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  1. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Traffic Appel Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Insert Plaintiff's Name Here Subpart 1. Information. Full Name: Tim Cassidy Contact Information: 345633 Plaintiff Legal Representation: Self representation Date of Submission: 16/01/2018 Location Of Incident: San Andreas Blvd Weather Of Incident: Clear Date of Incident: 15/01/2018 Vehicle Model: 1998 Freightliner FL60 Wrecker Vehicle VIN: 7184 Vehicle Plate: ZA7 3904 Parties Involved: Michael D'Angelo Jake Tao Were You Driving?: Yes Subpart 2. Appeal. The plaintiff, Tim Cassidy appeals the following: $2,500 Citation for unregistered vehicle Unregistered vehicle charge being removed from record Subpart 3. Narrative. While driving south on San Andreas Blvd, just north of the 90 degree turn, I stopped in the middle of the road, as I had noticed an odd sound from my vehicle, and wanted to listen for a moment. A few moments later, I proceeded to continue southbound. At 20:00 a marked LSPD vehicle activated it's emergency equipment and signalled me to pull over, at which time I did. The officer's then approached my vehicle, greeted me, and I asked if the reason for the stop was me not wearing my seatbelt, to which the officer replied, "We'll get to the reason eventually". He then asked me for my license and registration, which I provided him. After running my information on the computer he returned, and asked me if I knew why he stopped me. As I knew I wasn't wearing my seat belt, I replied, "I'm going to take a wild guess and say it was for not wearing my seatbelt". Mr. D'Angelo then replied "Actually I pulled you over for blocking the road on the bridge back there. However the seatbelt came up to my knowledge afterwards. Then there's a third concern. This tow truck, which is not registered. Is that correct?" I was baffled as I had purchased the vehicle in October of 2017, and filled out all the required ownership transfer information, so it should have been registered. After some back and forth, I requested he run the VIN again, just to make 100% sure it was showing unregistered, to which he obliged. It still came back unregistered. He appreciated my cooperation, and only cited me for the registration, to which I said I would get the registration taken care of, as well as get the documentation to contest it in traffic court. We both went our separate ways at that point Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Tim Cassidy, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( TAG ALL INVOLVED )) (( @Santeri @Shagwarth ))
  2. Name: T.Cassidy Slot: I would like to rent Helipad 3
  3. The story of Kyle James

    The story of Kyle James Born to middle class African American parents in the Harlem area of New York City, Kyle James was surrounded by adversity. Attending the local high school, he made some poor choices in friends that introduced him to the seedy underbelly of New York. His life in the criminal underworld started off peddling mary-jane on the corners of the projects, where he made a paltry $200 a week. Eventually he rose through the ranks from street dealer to the lookout man, in charge of keeping an eye on the crews to prevent them getting ripped off, or worse, busted by New Yorks finest. Unfortunately one occasion ended with him being interrogated by some pigs from the NYPD's Strategic Response Group. He spent 10 months in Rikers for distribution of controlled substances. After his release it was back to business as usual, with a twist. While in Rikers, he made some unsavory friends, with connections to the Juarez Cartel, who recruited him as a leiutennant. He was playing with the big boys now, moving at times, upwards of 500 keys of premium grade Mexican coke. He was living it up, making over $200 grand a week. Then, an associate of his suggested he throw weapons smuggling into the mix. That was where it started to go down hill for Kyle. A sub-group of the Sinaloa Cartel, the MS-13 found one of his safe houses killing 4 of his heavy men. That didn't sit well with his bosses in Mexico who were furious. On a foggy August morning, a crew of 10 hitmen came to his Brooklyn house and tried to whack him. Luckily he got tipped off by a long time ally, Hector Ruindez, and was not at the property when the hit squad made their move. Unfortunately his brother, Micah was killed by the brutal team. After Micah James' brutal murder, Kyle decided he was done with the life he was living. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to get out of that life. That's when he was accosted by the NYPD's Anti-Gang Squad, where he became a confidential source, more commonly known as a confidential informant. As he already had a ruthless reputation in the criminal world, he was the perfect canditate. Using his previous knowledge with the various drug organizations, he provided Anti-Gang with incredible information that no other CS had been able to glean. He helped SRG rid entire neighboorhoods of MS-13, and their puppets in both the Bloods, and the Crips. He was incredibly effective. He even assited in identifying Cartel members who also had close connections with a known terrorist group, Shining Path. Eventually, his CS carreer in New York had come to a grinding halt, as several criminal organizations had bounties on his head. That is when he wash shipped off, under Federal Bureau of Investigation protection, to Los Santos. His CS life in San Andreas had begun, and the gangs of LS wouldn't know what was headed their way.
  4. MDC access question

    I mean if its not something that can be done, I can just as easily make a request on PD forums regarding the individual targets of my investigations. Just thought this way would be easier, as I'm sure PD has better things to do
  5. 6 vehicles for sale.

    (( You gonna put an actual end date on these auctions? or is it gonna have to be reported to a moderator for violating the auction regulation: Auctions must have a set end date (no 'X time after last bid' or 'When item is sold'). ))
  6. [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    What I would like to see is you show some proof of this abuse. I am in no way shape or form involved with Khram or any of its affiliates, just a level headed person who is confused. I mean if the owner of the community says there is no abuse going on, yet you say there is, can you provide some sort of hard evidence of this please?
  7. MDC access question

    I can sort of see why they don't have that old system though. If someone OOC'ly got someone elses credentials, it would be incredibly easy to do more harm than good. What I would like is a way to selectively add someone to the list of people who can access the MDC
  8. MDC access question

    I know normally access to MDC is restricted primarily to government factions, but I have one question. I'm planning on starting a private investigation business, and would need to be able to identify the targets vehicles and/or properties. I know LSPD would probably be reluctant to provide me with that info, so here is the question. Is there any way to give specific characters access to the MDC, but only certain parts. For instance: canSeeVehicles = { ["<characters name>"] = true, } canSeeProperties = { ["<characters name>"] = true, } those would be the only two permissions I would need for my PI business. My thinking is, IRL both those pieces of information (not 100% sure about vehicles, but I'd assume it is) is all available thru public records. You can even get background checks through public records. It would be nice to have something similar to that. I know there is a high risk for abuse, but I also know that MDC access is logged, so if someone were to abuse it, there would definately be a paper trail and they could be punished accordingly.
  9. So, just found out something interesting. There are few threads that are putting owl in a negative light on here. After doing some research, I've discovered the authors of those threads are quite active on a new server that went live January 1st. To avoid advertising those servers and getting in trouble, I'm not going to say which one, but I find it highly suspect that a new server pops up, their usernames appear on that communities forums, and shortly after they joined that community, they start posting negative threads on here. Coincidence? I think not
  10. Here you can post your best pictures of Canadian weather, or road conditions Heres 6 hours ago today on Highway 402 in ontario. Can't even see 1 truck length ahead of ya
  11. Where are ya from

    London, Ontario
  12. Need CPQL employee form updated

    Can someone L & A this. Going to discuss it with Wright and Tailor privately first
  13. Upper Administration

    Maybe have the reasoning available on request. Like when you deny someone, mention someone they can contact if they have any questions or concerns about the reasoning
  14. Username: T. Cassidy Comment: We appreciate that is may cause some inconvenience, however in order to keep the roads safe, and ensure they stand the test of time, this maintenance has to be done. If it isn't, then you can risk structural deterioration, which could eventually result in complete failure of the bridge, which could cause serious injury, and even fatalities to travellers who use that bridge every day. Sometimes inconvenience is a necessary evil
  15. Question about forms

    i don't know if he ever got around to it. he said he would, but with the holiday's he maybe forgot

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