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  1. Vubstersmurf

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    Thank youuuu ❤️
  2. Vubstersmurf

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    I know right?!
  3. Vubstersmurf

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    Cheers bud ❤️
  4. Vubstersmurf

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    congrats to all those who got promoted and those who reinstated. 😀
  5. Vubstersmurf

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    Thank you! ❤️
  6. Vubstersmurf

    The Yokel Mafia

    Keep at it guys, love the roleplay, love the personalities of the characters and the players behind them. Every time I've come across you guys it's been pleasant and not a 'oh god this is such a stupid scene let me get the fuck out of here'.
  7. Vubstersmurf

    [General] - Adding fuel tanker usability

    Now that Aviation is coming back and kicking ass (Thanks to LSIA and Bluewater ((shameless plug from me there )) ) +1 to this.
  8. Vubstersmurf

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    Pretty interesting faction to go with - Unfortunately the wonderful world of the internet you're going to get people who bash religions and what not. Looking forward to seeing your guys roleplay!
  9. Vubstersmurf

    Unitts on his daily walk

    That's actually a Goat.
  10. Vubstersmurf

    Unitts on his daily walk

  11. Vubstersmurf

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Woah, so now I don't exist?!
  12. Vubstersmurf

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    No clue why people are arguing and everything. Was fun RP for a bit and gave people something to work on within PD. All said how good a shot Matey is. It's just a game, why is everyone hating so much? Baffles me really. Over what videos from two people which basically shows what happened between one character and PD? It was fun. I'm sure there will be more times. PD members do die just as easily, I mean hell I had to do three funerals in what space of about three weeks or so. All PD people who get hurt have to roleplay accordingly otherwise they get punished, same as other players. Everyone needs to chill, have a laugh and be like you know what? Least there was something different to watch/participate in.
  13. Vubstersmurf

    LSIA - Flight School Application- Namira Carter

    ID: 8150435 paid. @Frostbiteee
  14. Vubstersmurf

    Sparta Inc.

    Successful Wedding held by Sparta Inc! Thank you to all those who came!

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