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    Sorted via discord. Archiving.
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    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    At least cook me food if youre going to be handing out the salt 😉
  3. Vubstersmurf

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    No need to bash each other. It's a suggestion and opinions are great to have but don't then target people for it.
  4. Vubstersmurf

    [Robberies] - Rule Suggestion.

    No. We are trying to stop limiting players from roleplaying (as much as we possibly can anyway). Vehicle and property break ins already require certain amount of PD on - and enough staff to supervise and take other reports. It's the risk we take, yes it can be annoying when you get robbed but the number of PD won't stop someone from doing it. We can't limit illegal RP more, but instead look for ways we can improve and help those who do illegal RP have fun and be able to do things they want to do.
  5. Anything will help. My employee is highly abusive demanding wage
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    Tankyani Akhperutyun

    I like it, good luck although I don't think it's needed.
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    MTA SA not working

    Sponge add me on discord so I can look into it. Vubstersmurf#1994
  8. Anyone seen my mates 



  9. Vubstersmurf

    MTA 1.5.6 Error

    Have you tried turning it off and on again.
  10. Vubstersmurf

    MTA 1.5.6 Error

    If you download Teamviewer 8 I'm happy to remote on and get this sorted for you.
  11. Drug Epidemic Hits Los Santos A young woman has sadly lost her life after taking a mix of Heroin and Cocaine that had been cut with the opiate medication Fentanyl. Cheap market prices has seen a large batch of Heroin and Cocaine appearing on the streets of Los Santos for junkies to get their fix. Unfortunately, it appears that the recent batches have been cut with a mix of Fentanyl, a pain medication that is said to have been 50 times stronger than Heroin. The 18 year old female was found unconscious in an alleyway in Idlewood and was later declared dead by EMT’s on scene. Drug paraphernalia found nearby was tested and came up positive for traces of both Heroin and Cocaine. An autopsy was done as part of the investigation into the cause of the woman’s death. Results showed that the cause of death was due to an overdose with high traces of Fentanyl in her system. What is Fentanyl? Fentanyl is a powerful opioid drug used in the treatment of severe pain. However it is being used more and more as a mix with Heroin or Cocaine due to how powerful the effects are - Fentanyl is said to be 50 more times more concentrated than morphine. The effects of the drug are rapid and roughly last for one to two hours. Over the past few years, Fentanyl has appeared in the streets, often laced into the illicit heroin supply. Law enforcement officials believe that most of this Fentanyl comes from labs in China, where it’s produced without being under the supervision of US drug regulators and law enforcement officials who aim to stop the drug being used for recreational purposes. Fentanyl is then shipped from China to the US, normally through Latin America where it is then cut into heroin by drug traffickers and dealers. These groups can then make more money out of their newly cut heroin due to it having more of an effect in lower doses, making it a must buy for any user. In 2016 New South Wales State Coroner Michael Barnes in Australia issued a warning about a "deadly" batch of heroin, saying that in each overdose case the person was found slumped on the floor with a syringe in their hands, or needles and other drug paraphernalia nearby. This echos similarity in regards to the recent incident on our doorsteps in Los Santos. An estimated 13.5 million people in the world take opioids (opium-like substances), including 9.2 million who use heroin. How did the batch come to Los Santos? According to sources and LSPD investigations, the fentanyl laced drug shipments were brought into Los Santos by drug traffickers who then supplied several gangs and criminal organizations in Los Santos. Drug busts by the LSPD are becoming more frequent where large quantities of illicit drugs are found laced with fentanyl. This was brought to light recently when several raids by the LSPD in conjunction with the DEA led to the discovery of several of several kilos of Heroin and Cocaine. Unfortunately it appears that the group had been dealing with other criminal parties in Los Santos for quite some time, meaning that there is a high chance of potential lethal batches of Heroin and Cocaine circulating Los Santos and the surrounding areas. Speaking to one individual who wished to remain anonymous, our reporter was told that there have already been signs of a decrease in sales in regards to Heroin and Cocaine due to the death of the young woman, along with dealers not wishing to be the cause of potential further deaths due to not knowing whether their supply is part of the bad batch. Due to the recent implications in regards to Class A drugs, there has been a large increase in demand for so called ‘Party Drugs’ which has started making more of an appearance on the street’s of Los Santos. The drugs such as Ecstasy, hallucinogens, and prescription pills often alter the users perception of reality, making it a hit for those who often want a break from real life struggles and instead feel more ‘confident’ and ‘excited’. Since users of Class A’s have starting to look for other options to feel ‘high’, there has been more of a supply and demand for these types of drugs, meaning that people are willing to pay a higher price in order to get their hands on them. The advice given out by the Drug Enforcement Agency is to remain vigilant and to report any potential drug related incidents to the authorities. Sparta News warns it’s readers that taking these kinds of drugs can be extremely dangerous due to the difficulty of being able to predict the drug’s strength, what the effects will be and whether they contain poisonous ingredients, and therefore to avoid taking any illegal drugs at all costs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you or someone you know has a drug problem and would like to seek advice please visit the Saint Ernest Medical Center. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have a Story you wish to share with the Community? Want to be featured by Sparta Media? Email us at: [email protected] This is an FT sponsored event.
  12. Vubstersmurf

    Pedro 'Kevlar' Cruz

    Great story and it's nice to see a lot of thought go into a character.
  13. Vubstersmurf

    I need your recommendations

    First off check reviews online when you've narrowed it down to a few options then go and check them out in person. Everyone has different tastes in regards to what hardware they use, so its always best to try it before you buy.
  14. Happy birthday!

    1. Destroyed


      thank you vubster ;)

  15. Vubstersmurf

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    My yoga mate doing well @Daniels Keep up the good work guys.

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