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  1. I know for a fact this will be implemented soon (I'm afraid I don't know the time scale though).
  2. I highly doubt it'll cause lag however I do think we should focus on other things before looking at scenery aesthetics. This is still beta and also scenery mods would be cool I do think we should be looking at actual script suggestions that help improve peoples roleplay. Once we are out of beta stage then maybe (and a very big maybe) we could look at improving the surroundings.
  3. Not needed. The scenery we have around paleto etc is enough and I'll never get tired of it. Theres a large enough forest for people to go off road or hiking.
  4. Should work the same with interiors as well. Get bonus at work? Pay more of it off.
  5. Your first draft was like it had been written by a toddler!
  6. Core whoever wrote this faction thread with you is bloody amazing. Good luck lads you won't need it, already had great interactions with you all.
  7. Jail is so bad folk be killing themselves due to it - 0002978: [General] Killing yourself in the cell respawns you at the Hospital Good stuff yet again.
  8. Think I can speak for majority of people when I say we really appreciate the hard work of yourself, Chaos and the rest of the staff who have been working around the clock to fix issues and improve people's overall experience. Taking a chance at a new client is always going to have it's challenges but I'm positive that the server itself is just going to go strength to strength until it becomes the very top server using this client (We did it in MTA, now for bigger challenges). I'm incredibly lucky in the fact I've been able to see how much the server itself has developed as a staff member (and I guess it makes me appreciate more seeing all the hard work going into it). Looking forward to the next updates!
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