gets accepted I am willing to make this.
  9. i think he meant to bring SUP back with GTA V and the pop there could be quite decent
  10. cause it is YOUR history of YOUR previous behaviour
  11. Syncer

    Need LSIA perms

    hey need lsia perms @Sergeant can approve
  12. at exactly that event i exited my interior and almost had a stroke
  13. u swissman Looking forward to see more of this!
  14. Username: kaslasataslohs Ticket number (1-25): 696969
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