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  1. Problems with new PC

    install more ram and a new cctv
  2. Owlgaming criticism thread

    who are you?
  3. Owlgaming criticism thread

    your threads make me want to throw up
  4. [GENERAL] Model Uploading

    stupid topic > stupid replies
  5. [GENERAL] Model Uploading

    there a fuckin issue m8
  6. Residential - Residential - #32 crest street 1$

    Name: bob bid: $1
  7. LSPD Power game Firearm Magazines

    Why are police also allowed to speak into a radio on voice without the use of any IC actions? We'll never know.
  8. Character Kill Appeal - Elijah_Webster

    I was awaiting a response from Hurley because the last three of my messages sent to him were questions. Which would further his claim, I find it completely unprofessional that he'd be able to choose to brush off all responses shortly before a CK in which he supervised. Once again, stalling completely. Ricardo Trujillo // @Serx
  9. Character Kill Appeal - Elijah_Webster

    The time frame was off by 2 minutes, misinterpreted the logs. Which would clearly show. 2017-08-13 17:32:28 ★ Elijah Webster inserts the SD into the camera, securing it into it's spot. - This is when I left the house as i'd be waiting for a response by Hurley. 2017-08-13 17:37:24 PM Sent to (5) Ivan Zefirov (Hurley): ...well? - After 5 minutes of him clearly ignoring my messages, I decided to message him once more for assurance, which I shortly after went to retrieve logs before. - 2017-08-13 17:40:58 * Elijah Webster's head was blown off. *
  10. Character Kill Appeal - Elijah_Webster

    Because the house owner decided to log, and I had no choice other than to leave.
  11. Character Kill Appeal - Elijah_Webster

    Read my initial response. I was trying to fully clear up anything that Hurley has had against me, in which I was ultimately trying to speak about my report which is why I said "...well?" Edit: Not that it really matters but it'd be 5 minutes after. "2017-08-13 17:32:07 * Elijah Webster presses on the key to unlock the vehicle. ((2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT)) *"
  12. Character Kill Appeal - Elijah_Webster

    @bartman 2017-08-13 17:30:45 PM From (5) Ivan Zefirov (Hurley): Discussing this with two non-Khram admins for you, hope you're happy. At this point is when I continued to try to keep contact with him, which is also when I left the house. Hurley was most likely supervising me at this point on as he'd completely ignore anything i'd have to ask / say in which I alt - tabbed, which resulted in me afking for ~2 mins which is exactly when I was killed. (The time the last PM was sent to Hurley before I got CK'd and the time I got killed is the time I was alt-tabbed as I was trying to retrieve logs) 2017-08-13 17:37:24 PM Sent to (5) Ivan Zefirov (Hurley): ...well? ~ (3 and a half minutes) 2017-08-13 17:40:58 * Elijah Webster's head was blown off. * I'd like to state once again that the only reason this even happened was because of MG accusations that arose in which I was trying to clear up to be able to proceed on a detrimental report.

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