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  1. Clearly knew how good you'd turn out to be
  2. According to @Daniels I still can't speak it.
  3. Owl gave me lifelong friends and fantastic memories. Thanks for the ride, had a lot of fun being staff and seeing this community go through its ups and downs. Will always be worth the amount of time I put in due to the fact I know so many people had a blast and made friends with others. Catch you all on the flipside. ps Shoutout to my UA crew, admins and ex admins and scripters, best team no doubt.
  4. The last ride. This faction has been going strong for nearly two years, I took over in December 2019 and enjoyed every single bit of it. However like all good things, it has been decided by members of the faction to close for good. I want to thank every single person who's been in the faction, have interacted with us and those who have supported us, it's been a damn crazy ride!
  5. Unarchived, welcome back!
  6. Due to the nature of in-game development (Among other things), we've decided to shift this faction over to the legal side. We will still be doing illegal things in-game but have decided its time for a change. We thank everyone who's been along for the ride and hope people join us on the flip side. NOTE: We are still a Motorcycle club but more focused on the legal side, so if you wish to jump in, have some fun find us in-game!
  7. It’s not about money or connections – it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone
  8. Fenrir is glad to announce that their Construction side of the company has finally acquired an office in Los Santos and therefore will be starting taking contracted work within the city and surrounding areas. We cover a wide range of services from demolition jobs, refurbishing your homes and even maintenance on vehicles and equipment. Securing Contracts.
  9. Not everything is moved to mirror park its just the area people know they can go to find others. We have plenty of other things around the map to enjoy and quite a few events are also hosted around. We just wanted one area where people are encouraged to roleplay. We want everyone to explore and get the most of their RP. We just have some areas in mirror park people can know about. This enables people to still branch out into wherever they want to go on the map. (I may not have phrased things right in the article).
  10. Like I said previously, this is going to be a personal project of mine to ensure members are not only heard but also have an impact on the community as a whole (As well as getting the recognition for it). :)
  11. Community Initiative - What comes next Hi folks, I’ve been working a lot in the background in order to collect people’s feedback and move Owl into a new direction that focuses on utilising our community and ensuring people are heard. One thing I want to change is transparency, something which I know full well has been a big complaint from our members. You want to know what’s coming next, where we are at and how YOU yourselves can help. So within this thread I will be explaining how things are changing and what we are looking for. Modders Are you someone who understands how GTA V modifications work on RageMP? Do you enjoy making your own clothing, objects or know how to make vehicle mod packs? OwlGaming is now looking for game modders who can enable us to improve the customisation of the server, we understand this is something we’ve been lacking completely on and we want to get more to improve the input players have on the server. If you are a modder or someone who’s interested in becoming one and learning please reach out to me via PMs. You’ll receive a special discord role giving you the ability to join our new Modders channel on discord, as well as being part of the team that helps shape the server for the better. Community meetings You as players (and staff!) are what matters to the server as a whole, without you there is no OwlGaming. One of the most important things I have found is people getting to know each other and being able to mix in with staff whilst having the knowledge that your voices are heard. This is why we are going to be starting community get togethers on Discord where you can share your ideas with those within the Staff team as well as getting to know those behind the characters themselves. These will be pretty informal meetings, but we hope there will be a lot of productive talk in order to get your feedback on how we can improve. We will also be letting you know what’s going on with the server and what’s being planned! Transparency We are having more staff meetings in order to get decisions done in a quick manner and continue to have the server progress. With this in mind we will be discussing the outcomes of these during the Community meetings so players know what we talked about and what the plan is moving forward. If you have submitted a faction contact and want to know more about the outcome or need some advice please reach out to a staff member within that team to find out more! We recently did this for a player who wanted to know exactly what was discussed for their Faction contact as well as give them advice on how to get started. We are always happy to hop onto voice to explain the decision as well as listen to what we can improve on. Client Side mods One thing we have added is the ability for players to have client side mods with RageMP. This was something that was added by RageMP. Players can now install mods without editing original game files. Resources have to be put at "CLIENT_FOLDER\user_resources\global\game_resources", e.g. "user_resources\global\game_resources\dlcpacks\road_replacement\dlc.rpf". The feature also supports new non-dlc pack 1.1 server-sided modding capabilities (RPF files still need to be re-encrypted after OpenIV, though). Direction of Roleplay We've had a lot of feedback in regards to concentrating on one area of the map were roleplay will be directed. With this we've decided to focus primarily on Mirror Park in Los Santos where players tend to buy their first homes. In the next update we will be moving the spawn location for players to Mirror Park as well as other changes that give players a reason to focus in that area - including moving the DMV! We are currently working on adding roleplay hotspots that have been mapped by some members of our amazing mapping team, including a fantastic bowling alley created by @ShadowSix Once the changes have been made I will be releasing an announcement on what has been moved as well as what areas are available in Mirror Park that are open for roleplay, such as restaurants, current businesses etc. Please note that the entire map is still completely open for roleplay, but that Mirror Park will be the new spot for finding players!
  12. Welcome back, if you need anything please reach out!
  13. You say we're underrated Maybe they love to hate us You're second guessing, this was your first mistake We are the kings
  14. Love this about time we had a Hispanic gang.
  15. Faction Team Update Hi all, It’s been quite a while since we had a faction team update, however the team has been working hard throughout the months in order to make changes and help support Factions. One of the things we realised we need to improve on is transparency and ensuring players of the community realise they are being heard, therefore we will be aiming to produce a Faction Team Update after each meeting. Here’s what we discussed this month and the upcoming changes: Faction Promotions We want to help factions grow and promote them through the levels once they show activity and are able to provide the community with interesting roleplay. We noticed that there has been a bit of a period where this hasn’t been happening, so each month we will be looking at promoting both legal and illegal factions accordingly - and of course demoting any who are no longer active. We have three stages of factions both illegal and legal: Confirmed The first stage of any faction when you create an F3. Established During this period, the faction thread is pinned, they have access to Established-level virtual markets and they'd receive regular drops of drugs and irregular drops of guns ((Ilegal factions only for the drops)). Official If Official is reached, the faction receives a subforum, receives perks such as free interiors more readily, and has regular gun and drug drops if they are an illegal faction. For Illegal Official Faction’s, they must make an effort to get along with all other factions. In effect, they become the supplier for the rest of the criminal world to work on a pyramid. Official Factions supply everyone and are treated as a large organized enterprise capable of smuggling guns and drugs which in turn benefits the criminal world. Official Factions are required to have the highest levels of roleplay and due to their nature of being the head supplier, are limited in number. We’d like to congratulate the following factions on promotion. Street Dragons -> Official Italino -> Official Vinewood Country Club -> Official Alli Farms LLC - > Official Grove Street Families -> Established The Winnebago Boys -> Established How to get promoted: In order to get promoted you need a faction thread on the forums either under legal or underground, and show activity in game. We are looking for factions that have a firm understanding of the server rules and provide quality roleplay for the community around them. For factions who are found breaking rules promotion will be withheld, and your faction may be closed down if rules are repeatedly broken in regards to your faction. Government Wages We also took a look at the current cap on Government wages we brought over from the MTA server which was a cap at $1500. After some discussion this has now been upped to $3,000 in order to fit the V economy. Wages will still be handled in character through the Government. Government Corruption Rules: This is still a work in progress but the idea is to readjust the Government corruption rules to one specific rule that covers all the Government Factions. We feel that most corruption can be handled in an in character way and feel that this will enable players to build on character development better. We will be announcing fully what the new Corruption rules are when it is finalised. Faction Team events/missions For quite a few factions we’ve been giving out missions for different groups in order to not only generate roleplay but also allow them to gain access to resources to help their faction expand, whether this is a mixture of firearms, drugs or money to fund their operations. We realised that some factions may have felt like they had to do these given missions otherwise face in character consequences. We would like to make it clear that these are completely optional and are only in place to try to generate more roleplay and give factions certain goals. We will be hosting more missions/events but this time be looking at both legal and illegal factions so that everyone can get involved. This can range from a faction being asked to deliver certain goods or work on vehicles that are badly damaged, to robbing selected buildings, vehicles and so on. The idea is to help everyone grow and enjoy the roleplay they are included in. For those in Government factions we will be doing random events to get you all involved too! This is all from the team so far, please bare in mind that we are continuously working in the background to help provide roleplay and look at creating an enjoyable experience for players. We are always welcome to suggestions and if you have an idea or query please reach out to us on the forums via FT contact. Congrats once again to the factions now promoted! - Faction Team
  16. I will personally be making this my project in improving on this.
  17. +1 just please don't let me see pink wheel rims.
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