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  1. dont forget what ive done for u
  2. Neems

    Rant I guess

    like how much more fucking OOC influence can there be? are you seriously fucking denying the fact that they are an OOC'ly ran faction??
  3. Neems

    Rant I guess

    Are you being serious right now? Did you not just see the fucking screenshots?
  4. Neems

    Upper Administration

    I'll be honest, I don't mind what punishments come with this post but the UA (specifically Wright and Thatguy) couldn't give a single shet about player satisfaction whatsoever. They play to the interest of themselves and their friends. Chaos please open your eyes and bring back your dying server :L @Wright @Chaos @ThatGuy
  5. Neems


    hehe egggggggggggsssssssss deeeeeeeeeeee cant w8 for khram!! ! !!! !!! !!!
  6. wow cool cover xd so good

    1. ResidentPeach


      you didn't quite read my no autistic wogs allowed policy

  7. Neems

    Minecraft Account Giveaway! ! ! !

    ok @Law won, you're all cheap losers thanks for playing
  8. Neems

    Rust - PC Key

    if it doesnt grow on trees then stop begging people for theirs you penny pincher
  9. Neems

    Rust - PC Key

    nonono cheap losers like you are why owls disgusting
  10. Neems

    Rust - PC Key

    stop begging you pathetic creature
  11. Neems

    Riders from Hell

    we know it wont
  12. Yo so im giving away a free minecraft account to all you sad ERP-ers. Comment why you deserve this account. Drawing whenever the fuck I want.
  13. Neems


    name: burna comment: wackass beat, shitass vocals.
  14. Neems

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    someone is gassseedddd

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