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  1. Name: Rakish Comment: Your mother would look great in this as I give her the rub down.
  2. Neems

    Oak Ridges HGC

  3. wow cool cover xd so good

    1. ResidentPeach


      you didn't quite read my no autistic wogs allowed policy

  4. turks like brits shall cutting off the neck
  5. thanks for leaving me out ;(
  6. I was awaiting a response from Hurley because the last three of my messages sent to him were questions. Which would further his claim, I find it completely unprofessional that he'd be able to choose to brush off all responses shortly before a CK in which he supervised. Once again, stalling completely. Ricardo Trujillo // @Serx
  7. The time frame was off by 2 minutes, misinterpreted the logs. Which would clearly show. 2017-08-13 17:32:28 ★ Elijah Webster inserts the SD into the camera, securing it into it's spot. - This is when I left the house as i'd be waiting for a response by Hurley. 2017-08-13 17:37:24 PM Sent to (5) Ivan Zefirov (Hurley): ...well? - After 5 minutes of him clearly ignoring my messages, I decided to message him once more for assurance, which I shortly after went to retrieve logs before. - 2017-08-13 17:40:58 * Elijah Webster's head was blown off. *
  8. Because the house owner decided to log, and I had no choice other than to leave.
  9. Read my initial response. I was trying to fully clear up anything that Hurley has had against me, in which I was ultimately trying to speak about my report which is why I said "...well?" Edit: Not that it really matters but it'd be 5 minutes after. "2017-08-13 17:32:07 * Elijah Webster presses on the key to unlock the vehicle. ((2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT)) *"
  10. @bartman 2017-08-13 17:30:45 PM From (5) Ivan Zefirov (Hurley): Discussing this with two non-Khram admins for you, hope you're happy. At this point is when I continued to try to keep contact with him, which is also when I left the house. Hurley was most likely supervising me at this point on as he'd completely ignore anything i'd have to ask / say in which I alt - tabbed, which resulted in me afking for ~2 mins which is exactly when I was killed. (The time the last PM was sent to Hurley before I got CK'd and the time I got killed is the time I was alt-tabbed as I was trying to retrieve logs) 2017-08-13 17:37:24 PM Sent to (5) Ivan Zefirov (Hurley): ...well? ~ (3 and a half minutes) 2017-08-13 17:40:58 * Elijah Webster's head was blown off. * I'd like to state once again that the only reason this even happened was because of MG accusations that arose in which I was trying to clear up to be able to proceed on a detrimental report.
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