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  1. Thomas are you there?

    1. yannickboy15


      Only when North Korea wants to fight, then my tank turns on.

    2. Vubstersmurf


      Bugger let me call ol Kim then.

    3. Rauf


      thomas the cunting train and yannicks dads gya

  2. CQS X3

    There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.
  3. [Vehicles] - Admin /ed (Current one)

    Just ensuring that's the case, and yeah exactly.
  4. [Vehicles] - Admin /ed (Current one)

    Just to mention, trackers and the like can easily be removed or made non functional if the person know's what they are doing. Plus the best cars ideally would have security features. All I'm saying is as long as the description we see doesn't say where the tracker is (meaning when we rp removing trackers or finding them we ask admin or whatever), then I see no problem with this. I don't know why people put in /ed about alarms and trackers, or even what their car sounds like.
  5. [Vehicles] - Admin /ed (Current one)

    As long as this doesn't include where trackers and stuff are hidden, sounds like a great idea.
  6. [YouTube] YXNG DXYZO$ - LIKE I'M KOBE

    Name: RD Comment: This is awesome work as always, keep it going.
  7. CQS X3

    "There is a time to fight and there is a time to be clever."

    Name: R.D Owner of Santa Maria Fight Club. Comment: This is the owner of the fight club, I'm afraid we are not interested. Thanks for the contact.
  9. CPQL Issues

    (( Also side note, we don't get notifications after we've done a business license form, meaning we have to check it ourselves to see if it's been handled.))
  10. Name: RD Bid: Buyout on 2069, Gates Street, El Corona
  11. Liverpool Savages

    Love this faction, ran by some of my favourite people. See you around <3
  12. Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @rasmus - Partner in crime and my favourite person. @TonyTheX - Best friend, and ninja. However, your driving at times scares me. @SKhan -The Nicest guy around, if only he had better cables @senseidoge - One of my favourites, never seen someone so good at passive RPing a kid before. <3 @Aman4029 + @Ramsis - Two people I can count on to get stuff done. @Baljeet - Top man and Top admin. @ItsMelodyy - Great guy, IC and OOC. And the best cop on the server. @Danzo303 - Great Rper, and great guy, someone you can honestly count on. + All the people in CQS X3 you know who you are.
  13. ** Would open up as an E-mail flyer ** ** Forum PM for more information **
  14. Kymani Watson

    Enjoyed writing this, character idea you had was awesome so it was easy to do. Already rp'd with you on this alt, can't wait for more.
  15. CQS X3

    A killer arrived in hell, To inspect his work, Without knowing that his dead, Were already waiting for him, He just went through the door, And there began his end. - Grupo Carten, "A Killer Arrived in Hell," 2008

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