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  1. at exactly that event i exited my interior and almost had a stroke
  2. u swissman Looking forward to see more of this!
  3. Username: kaslasataslohs Ticket number (1-25): 696969
  4. Syncer

    Fisher Security

    can you install cameras on my boat
  5. Remember that you are supposed to leave the caches where they're hidden!
  6. GEOCATCHER "ROCK" Traditional Cache Publisher: ATTR Coordinates: -609.4580078125 -801.112304687 Difficulty: Terrain: Geobox description Two huge rocks sit there unnoticed in the outer area of Los Santos, close to the tunnel to San Fierro. They have two unique colors that are not seen often around San Andreas. Located some distance from the road, not everyone has seen them and they are definitely a place worth checking out! Additional hints
  7. so have you gotten to a point where you drink coffee with your nose
  8. @Portside is the real MVP, once accepted my break-in report 20 seconds after submitting.
  9. Honestly I would have enjoyed the video with a bit less of that zooming, it was very distracting, but overall, nice one.
  10. Syncer

    Bank Loans

    What do you mean? Did you read his post? Are you trying to say, that if a character with an active loan somehow gets CK'd, he may never take a loan again? https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/260-superior-court-of-san-andreas/
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