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  1. i congratulate you owl 5, you have the sexiest and coolest illegal rper roleplying on ur server good shit klippan
  2. We want to see our old roleplay screenshots for nostalgia and for some reason Chaos decided it's a good idea to hide MTA section?????????? Tell me one good reason why is it hidden? I'm trying to enjoy some nostalgic screenshots you can't just hide it all from us lol
  3. I'm playing GTA 5 on a low resolution, 1280 x 720 to be specific. The server doesn't support lower resolutions as most of the stuff is not visible on the screen anymore such as menus, inventory, etc. It's a pain in the ass. I had to reload the server a lot of times cause I couldn't close the menu.
  4. i'll fucking miss it @Norm come back man
  5. are you an e girl

    1. Resident


      Since she's taking so long to reply, its yes.

  6. are you an e girl

    1. eoozy


      beta im gona beat the fuck outa yo

  7. Beta

    happy bday turk x

  8. Beta

    Show yourself!

    ye u aint a girl irl no meme
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