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  1. so now it's 6 months passed without any news about the progression of the project.
  2. It depends on which RP server you tried the voice on. There's a channel on Youtube called Bay Area Buggs , he uploads Episodes from a RP voice-based server You can watch it to find out how serious it is. + Text is so old-fashioned and doesn't not compatible with the improvements you are going to make on the way of playing the game It is so bad for the slow writers and it may delay the events
  3. How would be the communication in the server? by text or voice? I hope it's gonna be voice communication for more realistic roleplaying
  4. Do you guys have any idea when will be the release date? I don't ask for a specific date just say a month maybe.
  5. Hello guys, I just can't wait and every day I check the forum to see updates about the new GTA V server, if someone have any information regarding the release date, or any new details about the server let us know. Thanks
  6. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- ahmedsabry1 Character Name- Ahmed Sabry Date of Incident- 06/05/2017 Supervising Administrator- Izsac Herczegh Narrative- I hit Alexey Petrov's car and the normal RP fight happened, then he shot me in the head, then he waited a minute in silence and asked me if i accept CK, i didn't know that CK is permanent, so i asked him "what's CK? no problem anyway"... then he shot me again in the head and i found myself CK'ed. Evidence- https://pastebin.com/BhWw1FA4 Method of Death- I don't remember. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
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