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  1. greenops011

    Audio enhancement software

    Hey guys, so back again with another "alternatives" thread. This time regarding audio enhancement software. Don't know how many of you out there have tried audio enhancement software, but if you are a music freak, its likely you have. Back in the day, I used to use SRS Audio Sandbox. It did a great job at allowing me to create my own custom presets for any type of audio tracks, whether it be music, gaming, or watching a movie. Nothing better than watching Top Gun and being able to "feel" the planes taking off because of the reverb and bass. One thing I really liked about SRS Audio Sandbox was its simplicity. I tried a free trial of SRSHAL (or SRS HD Audio Lab) and wasn't a huge fan. Heres the SRS HD Audio Lab interface And heres SRS Audio Sandbox Maybe its just me, but I prefer the Audio Sandbox interface better. Now that they have discontinued SRS Audio Sandbox, I'm searching for software that is similar to it. Emphasis is on simplicity. You know, sliders, custom presets, etc. I'd like suggestions of both free and Commercial audio enhancement software. Couple of caveats: must work on Windows 7, must not require additional hardware. Other than that, hit me up with your ideas
  2. greenops011

    Alternatives to the Google Play Store

    So, I'm looking for an alternative to the google play store. Obviously due to their rules and regulations, some apps that could be useful, or just fun to have, aren't available in the play store. Could be because they involve downloading music for free, could be because they involve more violence than the tight-asses at google prefer, could be they are of a more mature nature. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of apps for android that could be used, but are not easily available. I'm trying to find any app stores similar to Aptoide or APKmirror. Looking to see what experiences you have had with them, and if they are any good. Just a note, no, my android phone is not rooted, so if the app store requires it to be rooted, then its of no use to me. On a side note, if anyone has had any success rooting a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime, shoot me a PM, as I'd love to be able to root my phone, but haven't had any luck
  3. greenops011

    Seeking a uniform designer

    As CEO of Merryweather Security, I am looking for a clothing designer to assist in the creation of a set of uniforms for our security guard division, alarm response division, and our installation division. Any interested designers should email me with a quote for their designs, and an example of their previous work with uniform design. Please email me at [email protected] ((forum PM @greenops011 ))
  4. greenops011

    [General] - Non-duplicateable keys

    Let me give you an example. A security firm provides alarm response to client's properties. The client has provided this firm with a key to the property so that when they get on scene, if the property owner isn't available, they can enter the premises and clear it, without having to resort to forcible entry. Now lets say someone not authorized to access that key steals it, then proceeds to attempt to make a copy of it, then returns it. How is the security firm to know if that key has been copied? You see these types of keys all the time with apartment buildings for their lobby door. Would it really be hurting anybody to impliment this?
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Non-duplicateable keys What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Have a script set up where if you don't want a key to be able to be copied, you can prevent it from being copied. What are the advantages?- For businesses just starting up, or factions for that matter, you may need to have a certain number of keys made for your employees. If your company stores expensive items, or even dangerous items, you may not want an unlimited amount of keys wandering around. This would help with access management. What are the disadvantages?- None that I can really think of Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not, but I do have an idea of how it could work How would you go about implementing this idea?- Have a system in place where you could report to an admin to have the key's metadata edited. There would be a simple checkbox labled "DND" (for do not duplicate). When someone goes to the key copying place, it would check to see if that checkbox is ticked. If it detects it is, it would not allow the key to be copied and say "This key can not be duplicated."
  6. greenops011

    [Sparta Inc] RemSec Security installations

    We are currently looking for recruits to install, maintain, and monitor security systems, as well as fire protection systems. Minimum requirements to be recruited are: Must be able to speak English fluently Must pay attention to detail Must not have any serious felonies. However, just because you have a record, don't be afraid to apply. We, look at records case by case Must be over 18 years of age Must be physically and mentally fit Must be dedicated to the job Useful traits for this job (although not required): Being able to think outside the box Being an excellent problem solver If you are interested in applying, please send an Email to [email protected] (( @greenops011 ))
  7. greenops011

    need a topic locked

    Need the following topic locked as all replies should be made through IC email (forum PM's only) and this one too please
  8. Merryweather Security is looking for armed security guards. If you enjoy working in a high paced environment, enjoy challenges, are good at managing stressful situations, then Merryweather Security wants to hear from you. Our areas of operation include, but are not limited to: Armed event security Unarmed event security Residential vacation protection (we'll check on your property while you are in Tahiti Security escort/convoy VIP Protection Armed prisoner transport Property security guard services Requirements to work for us are as follows: MUST have a current, valid, security guard permit Minimum of Tier 1 CCWP, Tier 2 preferred but not mandatory Must not have any felony charges. NO EXCEPTIONS If you are interested, don't hesitate to send an email to Merryweather CEO Tim Cassidy ((Forum PM @greenops011 )), and we will schedule you an interview. Merryweather Security- Security Without Compromise All IC and OOC comments are disabled
  9. Rule Discussion Subject: Vehicles inside force sold interiors I want to...: Revise Elaboration: My idea is, if someones interior is force sold due to inactivity, and there are vehicles inside said interior, the new owner should be allowed to claim ownership over the vehicles, or as an alternative, be allowed to purchase the vehicles at a reduced price (as if the property had been repossessed, the new property owner would be entitled to possession of all property contained therin)
  10. Username: CitizenFive Comment: Oh he has nothing on Mengele, the guy who the polls swung in Urshankovs favor two elections ago, would have completely destroyed Comissioner Hill, which I may add is owned by the citizens of Los Santos, as a public building. And who would have paid for the destruction? The tax payers. Ms. Mosley was going on about corruption and transparency in her blog post on October 10th, saying Mr. Howard was denying citizens the right to vote on two districts that were supposed to be up for grabs but weren't. I'd like to point out that she was Mengeles second-in-command at the time of the plans to destroy Comissioner hill. She was duty bound to put a stop to it, and at the very least let the public know about the potential destruction of publicly owned property. Did she? of course not! She was in on it. I'd much rather support the current Comissioner, Mr. Howard, who to my knowledge has done nothing near as corrupt as what the previous leadership was in the process of carrying out, had they not won against Mr. Urshankov
  11. greenops011

    NHL Tough guys

    Well if we're talking goalie tough-guys, then you can throw Patrick Roy in there too
  12. greenops011

    NHL Tough guys

    So this thread is discuss some of your favorite NHL tough guys, agitators, enforcers, shit-disturbers, whatever you want to call them. They are the guys everyone loves to hate. If you feel like it, you can even suppliment your comment with a video clip showing an example of their brutishness if thats even a word lol. I'm going to start off with Sean Avery This is the guy that had to have a rule created because of his antics. His own team mates wanted to kill him. Nuff said
  13. greenops011

    Tim Cassidy

    Basic information Age: 33 years old DOB: March 23rd, 1985 Place of birth: St Joseph's Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada Parents: Maureen and Jason Cassidy Early life Tim was a handful as a child. Born with ADHD, his parents had a lot to handle. With no brothers or sisters, it was probably a good thing. He attended St. Mark Catholic school from kindergarten until grade 8, when he graduated. His highschool education took place at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School, where he excelled in math, as well as science and chemistry. His post secondary education took him to Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario, where he took courses in Police Foundations, Criminal Law, and Computer sciences. He then was hired by the London Police Service, and was a member of their uniformed division, patrolling the streets for 10 years, before applying to transfer to the Guns and Drugs section. Turning point in Tim's life After serving 3 years in the Guns and Drugs section as a detective constable, he wittnessed several traumatic events. On January 13th 2010, he was involved in a raid at a house on the Southwest end of the city, accompanied by members of the Emergency Response Unit. Upon arriving at the property, they breached the front door, where the accused opened fire on the officers. Standing right beside Tim was his partner of 2 years, Jason Texoza. The suspect had fired a volley of rounds from a modified MAC-10, striking Texoza several times, fatally wounding him. After the raid, but before his brother was even laid to rest, his own father intentionally overdosed on the powerful opiate Fentanyl. Seeing two people he cared deeply about being removed from his life by the very things he was attempting to rid the streets of was more than he could take. After the funeral of his partner, he turned in his resignation with the London Police Service and decided to change career paths. Rising up from the tragedies Following some deep reflections, Tim realized he was still deeply dedicated to helping people. He decided to reattend Fanshawe College, this time seeking certificates in "fire safety systems" as well as "fire inspection and fire safety education". He then moved to Lilburn, Georgia with his then girlfriend Ashley Martin. There, he sought certifications from NT Security, in several fields of CCTV intallation and security system installation. With all his studies, and his career, he realized in short order he did not have the time that Ashley deserved. They split up shortly after, where he finally moved to Los Santos, where he plans to spend the rest of his life. Last few years After everything he went through, he tried his best to keep himself occupied. He applied at the CPQL's department of public works, and was hired by Mr. Peter Bauer (( @DrJoseEviI )) where he provided the citizens with trash collection, road maintenance, as well as several major infrastructure repairs. He started off at the bottom as a public works technician, stayed there for a month or so. Unfortunately his supervisor Lena Matthews was let go, and he was promoted to that position. Shortly thereafter, Bauer was elected to the council of supervisors, and Tim was promoted to Commissioner of Pubilc Works. During his tenure, there was some serious issues with personnell activity, and he struggled to recitfy the situation on his own. Ultimately it led to his dismissal from the CPQL. Not about to let that stop him, he was hired at JGC, in their aviation department, where he would eventually become CEO. He also got a job in Merryweather as both an unarmed guard, and leading their RemSec Division. He also was a bartender for Club X. He remained with JGC until their takeover by Dinoco. He currently is still a bartender with the new club that was formed by the previous management. His main focus though was, and continues to be with RemSec. Durning his time at JGC, he did the installation of the fire protection systems at the headquarters, as well as at the JGC mall. Providing monthly inspections and maintenance of these systems provided him the opportunity to establish a reputation as dedicated, fair, and able to pay attention to details. After Merryweathers split from JGC, his boss Martin White (( @TeddyTactical )) assured him he was incredibly proud of the work he was doing, and let him know there was plans in the works to keep RemSec going. Through the next week or so, Mr. White discussed the situation with his business partners, and eventually it was decided that the RemSec part would be operated under Sparta Inc. Namira Carter (( @Vubstersmurf )) had heard the work that Tim had done, and said she wanted to be a part of the work that RemSec was doing. She offered a place for RemSec to call home, financial support, as well as the confidence Tim needed to keep hammering away. Tim could feel the spark coming back, and is now eager to not let that fire die out. Tim Cassidy is back
  14. greenops011

    Correct technique?

    Well peeps. The correct technique would be as follows. You breach from the rear. Throw in teargas and a flashbang, because you can never be too careful. Then you take out the suspect with the shotgun. Part you all seemed to forget is to bring the lollipops and blankets for the kids, am I rite?
  15. greenops011

    Correct technique?

    Put yourself in the role of a S.W.A.T. team leader, and read the following scenerio: June 1998, Atlanta, Georgia. A lone gunman, Clarence Lee Boyer, breaks into a daycare centre, takes 16 children hostage. Now, the hostage negotiators have Mr. Boyer on the phone, they also have his sole demand, $10,000, on hand. Correct technique to use in this case would be......

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