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  1. Leggo squad @Courtez @ItsMelodyy @Salsa good jobbo xox
  2. Come join us on the 1st June at 4PM at The Blue Parade (Strawberry Avenue)! Kick back and relax with other members of the Community whilst taking part in bar games and an open bar! Drinks are on us!
  3. Bring your own vehicle or rent one from Sabre Ltd and take part in our off-roading event! Get to explore and test your driving skills whilst hanging out with members of the community.
  4. Just a note we are certainly looking at ways to improve things for illegal roleplay and give players a lot more things to do. Having said that I don't believe scriped illegal jobs that have a huge pay reward is the route as that'll easily ruin the economy and get players to stop roleplaying with others. Our main goal is to encourage player interaction and get people roleplaying together, and that's what we will continue to aim to do with our scripts, we have a LOT coming up in the future.
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