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  1. ** The video would pop up out of nowhere in Youtube recommendations. **
  2. please don't kill me
  3. [English] Andre Bullard says: There's three type of niggas in life, namsayin? Lissen, lissen.. [English] Andre Bullard says: Niggas that make it happen, that watch it happen.. [English] Andre Bullard says: N' niggas that don't even kno' what the fuck is goin' on.
  4. @Mogs Had to give you a career to destroy it..
  5. How to keep OwlGaming professional: Next time when you're recruiting a new admin, make sure they know how to roleplay & they're not there just to have a yellow name, make sure they actually want the server to get better, not for their enjoyment only. That's why I respect @DrJoseEviI, the guy's a good roleplayer, roleplaying seriously and he's never trolling, which is hard to find in Owl admins nowadays.
  6. Okay, as you guys are acting all blind and shit lemme explain. The dominant faction (that tony talked about) that ruins all the fun for other factions is Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS), Wright is abusing his powers as an UAT. Most of the illegal faction roleplayers know not to fuck with Wright, cause he wins in every situation. Admins always take his side on the report, and people who tried to report Wright on the UCP, failed. I've had my interactions with Wright on my illegal characters, all I got from him is 3 re-rps and void in the end, cause he kept making up excuses and admin agreed with him, cause he was too afraid to go against Wright. The faction is started on July 20, 2017, it only has 8 pages & it's still considered an established faction, it only comes back when one of the good factions is getting somewhere & Cartel pretty much fucks them up, till they all get CK'ed or lose motivation to role-play and just L&A their thread. A lot of long lasting and promising factions got L&A'ed because of Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS) & Wright. I've roleplayed in Eight Deuces, the cartel just CK'ed every one of the members, so of course the faction got closed. I also roleplayed in Ambidextrous' faction "Asian Boyz 1226" and I know for a fact that they decided to L&A because of that UA supported gang. You have it in front of your nose, the cartel faction is not letting any illegal faction live, they look at every other faction as an opponent & it's really hard to fight against them cause Wright is abusing his powers. I'm sure there are some other reasons why illegal RP ain't alive anymore, but this is definitely one of the main reasons.
  7. Congratulations, my man. You went far!
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