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  1. greenops011

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    In such a case, you would have planned in advance to hold them for this long. A simple FT or UAT contact providing them with the logs of said planning would probably be acceptable to extend the timeframe to that date. I think one of the main issues with the current rules (and mind you I've never been in a kidnapping situation from the victims side, nor the perpetrators side), could be a lack of proper planning. While I definately see your point about needing to keep them until a specific time and/or date, you would obviously have planned for that before kidnapping them. I kind of support this suggestion, but with the addition that "exceptions can be made if logs are provided with valid planning and reason behind the extended captivity". If someone kidnaps someone just for the sake of kidnapping them, thats not really fair to the victim. I think much like CK's, it couldn't hurt to provide admins with proper reasoning if you want to keep them longer than a set date
  2. greenops011

    [Sparta Media] Vehicle Explosion Rocks Ocean Docks

    Name: T.Cassidy Comment: I agree, they were a great presence in journalism, and since their departure there has been a noticable lack of decent news articles. Hopefully the community can pull together to keep the citizens informed. If Sparta News can contribute to that, we're going to do our best
  3. Written by: T.Cassidy At approximately 5:00PM on Saturday February 16th 2019, members of the Los Santos Fire Department, Los Santos Police Department, as well as members of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, responded to the area of Pacific Ave, just east of the Bureau of Transportation Services for a report of a vehicle explosion. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered a single vehicle fully involved that had exploded. At this time, it is unknown whether the was anyone inside the vehicle at the time of the incident. A request for a statement at the scene was declined by LSPD. We will update the article when information becomes available ----- Have a Story you wish to share with the Community? Want to be featured by Sparta Media? Email us at: [email protected]
  4. greenops011

    Crypto-currency discussion

    We all know what bitcoin is. Its a virtual currency that is not regulated by any central bank, and provides some level of anonymity. Because of the fact it is not regulated, a lot of governments are against it, as they contend it is the perfect market for laundering money that is proceeds of crime. While it does have that ability, and Charlie Shem was convicted of money laundering in the first major criminal case involving bitcoin, it can also be said that fully regulated banks can be vehicles for money laundering. Charlie Shem was convicted because he sold bitcoins to a guy, who then sold them in an exchange to people who used them on the infamous Silk Road marketplace. The governments argument was he knew who he was selling them to, and that the end recepient would be using them in the purchase of illegal narcotics. Heres how this happens every day with a regular bank. Someone withdraws money from their account, then buys a radio off a friend. That friend then decides to purchased a gram of cocain from your local friendly neighborhood crack house. Is what the bank doing any different than Mr. Shem? and if not, why have half the banks around the world not been shut down? just in case you are interested: https://www.loc.gov/law/help/cryptocurrency/
  5. greenops011

    Windows 7 startup problems

    So I'm having some problems booting up my Windows 7 Professional system. Last night we had a "brown out" (for those who don't know, a brown out is a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a particular area), and ever since then, my PC has been stuck in a boot loop. It gets to the Starting Windows logo, gets to the part where it should let me log in, but instead it says "preparing to configure windows. please do not turn off your computer", hangs on that for about 2 minutes, then reboots itself. I've tried booting into all the different versions of safe mode with no luck. same with "last known good configuration", the only thing I can actually get up is "Repair your computer", but as its using the recovery partition, I can't access the main file system to even try to disable windows update. Any suggestions or ideas?
  6. Merryweather is looking to hire some new recruits for our RemSec division In particular, we are looking for anyone who is a former fire marshal, or can provide credentials of attending a fire and life safety systems course at an accredited college or university. If you meet those requirements, send in an application HERE. The job will consist of attending clients properties, and assessing their needs for a fire protection and life safety system. Merryweather Security - Security Without Compromise
  7. greenops011

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name:T.Cassidy Comment: Any proof of said theft? Considering you are publicly accusing the Commissioner of violating 18 USC 641, which is a federal felony relating to stealing money or property belonging to the government worth more than $1000 you are dutybound by your position in the government to file a criminal complaint, and must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the money or property described in the indictment belonged to the United States, that the person accused in some capacity stole the money or property to his own use or to someone else’s, that the person accused knowingly and willfully intended to deprive the United States of the use or benefit of the money or property, and the money or property had a value greater than $1000.
  8. greenops011

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name:T.Cassidy Comment: I don't understand the way the law works? How about this "Defamation of character" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," while spoken defamation is called "slander." Not only have you damaged my reputation in your termination email which I assume a copy was forwarded to the Commissioner at the time, but you have now also damaged my reputation publicly, and have absolutely no evidence to validate your claims. Who was it that was trying to take your job? I certainly wasn't.
  9. greenops011

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name: T. Cassidy Comment: Do you have any proof that I was colluding with the opposition? Public records would show the only thing I said to the opposition was that I wish him the best in his campaign. Is that colluding? I think not. Again, you keep making all these claims, but have no evidence to validate them. If you wish to slander me, I have no problem taking this the civil court route, and have you provide all the proof to the public about your above statement And you said in a previous reply you do not take political sides, yet in your termination email, that clearly is false. But your just digging your own grave
  10. greenops011

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name: T. Cassidy Comment: That is because it was never a vote. it was a decision that the council all agreed upon, and when I opposed it, you called me a traitor. And Isn't it convenient that you only fired me AFTER the elections were over, and Mengele won? I find it quite comical that even at that point, you had no interest working with your collegues in a constructive manner, only with hatred. You have a history of being a toxic presence in the government, and are very poor with employer-employee relations. If you wish to continue to slander the people you work for without providing any proof of your claims, I can keep bringing your corrupt past to light.
  11. greenops011

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name: T.Cassidy Comment: Ms. Councilwoman. One thing I find incredibly interesting about you is you wish to speak about corruption and defrauding the citizens, but what about your own corrupt actions under Mr Mengeles terms? Remember this old gem that you were in favor of? Care to explain that to the citizens Ms. Mosely?
  12. greenops011

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name: SantaClaws Comment: Merry fuckin' Christmas to you too ya' nard
  13. greenops011

    Better incentives for longer reports.

    my question is, why do the players tolerate that? And why does UAT tolerate it?
  14. greenops011

    Better incentives for longer reports.

    totally agree. I know I was doing an RP with a bunch of players, including @Vubstersmurf , and she kept having to leave our RP because NONE of the other admins were willing to take the other reports. I know there was at least 5 on at the time, not going to give any names here because it doesn't need to be a witch hunt, but at least 3 different times we had to pause our own RP because the other staff that were on at the time were either too lazy, or just couldn't be bothered to do their job. If you aren't going to actually accept any reports, why are you even an admin in the first place? Good job though @Vubstersmurf for going above and beyond to help the players out. Kudo's to you
  15. So here I'd like to have a friendly debate about NHL suspensions, and whether the call was right. Now this could be whether the player should have been suspended at all, whether it was too long of a suspension, or whether it wasn't long enough. If you have a clip you want to discuss, by all means share it. To start off, its a compilation clip, but I'm focusing on one particular suspension. Right at the 5:00 mark, Milan Lucic takes a really cheap shot at Connaughton, suckerpunching him with the right hand, then taking a shot with the left. After the ref's got him separated, he continued to want to scrap. I personally don't think a 1 game suspension was enough. I think at the very minimum it should have been a 3 game suspension, if not more. There was absolutely no reason for a sucker punch. To me, thats just as bad, if not worse than a check to the head

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