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  1. Beta

    happy bday turk x

  2. Beta

    Show yourself!

    ye u aint a girl irl no meme
  3. Rules Upon associating yourself with The Pyrite Metal Minds on a criminal or interpersonal level you automatically agree to a Character Kill clause. The leadership reserves the right to Character Killing your character for any reason at any time. All ties to the faction should be made In-Character. Don't break the server rules. Screenshot permission is REQUIRED. Faction hoppers are not welcome. If you are not committed to play with us, then don't play at all. During your time in The Pyrite Metal Minds you need to develop your character to the fullest, this is a serious faction. If you intend on shooting and making DM videos, consider joining some other faction.
  4. shut the fuck up genius monkeys what i said is right, yall wrong
  5. To be honest, it's lack of enjoyment. I mean you could make legal char and have a lot of fun, but it's all depended on playerbase, and what makes playerbase? Illegal roleplayers. I'm pretty sure at least 70% roleplayers are into illegal roleplay and Owl doesn't provide enough benefits for illegal roleplay. Every player that I know from Owl quit it because they got tired of trying to roleplay illegally, cause it's too much work and it's not fair enough. The only thing that can save OwlGaming right now is 3-4 alive illegal factions, it's always illegal roleplay bringing roleplayers back and once illegal roleplay is active, all the other type of roleplayers show up, cause streets aren't empty anymore and you expect shit to happen all the time. Now it's just log online, desperately try to look for roleplay and fail cause everyone's either in their apartment having an e-sex or statwhoring.
  6. she won't esex you chill lol
  7. I understand QueenC's demote. FAILCAKEZ doe.. that don't make no sense!
  8. i was the one riding it
  9. ^ probably the only sensible admin right now
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