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  2. Sorry to hear, if you decide to come back and retry just shoot me a PM. L&A upon request.
  3. Woah why bring my age into this thanks tho x
  4. He's commenting on the fact I grew half a CM the other day JOHN DON'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME.
  5. @Bum - Cheers mate @Sergeant much appreciated. Congrats to all those who got promoted,
  6. Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.
  7. I am the only Original Mr Blobby.
  8. Why you got to try be edgy, we're best mates sicko.
  9. Vubstersmurf

    LSIA Perms

    Done @Sergeant
  10. Done. @Cosa @Nikkehd @EPICxNUTS @eoozy @Thomasmith
  11. Yes from me makes things more fluid anyway, should also make paying npc wages pay by card.
  12. Come after my cat and @Swanker will end you
  13. Looking forward to getting back in the game. 👌
  14. No point in saying the cliche good luck message, you've got this.
  15. Bags did get searched if someone had one, we had a few people try to PG their way through everything which was a bit amusing. However it worked well. This is derailing the topic anyway from the awesome skins so
  16. Already is decent factions doing Private Security work properly @Piney great skins, thank you!
  17. Just a heads up if you buy a new interior or your friend does. Ensure an admin checks the interior if theres security equipment there. A lot of the time they haven't been installed properly and then you get messed up when someone breaks in. Better to warn people as I see this happen too many times.



      Also, if you suspect the interior having way too big mapping on it, also remember to ask for a mapping team member to check it for you, or you would have more struggles and a lot of lost time.

    2. klippan
    3. Krakkfaen


      Alright tkaing notes in my notepad

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