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  1. $50 Entry Fee with Car hire, each stage is timed with the winner receiving $10,000 7PM Starting on 16th November See you there! The Track: (( Thank you @DxRK & @QueenC for the poster, and @Valkyr for the map of the track!))
  2. Can certainly say this is in the pipeline, then people can stop holding 30 clothing items on them. +1
  3. First off thanks for writing the post, thought I would jump on during my lunch break to answer it for you guys so that you know we are looking at things as and when they come in. 1) Ideally we asked players to roleplay guards and such due to the start of the apocolypse where there was an awful lot of firearms and other equipment still on the server. These have been removed in a big bulk in order to try provide a better playing field for those roleplaying - As lets be honest in any Shit hit the fan scenario there wouldn't be a huge bulk of resources that are incredibly easy to obtain. Since this has been a couple of weeks of roleplaying time, theory would indicate that there would be barely any people hanging around. So for guard NPC's you would no longer need to roleplay them. However this doesn't necessarily mean that everything is easy to access, bare in mind in situations like this there would be some members of groups still hanging around and holed up or have taken everything they could, hoping for order to once more happen. Therefore places such as Law Enforcement and such, would still be hard to get in, and have less resources that are available now. 2) Legal/Illegal - The reason we had corruption permissions still needed is because those who are in said factions would have access to an awful lot of equipment that can easily have them at a huge advantage to others who are playing. We heard that everyone wants to be on the same level which is why we had this rule in place, however what I could do to get around this is remove people from the F3 who are law enforcement etc so they can roleplay how they want to OR change all the gate settings/remove current equipment. As it stands those in the Government factions do have an advantage if we let them use anything they can access. 3 Factions - We have removed majority of the heavy duty vehicles from factions, I understand this caused a few people to be angry but again everyone wanted to be on the same level with no one having a better advantage. Those who are roleplaying the remains of Government were allowed one or two vehicles each to keep this going, but if they were abused they will get removed. As for faction deletion I do know some people are using factions to help them build shelters, however I agree we should remove most buildings or set them to no one so people can't abuse the /gates etc. I will look into this with other admins to see if we can come to a comprimise. In regards to an F3, shoot up an FT contact and we can discuss making new factions and giving people that perk. 4 Interiors - I do believe admins have been setting none owned properties to no one so people can roleplay this and break in in order for shelters to be used. I'll try go on this weekend when possible to have a nose around to see what I can do to add more to this. 5 Money - I believe money wise this would have to be up to @Chaos since its a major script feature in MTA and can't just simply be deleted easily. 6 Admins - We had only recently open up applications and allowed people to apply just for MTA if they want to, obviously staff can either be on MTA or V and aren't forced to do one of the other. However staff activity is still expected and those who aren't helping out on either server will face internal action, this has always been the case however I do feel its time more action was taken. If there comes a time when we do need more staff then of course apps will be reopened. 7 Lore - Of course without players there would be no server, as I often find players shape the roleplay into how they see fit in any scenario. Would be awesome to hear peoples ideas for Lore and perhaps work as a collective to work out the exact lore of the server. I've seen some great ideas but I think it should be the majority of the community who decided instead of one or two people. 8 Events - Admins are always allowed to provide more roleplay for players on both MTA and V, and I will be actively encouraging them to do so on both servers. I will try think of ideas that could even include no admin supervision whatsoever. If you do have an idea for an event we are more than happy to listen and work with you to make it happen. As for script ideas I've spoken to @Unitts who will be looking at suggestions and such this weekend and looking at implementing things. I of course understand the frustration of admins not being on when players are or things needing continous supervision. We are listening and are looking at ways to resolve this. Obviously there is a lot going on behind the scenes but one thing I want to continue bringing is clarity for both servers. I do want to thank players who have been creating decent roleplay and not rule breaking, sadly there is a very small minority who do try abuse the system but we are working hard to ensure the rest of the community have fun and enjoy their experience. Whether it is roleplaying survival or through normal roleplay on V. This community of course can always improve, but it's nice to see groups coming together and most of all having fun. I hope this answers/puts to rest some questions people have. Bare in mind this whole server scenario on MTA is very new and can be somewhat different to what staff are used to, so I appreciate those who are baring with us.
  4. Vubstersmurf

    Lynch Mob

    About time more gangs popped up. Looking forward to seeing this faction progress
  5. Will tag @Unitts for his input considering he's one of the main scripters for MTA.
  6. haha happy birthday to my mate hope you have a good one x

    1. Vubstersmurf


      Thanks mate xxxx

  7. This could probably happen, I mean another reason we removed them before I believe was due to the vehicles loading taking up more resources which wouldn't exactly happen now since the entire map is expanded. That being said should probably have a timer where a vehicle is only on for about 7 days or less before being deleted.
  8. As long as there was a way for it to only be used if it had already been hot wired then sure. However it's probably best that the only person who knows its hotwired is obv the admin and the player who hot wired it. Since obviously if we had a tag on each vehicle that showed it was hot wired I think everyone would jump on it. I completely understand how it can be slow waiting for an admin to restart the car so I'm fine with this suggestion - if it's set so it can't be abused. I'm not a scripter so not sure how it would be done so to speak. Obviously remember admin response time can be slow currently due to the tons of break ins that are happening on the server. Hopefully when stuff slows down admins will be able to jump on shorter reports quicker since they won't need to supervise other things. Side note - if you have a report up and its just sitting there with a bunch of admins on please hit me up so I can look at whats going on. Bare in mind that the apocalypse setting is rather hectic for admins especially trials who are doing a fantastic job at trying to keep up with demands whilst providing an enjoyable experience.
  9. For factions who wish to move to LS and therefore get new buildings please submit a faction contact here: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/9-faction-team-contact-ooc/ We can then process before the official move and get things documented. For those wishing to move to LS who bought houses over 50k, you can get refunds. The aim with this move (or well technically expansion), is so no roleplay is limited and no one loses out. If after submitting a contact you don't hear back within 24 hours please shoot me a message so I can take a look. I'll be around today & Friday to answer any questions / help with factions who want to move. Hopefully see a lot more of you on, and remember just because interiors aren't spawned in certain places doesn't mean they can't be. We just wanted to focus on the main areas people know, and will encourage selected roleplay in areas. If you have a business and wish to promote it further (and bring roleplay), I'm more than happy to push advertising further. I look forward to seeing everyone in game! Onwards and upwards.
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