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  1. ** Namira Carter walks into the court room, taking a seat as she watches the proceedings.**
  2. Vubstersmurf

    DCS Perms

    Done. @Chaotropy @rosemarie @Frankie
  3. Top stuff Team, keep it up Thanks to Vubstersmurf for helping test stuff.
  4. Congrats you've won the auction. Please email me (forum pm) to arrange pick up.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car https://i.imgur.com/HgxACmE.jpg Vehicle year: 2019 Vehicle brand: Honda Vehicle make: CBR1000RR VIN: 22854 Mileage: 14 Description: Selling this fantastic bike due to not having space for it anymore. Barely used with low mileage. Great riders are always pushing their limits. And great superbikes should do the same. That means your bike has to offer more than just a big engine—it also has to have great handling and superior power management. This is exactly what the CBR1000RR has to offer. Images https://i.imgur.com/HgxACmE.jpg Starting bid: 10000 Minimum increase: 2000 Buyout: 20000 Auction end date: 13/05/2019 Contact details: To be given to winner.
  6. Confirmed. & Done @GeorgeRemington
  7. Vubstersmurf

    Gov Perms

    done @Thomasmith
  8. No luck needed you absolute UNIT
  9. Gangs can receive a similar status to official, this has always been the case. However they may not receive certain perks purely because it wouldn't make any realistic sense to have them. For example there would be a difference to what a gang would get compared to a Mafia.
  10. Love this. No luck needed ❤️
  11. Already been set. @ItsMelodyy
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