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  1. Nice Jacket.

    1. Vubstersmurf


      Thanks grew it myself 

  2. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Vehicle Wheel Respraying What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Essentially, I think adding a way to respray your vehicle wheels somehow, would make such a nice fit for people who enjoy vehicle roleplay. Such as myself. So, I think having a way to respray your vehicles would be lovely. Even if it's to be set by admins, like vehicle colours currently. Considering the vehicle system is going on a complete overhaul. What are the advantages?-
  3. Would love this, makes my life ten times easier.
  4. Would be a good feature to have honestly! +1 from me
  5. Hey! Thanks for your view! I've recently started working with Courtez on getting new vehicles on the server. All are modifiable! All though, some are even just your normal everyday cars. Plan on doing some more work behind doors soon! *Cough Cough, Bikes maybe cough cough* Feel free to shoot me a Forum DM if you've got anything you feel would fit the server nicely!
  6. Name: Alicantevenputthedollarsignatthestartofthebid Bid: $23,000
  7. Name: I'm just fucking awesome. Bid: Starting.
  8. Please stop spamming this post, otherwise you will be muted on both the discord and forum page. Regards, UAT.
  9. Moore

    Uplift Lotto

    Original idea. ?
  10. @Unitts Yes baby enjoying the good UK weathers, wbu? xxxxx
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