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  1. Vubstersmurf

    Konig Law LLP

    Looking forward to seeing this take shape. You've already had an impact with this business and it's nice to see.
  2. Sabre Limited is proud to announce their next event: Triathlon! Swim, Cycle and run to the finish line for a chance to win $10,000! Event is being held on Saturday, April 11th, 2020 at 4 PM. (( Server time )) ((ROUTE TBA))
  3. @Express @ItsMelodyy @Ixosis @Andrew03 Wediditladsnowwecanmemewithspaces!
  4. You are fabulous. No more having my phone ring a million times whilst trying to do stuff.
  5. Starting off on Owl V - Things to do first & locations Starting off on any new server can be daunting, especially because you have no clue what to get next or even where things are. This guide is designed to help new and old players alike in finding their feet on OwlV and getting started with their characters. Locations of main areas such as clothing stores or Barber stores will also be included. The guide will be continously updated as more features are added! If there is something missing from the guide or you feel something needs further explaining please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or by Forum PM. Things to do first Getting a Drivers License: After creating a character one of the first things you’ll want to do is get setup with the basics, such as a house, vehicle alongside the needed licenses. There are three licenses you can get; Car, motorbike and heavy vehicles which include lorries. You need a heavy vehicle license in order to partake in most scripted jobs. All three licenses can be obtained at the City Hall in Los Santos and the DMV in Paleto Bay. Los Santos DMV: Los Santos DMV is located inside the Los Santos County Hall, inside you will find 3 NPCs for licenses - Car, Motorbike, Heavy. After speaking to one of the NPC's to start your vehicle test, you will need to go outside and go to one of the vehicles that is specific for your test (Such as the Lorry for Heavy license) Images of the locaion Paleto DMV: Paleto DMV is located inside the Paleto City Hall, inside you will find 3 NPCs for licenses - Car, Motorbike, Heavy. After speaking to one of the NPC's to start your vehicle test, you will need to go outside and go to one of the vehicles that is specific for your test (Such as the Lorry for Heavy license). Images of the locations Buying a vehicle You can purchase and even rent vehicles from the Dealership in Los Santos and Paleto. Upon character creation you receive a token which you can use to buy any vehicle under the token category in the dealership. Just like buying a property, you have three methods in which you can choose to buy vehicles, however the token can only be used on selected vehicles and can only be used once. You also have a separate side of the dealership where you can rent vehicles for a selected number of days, which is perfect for the times where you fancy going off roading with friends! All dealerships are located on the map by a car icon. Paleto Dealership: Los Santos Dealership: Buying a house When buying a property you have the entire map to choose from, however remember if you wish to use your token it must be within the $50,000 budget. If a property you have found doesn’t already have an interior you can request an admin to create you one by heading to the report panel or reaching out on discord if there are no staff online. Once a property has been created, you can go up to the marker and make your purchase using whatever method you prefer. The purchaser is who you are buying the property for, this will either be yourself or a faction you are leader of. There are three purchase methods to choose from: Bank Token Credit Remember the token can only be used once therefore ensure you use it wisely! After purchasing the property it will appear in your /stats and you will get a key in your inventory. Credit System The credit system was designed in order to allow players to pay costs off in chunks each hour when you are in game. This gives you a lot more choice if you want to buy a specific vehicle or property but don’t have the full amount at that time. However if you choose to go down the credit route, the total cost will be more expensive than the actual purchase price you would have if you paid it all off in full, this works similarly to how loans work in real life. The more money you put as down payment for the asset, the less you’ll have to pay each hour! If you do end up receiving or gaining money after you’ve bought something under credit, you can pay it off at the bank in large sums, meaning you pay off the credit a lot quicker. Disclaimer: Just remember, if you do choose to sell the vehicle or property to another player, that player will end up having to pay the rest of the credit. Locations Detailed below are some of the locations for clothing stores, tattoo parlours, barber store as well as where to get certain items. Clothing Stores If you wish to change your Character’s clothes head over to the clothing store to buy new ones. NOTE: This is for custom characters only, clothing for Stock Characters is limited. NOTE: There are multiple clothing stores throughout the map,open your pause menu’s map and look for the t-shirt icon (see the minimap on the screenshot for the icon) Tattoo Parlor: Want to give your character some cool tattoos? This is the place to go! General Items (Phone, backpack etc). In order to buy a phone and other general items head over to any Gas Station or General store and speak to the NPC inside. NOTE: You must have enough inventory space to buy items, this is aimed to be realistic since naturally you wouldn’t be carry 10+ items in your pocket. Barber Shop Fancy treating your character to a new hairstyle? Head over to the Barber shop located with a scissors icon on your map. Vehicle modification shop. Wish to modify adjust the look of your car, or modify your brakes, tint your windows or perhaps replace your rims? Open up your map and head to any wrench icon to locate a modification shop. Scripted Jobs: There are several scripted jobs for players to start off with in order to gain some income, currently the following jobs are available: Bus Driver Delivery Driver Mailman Taxi Driver Trashman Truck Driver Below are the locations for each job in Paleto and Los Santos. NOTE: You need a heavy drivers license for Bus driver, Delivery Driver, Mailman, Trashman and Truck driver. Bus Driver Paleto: Los Santos: Delivery Driver Paleto: Los Santos: Mailman Paleto: Los Santos: Taxi Driver Paleto: Los Santos: Trashman Paleto: Los Santos: Trucker Paleto: Los Santos:
  6. Basic commands for Owl V Here is a guide on all the commands for players on our GTA V server. This guide will be regularly updated as features get added. If you feel there is something that needs further explaining or would like a guide on a certain feature please shoot me a forum PM. Chat & Roleplay Commands- Chat & Roleplay Examples - Advertising in game: Vehicle commands- Miscellaneous- Full Command list:
  7. "Heya, I heard y'all do some naughty things in this Club, I'm pretty naughty myself. I do tons of illegal stuff all the time. Can I join y'all and do some totally legally stuff?"


    Gilet biker adulte : Deguise-toi, achat de Déguisements ...

    1. Freebird


      "And of course, I'm not a cop!"

    2. Vubstersmurf


      Gwon then since you said you're not a cop

    3. Freebird


      >mfw i didn't get CK'd

  8. Blips can only be added by UAT, and I am only adding them IF a place has been running for quite some time and has been successful. If the place then closes down or stops then the blip gets removed. Literally takes me 1 minute to do if that.
  9. Yes to this, means we can check out clipping.
  10. Yours may as well be this with your delightful internet
  11. I would do the whole tradional 'good luck take this far', but I already know you don't need any luck. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game and seeing this faction develop.
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