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  1. I missed a few days. I now feel like a big stupid.
  2. I am warning you, I need an update or i am going to have to look at the forums and post on here everyday. Also i found this meme (WARNING DONT LOOK IF YOU ARE LITTLE SENSITIVE MAN YES?)
  3.  when can we next meet?
    I want some of that gay sex again.

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    2. Corruption


      Thanks, bubba

    3. MrFocus


      you two up for gay threesome? if so slide into my dms 👅💦

    4. Corruption
  4. Didn't notice you went.
  5. Username: CorruptedEdgyKid Comment: Because he wants to be a cool kid.
  6. @Unitts Working. Thanks.
  7. @Script @Portside @Unitts
  8. Name: CorruptedEdgyKid Comment: Thought batman was a good guy.
  9. Corruption

    Dinoco perms

    I'm DCS Courier, Can ask @Thomasmith for proof.
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