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  1. Anyone who drinks anything other than Green is a monster.
  2. Not currently setting others up for V forums at this time. @MrFocus
  3. Not currently setting others up for V forums at this time. @TheNeonGuy @Syncer
  4. Done @Freebird @DrJoseEviI
  5. Happy to support this as an admin if anyone is interested. All of GAT are looking at ways of creating more roleplay experiences (Not just aimed at legal factions such as PD, FD etc). So if people do want prison Roleplay, it is something we would support. @remolten
  6. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello! Auction may continue with @TheNeonGuy bid. Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello! This auction has been suspended due to a violation of our terms of use. Has an image that is faked regarding the top speed of the vehicle and therefore misleading those who are bidding on the car. After this issue has been resolved, the auction may resume. @Wingatar may withdraw their bid if they wish, since they have been mislead on this auction. Please note that misleading people on the auction is not tolerated and this will be the last and only warning before fines are issued. (( @bigtone ))
  8. Takes a special kind of person to be able to take on two children that aren't biologically their's, so credit to you for stepping up. Congrats on your future son!
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