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  1. greenops011

    Tim Cassidy

    Basic information Age: 33 years old DOB: March 23rd, 1985 Place of birth: St Joseph's Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada Parents: Maureen and Jason Cassidy Early life Tim was a handful as a child. Born with ADHD, his parents had a lot to handle. With no brothers or sisters, it was probably a good thing. He attended St. Mark Catholic school from kindergarten until grade 8, when he graduated. His highschool education took place at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School, where he excelled in math, as well as science and chemistry. His post secondary education took him to Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario, where he took courses in Police Foundations, Criminal Law, and Computer sciences. He then was hired by the London Police Service, and was a member of their uniformed division, patrolling the streets for 10 years, before applying to transfer to the Guns and Drugs section. Turning point in Tim's life After serving 3 years in the Guns and Drugs section as a detective constable, he wittnessed several traumatic events. On January 13th 2010, he was involved in a raid at a house on the Southwest end of the city, accompanied by members of the Emergency Response Unit. Upon arriving at the property, they breached the front door, where the accused opened fire on the officers. Standing right beside Tim was his partner of 2 years, Jason Texoza. The suspect had fired a volley of rounds from a modified MAC-10, striking Texoza several times, fatally wounding him. After the raid, but before his brother was even laid to rest, his own father intentionally overdosed on the powerful opiate Fentanyl. Seeing two people he cared deeply about being removed from his life by the very things he was attempting to rid the streets of was more than he could take. After the funeral of his partner, he turned in his resignation with the London Police Service and decided to change career paths. Rising up from the tragedies Following some deep reflections, Tim realized he was still deeply dedicated to helping people. He decided to reattend Fanshawe College, this time seeking certificates in "fire safety systems" as well as "fire inspection and fire safety education". He then moved to Lilburn, Georgia with his then girlfriend Ashley Martin. There, he sought certifications from NT Security, in several fields of CCTV intallation and security system installation. With all his studies, and his career, he realized in short order he did not have the time that Ashley deserved. They split up shortly after, where he finally moved to Los Santos, where he plans to spend the rest of his life. Last few years After everything he went through, he tried his best to keep himself occupied. He applied at the CPQL's department of public works, and was hired by Mr. Peter Bauer (( @DrJoseEviI )) where he provided the citizens with trash collection, road maintenance, as well as several major infrastructure repairs. He started off at the bottom as a public works technician, stayed there for a month or so. Unfortunately his supervisor Lena Matthews was let go, and he was promoted to that position. Shortly thereafter, Bauer was elected to the council of supervisors, and Tim was promoted to Commissioner of Pubilc Works. During his tenure, there was some serious issues with personnell activity, and he struggled to recitfy the situation on his own. Ultimately it led to his dismissal from the CPQL. Not about to let that stop him, he was hired at JGC, in their aviation department, where he would eventually become CEO. He also got a job in Merryweather as both an unarmed guard, and leading their RemSec Division. He also was a bartender for Club X. He remained with JGC until their takeover by Dinoco. He currently is still a bartender with the new club that was formed by the previous management. His main focus though was, and continues to be with RemSec. Durning his time at JGC, he did the installation of the fire protection systems at the headquarters, as well as at the JGC mall. Providing monthly inspections and maintenance of these systems provided him the opportunity to establish a reputation as dedicated, fair, and able to pay attention to details. After Merryweathers split from JGC, his boss Martin White (( @TeddyTactical )) assured him he was incredibly proud of the work he was doing, and let him know there was plans in the works to keep RemSec going. Through the next week or so, Mr. White discussed the situation with his business partners, and eventually it was decided that the RemSec part would be operated under Sparta Inc. Namira Carter (( @Vubstersmurf )) had heard the work that Tim had done, and said she wanted to be a part of the work that RemSec was doing. She offered a place for RemSec to call home, financial support, as well as the confidence Tim needed to keep hammering away. Tim could feel the spark coming back, and is now eager to not let that fire die out. Tim Cassidy is back
  2. greenops011

    Correct technique?

    Well peeps. The correct technique would be as follows. You breach from the rear. Throw in teargas and a flashbang, because you can never be too careful. Then you take out the suspect with the shotgun. Part you all seemed to forget is to bring the lollipops and blankets for the kids, am I rite?
  3. greenops011

    Correct technique?

    Put yourself in the role of a S.W.A.T. team leader, and read the following scenerio: June 1998, Atlanta, Georgia. A lone gunman, Clarence Lee Boyer, breaks into a daycare centre, takes 16 children hostage. Now, the hostage negotiators have Mr. Boyer on the phone, they also have his sole demand, $10,000, on hand. Correct technique to use in this case would be......
  4. greenops011

    Password safety

    How seriously do you take password safety? Do you change your passwords often? Do you use the same password on multiple sites? do you use a password manager? If you use the same password on multiple sites, you leave yourself very vulnerable. An attacker only has to get the password for one of the sites, say, facebook. if you use that password for your google account, twitter, steam, discord, and (god forbid) your bank account, then they can have free reign of your online prescense. A more common scenerio, is using the same password for facebook, as well as the email account you use with facebook. this is extremely dangerous as if someone manages to break into your email account, they can effectively reset your facebook password, and lock you out of your email account making it impossible for you to reset it. Some of the best practices for password safety are: Change your password often Make your password as long ass possible (no, the 8 character minimum is not good enough). Make it complex (use a random series of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols). It is ok to write down the password if you are concerned you will forget it. Just keep it in a safe place AWAY from your computer. (Do not be like my grandfather and have a label with the password attatched to the laptop palmrest) Use a password generator to make changing passwords easier. Use a password manager to help you keep tabs on your passwords, and to make life easier. One side note to the password manager suggestion. Seeing as your password manager is the "key to your digital castle", MAKE EXTRA SURE you create a complex password. I highly recommend using a random password generator to create a complex password for the password manager. In addition, if you have a locked file cabinet or something similar, write this password down, and keep the paper in the locked file cabinet. Its well and good if you have a complex password, but if you forget it, you lose access to all your passwords. I know a lot of security experts say writing down your password is a horrible idea, but think of it this way. If you write it down, you can make the password as complex as you want, without fear of not being able to remember. The only thing you really need to be concerned about with writing it down, is make it difficult for those who shouldn't acess it. Treat any written down password like you would your social security number. Never share it with anyone, keep it safe and secure, and only use it when you really need to. If you guys have any suggestions to add to make your digital life safer, or have any stories to share about times you were a victim of password theft (and be honest, I'm sure most of us, myself included, have had their password hacked or stolen), feel free to share it
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- air and marine emergency radio frequency What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Establishing a radio frequency for use by aviation as well as marine vessels, on 121.5 for emergency transmissions only. Of course, because you may have a passenger with you that may have to make an emergency transmission, and that passenger may not have a boat license, or aircraft license, you can't make it a restricted frequency. What are the advantages?- Having a frequency that could be transmitted to the coast guard or air force (PD, and FD), when someone is in trouble, for instance, their boat ran out of fuel and they are stranded, or their airplane crashed, would be really benificial. In order to be able to operate an aircraft or seacraft, you'd have to have at least one radio tuned to 121.5 at all times, that way all other radio's on that frequency can hear your distress call, as well as ATC and the coast guard. The rules for this frequency would be very strict. What are the disadvantages?- You could have people abusing it, as does happen often in the real world. As in the real world, the legal repercussions would be severe for misuse of the emergency (GUARD) frequency. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not no How would you go about implementing this idea?- I don't really know if this would be a script, or a rule suggestion, as the only script aspect of it would be having "GUARD" or "EMERGENCY" prefixed to the start of the radio transmission. Because passengers may have to use the frequency, its not something that would be restricted to a faction, or be licensed based, so I'm not sure about the scripting part of it
  6. greenops011

    change screenshot save path

    yeah I posted a topic that is pretty similar to this topic, and haven't gotten any replies yet. I appreciate you provinding me with this help though, you seem to be pretty knowledgable with how Windows manages its files
  7. greenops011

    change screenshot save path

    I see. I was just reading through that exact article as you posted your reply. Unfortunately, I don't think that will solve what I'm trying to do. I want to change the directory it saves it to because I want to be able to use a script I've made to automatically give each file a pre-defined name, that can have a number appended to it. In additon, this script would edit the metadata of the image, to give a date time, and all that other good stuff. I know it seems really complicated, but it makes me managing my files easier, as well as monitor my files for any changes
  8. greenops011

    change screenshot save path

    Interesting idea. I only have a couple of questions, as my skills with computers are more to do with security than with file management. With what you describe above, is it redirecting the saved screenshots to a new folder, is it merely making a shortcut that links to the folder, not sure exactly what it does. I'm one of those kinds of people that before I actually do anything with my computer, I want to know EXACTLY what its going to do, so I know if there could be unintended consequences
  9. greenops011

    thread comment removal

    can I get all the comments in this thread removed, as its stated that all ooc and IC comments are disabled and will be removed. trying to make it similar to a real craigslist ad where you have to reply to the OP via the email system they have the thread in question
  10. **Upon browsing through the Craigslist website, you'd find the following classified ad** Date classified posted: 07/08/18 7:03PM ((-04:00 UTC)) Subject: 35 year old male looking for a room mate Greetings. I am a 35 year old man, currently looking for a room mate. I am hard working, currently employed by a local security installation company, am very organized, and I think I'm a pretty funny guy. I would be able to contribute $2,000 a month for lodging, and would be more than happy to help with the upkeep of the property. I'd prefer if you were a non-smoker, but I can work with it. Gender does not matter, nor does age. If you are interested in accepting a room mate, feel free to give me a shout Author's email address: [email protected] ((pm @greenops011 )) Author's phone number [optional]: 345633 ((ALL IC AND OOC COMMENTS WOULD BE DISABLED. ANY REPLY'S OR COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED))
  11. greenops011

    change screenshot save path

    when i edited the coreconfig.xml, the game was not running I looked for it n the MTA client. and as far as running MTA as an admin, i have it set to always run as an admin
  12. greenops011

    change screenshot save path

    I'm trying to figure out how to change my screenshot save path. in the coreconfig.xml file i changed 📋 <screenshot_path>C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\screenshots</screenshot_path> to 📋 <screenshot_path>C:\Users\Owner\MTA screenshots</screenshot_path> and it's still saving to the program files folder. is there another setting I need to change somewhere? btw, when I edited the file, I was using notepad++ as an administrator, and the file/folder perms were configured so it should be able to write to that file, but when I launched MTA, it reverted back to the old path
  13. greenops011

    kicked from server because of missing anti-cheat component

    updating to nightly build did the trick
  14. greenops011

    kicked from server because of missing anti-cheat component

    As far as my antivirus, I'm using this I tried looking through my logs for that failure code, and nothing. I'll try updating it to the nightly build though. who knows, that may do the trick
  15. greenops011

    kicked from server because of missing anti-cheat component

    this is what the logfile.txt said right around the time i had the problem 19:29:25 - [DEBUG] Connecting to ... 19:30:58 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:30:58 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:30:59 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:30:59 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:31:00 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:31:00 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:31:00 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:31:00 - [DEBUG] All glyphs freed 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] CProxyDirect3DDevice9::Reset 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] CDirect3DEvents9::OnInvalidate 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] Reset success 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] CDirect3DEvents9::OnRestore 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] BackBufferWidth:1280 Height:1024 Format:21 Count:1 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] MultiSampleType:0 Quality:0 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] SwapEffect:2 Windowed:0 EnableAutoDepthStencil:1 AutoDepthStencilFormat:75 Flags:0x0 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] FullScreen_RefreshRateInHz:60 PresentationInterval:0x80000000 19:38:21 - [DEBUG] Adapter:0 DeviceType:1 BehaviorFlags:0x40

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