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  1. Name: Ace Bid: offering $20,000 as starting
  2. imsilver

    Car - 2007 Audi RS4 Sedan [ENDS: 12/October/2018]

    Name: Riggs Bid: offering $10,000 as starting bid
  3. imsilver

    San Pedro Ave

    Ok nice
  4. imsilver

    Character Kill Appeal - Marcel Woods

    You know that it was re-rp’d from that point where he got ran over and Duffy eliminated you with shotgun, right? I was there and I’m not ‘assuming’ stuff.
  5. imsilver

    Character Kill Appeal - Marcel Woods

    I was there as an off-duty officer nearby. They were 2 cops handling it and your friend ran over one cop, but second one eliminated you with shotgun so stop lying that he didn’t RP. It was actually re-rp’d from point where he got ran over if I recall correctly.
  6. imsilver

    CS:GO frag montage.

    What is that
  7. imsilver

    GTA Online problem

    Rockstar support might help mate
  8. ** Ace Riggs walks in the room, taking a seat **
  9. imsilver

    82 Records

    I like this better than Normy’s. Very nice.
  10. imsilver

    Stars Autos

    ok im a bit busy now maybe tomorrow can you reserve it for me
  11. imsilver

    Stars Autos

    i want the forklift now
  12. imsilver

    Helper - Supporter Rank

    I recommend this, yes yes
  13. Name: AR Comment: you bought it for 25 grand, that's fuckin scam mate. Don't buy it guys
  14. imsilver

    Is this the best song ever made?

    you've never heard of Take Me Home, Country Roads if you think that this is the best song ever made
  15. imsilver

    Unitts on his daily walk

    Excuse me, what the fuck

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