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  1. Meet on the beach with free Jetski hire to get to the Yacht!
  2. This has now been implemented on the discord! Thanks for the suggestion
  3. Birthday presents and fight club championships. Business is going good.
  4. Hugin and Munin fly each day over the spacious earth. I fear for Hugin, that he come not back, yet more anxious am I for Munin.
  5. "They showed themselves, the top 1% of the 1%, the ones in control, the ones who play God without permission. And now I'm gonna take them down."
  6. +1 being able to walk and type at the same time would be suuuuper handy.
  7. Growing operations and old faces.
  8. The Los Santos Initiative The Los Santos initiative was designed with the idea of having roleplay ‘hotspots’ for the community to congregate for roleplay opportunities and for players to meet each other. We understand that having the map expanded makes this especially hard to find roleplay at certain times, as Los Santos is the main location people have now chosen to live and build businesses we've focused on this area, however, we do still encourage players to roleplay out in the county as well! The staff team wants to ensure that all types of roleplayers are catered for, whether it’s illegal roleplay or legal roleplay, therefore we’ve come up with two areas where we encourage players to build businesses and hang out for different events we will be hosting in-game. Mirror Park: Mirror park has always been one of the areas players know the most, and with a lot of the population living there, it only made sense to make it one of the roleplay areas we want to focus on running events etc. There are already bars open which we highly encourage players to check out! Events around Mirror Park by admins will mainly be running during the day when possible, this allows us to realistically host social events at the park such as BBQ’s and other social situations you would normally see in parks. There are also a lot of businesses not used currently, therefore it is the best place for players to buy their own businesses and get themselves set up! Mirror Park Tavern Diamonds Club Legion Square: Legion Square is the best nightlife area we thought of for players to hit the city at night and visit the bars and nightclubs around. With this in mind to kickstart the roleplay activities, we now have a nightclub ran by the Staff team which will revolve around throwing events for the community and promoting roleplay- please note player ran businesses/clubs will always take priority therefore if you are planning on hosting a nightclub night or running an event please let us know so we avoid hosting on those nights! Club Phoenix (Nightclub) The Blue Parade (Bar) Shenanigans (Bar) Other hotspots Club Rasputin (Strip Club) Vinewood Country Club (Leisure Activities) (( Please note you must have an IC membership to gain access to the grounds/events, more info found here )) As always we highly encourage feedback, whilst we continuously try to create as much roleplay as possible for the community. This is currently a work in progress, and as time goes on this post will get updated with other businesses and hotspots when the community grows. If you have any comments or wish for your business to be highlighted please reach out to us on either the forums or discord.
  9. Locking this thread, not sure what you mean however we do not allow trolling in roleplay as it has a negative effect on those who want to roleplay seriously.
  10. (( Credit to @Jer for his amazing input for this event and @QueenC for the poster! )) We wish to invite you to our 4th July party celebration this Saturday 7pm at Santa Maria Pier. Join us for free drinks as we party into the night with a special surprise in store for those attending! It's the one event you do not want to miss out on. (( There will be GC giveaways during the event, so make sure you're in game in order to have a chance at winning! ))
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