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  1. this has been a thing and it was removed for a reason, dont know why tho
  2. Name: Tony Comment: does the boat fly?
  3. Name: John Bid: Starting on the viper.
  4. https://spotifywrapped.com/en/ show me urs
  5. Name: Riggs Bid: offering $10,000 as starting bid
  6. You know that it was re-rp’d from that point where he got ran over and Duffy eliminated you with shotgun, right? I was there and I’m not ‘assuming’ stuff.
  7. I was there as an off-duty officer nearby. They were 2 cops handling it and your friend ran over one cop, but second one eliminated you with shotgun so stop lying that he didn’t RP. It was actually re-rp’d from point where he got ran over if I recall correctly.
  8. ok im a bit busy now maybe tomorrow can you reserve it for me
  9. Name: AR Comment: you bought it for 25 grand, that's fuckin scam mate. Don't buy it guys
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