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  1. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2020 Vehicle brand: Bravado Vehicle make: Buffalo S VIN: 4894 Mileage: 1713 Description: Never in your life has a car made you so appealing to the opposite sex. From its provocative curves to the paint job that says, "Screw you, I'm a car", this Bravado Buffalo S eminates manliness from every piece of metal. This was the car that broke Bravado. When it came off of the production line, each person in the company had a collective aneurysm from the visual masterpiece with which that had blessed humanity. I
  2. Unfortunately, as the MC continued to grow in their narcotics operations, Mathias became more determined than ever for his son to take over once he had decided his time had finished. He spent every minute organising bigger hits with Rico to try to convince his son that this life was the only life for him, handing him more responsibility during each run and teaching Rico how to become emotionally detached when handling business. The two of them grew in confidence as they began to make plans to target a rival group in Marin County, looking at ways to expand their firearms operation statewide.
  3. “The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.” Rico was fourteen when he took part in his first murder, being thrust into the life with no return as his father tried to teach him what it meant to look after those who can’t look after themselves and in his own words ‘Be a man’. The person Rico was forced to take the life of was a 50 year old male, who had been found committing horrendous crimes too explicit to write on paper against children in the community. After handing
  4. A true outlaw finds the balance between the passion in his heart and the reason in his mind. The outcome is the balance of might and right
  5. Merry Christmas folks! 🎄


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      How did you get onto the internet?!?!?! Didn't know they had it in the care home

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      Got my butler to put it up for me

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      I'm ringing his union.

  7. Hi All, As most of you are probably aware on 15th December 2020 a new GTA update will be released - RAGE Developers will need time to update the client in order for it to be compatible with this new update. Therefore you need to follow the below instructions to continue playing OwlV when the new GTA update is released! Step 1: Head over to your GTAV Game Directory. (Below are the most common file paths, unless you have specifically chosen to download the game onto a different drive, your files should be on one of the paths b
  8. Home life and growing up All the time I was being beaten, I thought, "I'm not going to be fourteen forever, I need to grow up." Rico Evans has shot and stabbed and punched and clubbed more of his fellow human beings than he can remember. It would be easy to conclude that he fell into a hard life. That would be wrong. As Rico tells it, he didn’t fall into violence; violence is where his life began. Rico recalls a time when he was about ten, and his Mom had gone on yet another drunken rampage. This time, Rico’s mother held a knife, threatening him after he had found
  9. Background & Details Name: Rico David Evans Date of Birth: October 31st 1990 Nationality: Norwegian Height: 6'5 FT Weight: 191 Pounds Build: Athletic and Muscular Eye Color: Brown with green flecks Hair Color: Black with red highlights Hairstyle: Long at the top with shaved sides Voice: Deep with a slight Norweigan Accent Skin Tone: White Blood Relations: Nadia Evans - Mother (Deceased 2020), Mathias Evans - Father (Deceased 2011), Dexter Evans - Brother (alive), Nari Evans - Daughter (alive). Personality and Characteristics
  10. Haaaappy BIrthdaaaaay



  11. Sounds good, people only manage to acquire guns via FT roleplay now but we ensure it doesn't get flooded. Serial job would make stealing legal guns a lot more interesting. +1
  12. It would be made into FT roleplay events, not script side since it could potentially be abused and isn't as fun as it could be predictable :)
  13. I am sure we can incorporate more of this kind of thing via FT events
  14. Name: R Comment: Yet another decent article, gave me something to read and re read when bored. Looking forward to the next one! You should perhaps to a dummies guide to car maintenance or mechanics. May prove popular. Keep up the good work.
  15. Hello, It's been a good few months since we last opened up recruitment for members of the community to join the staff team. We would like to announce that we are reopening Administrator applications once again, with the aim of expanding our team in order to further the server in terms of events and roleplay opportunites. Our staff are there to help current and new players in providing roleplay alongside ensuring they have the best experience possible. If you wish to apply you can find the form here The process is still as follows: Application -&
  16. Hi there, Just had a UA meeting and wanted to give an update on what we discussed regarding your feedback suggestion. Name Change: We allow name changes for characters up to 5 hours (for free) - unless under exceptional circumstances. House Move - Can you clarify on what you mean with this? Custom Phone number - We will be adding this soon! Business/House interior change - This has already been added in terms of uploading custom interiors, normal business/house interiors change usually cost in game money since we consider this as renovation. Gov
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