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  1. Welcome to the 20's club. All down hill from here. Happy birthday ❤

    1. TheNeonGuy


      As a 21st I approve of this message 

    2. Unitts


      Already gone downhill enough, but thanks for the happy birthday! :D 

  2. Happy birthday oldie.

  3. Username: N.Carter Comment: Sparta inc would love to sponsor this event please email me how we can help. [email protected] ((forum pm me boi)). Will also bring an ambulance on standby in case too many noggins get bashed.
  4. Great stuff so far, text is slightly hard to read. Looking forward to seeing more
  5. If you're strugglng in regards to making a Faction I'm more than happy to offer advice as an FT member. It's really not hard once you get to grips of it, and with an F3 you can properly manage company banking as well as employees, wages etc. Feel free to shoot me a message here if you want some help, my inbox is always available for those who need help.
  6. closing my faction for only being inactive for like a year or two?


    not cool vubstermurf!

    1. Vubstersmurf


      But I am the coolest :(

    2. TheNeonGuy


      It do be like that sometimes.

  7. The discussion of this topic is no longer seen as necessary, thus this thread has been closed from further discussion.
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