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  1. That's not a paki song you racist turkish.
  2. Darrell Armel would be sitting beside his lawyer as he nods his head at the prosecution announcement, waiting for the judge judgment. (( @ThatGuy @Wallaby ))
  3. Well then, Ms.Dakota told me something different to what my client informed me. Mr.Armell told me that he received a call from her after leaving his house and I wish from your honor to have the audio logs between my client and Ms. Dakota and my client call history. (( I don't know if you still can be on court even with your character ckd, but lets keep on @Wallaby @ThatGuy ))
  4. So Ms.Dakota, you do not count hitting and retraining you as him being harsh? Did he call you or you are the one who called him? @Wallaby @ThatGuy
  5. Ms.Dakota, as you stated that Mister Armel was harsh towards you and cuffed you, is that true? And do you have mister Armel number? If yes, How did you get it and when did you have it? Before the incident of cuffing you or after it? (( @Wallaby @ThatGuy ))
  6. The defense will appreciate a cross examining, your honor (( @ThatGuy ))
  7. (( As no public defender accepted accepted the case, I'll be my own representation as a lawyer if possible )) ** A man with grey suit on him would pass inside the court room, bringing with him his briefcase before nodding his head around the attendance ** Your honor, Mr.Armel's defense is ready. After reviewing the case file and the statements for both parties of the case, I'll be doing my best to save both parties rights. I'd like to show that Mr.Armel didn't attempt any of charges directed to him. Lets start with the first one which is Felony False Imprisonment "SF008", As Mr.Armel said in his interview that he only invited her to his house peacefully as he counted her as a " friend " and as the officers who were in charge of Dakota's case and frisking Mr.Armel's house, as they found inside things which prove there was nothing against my client, even it shows my client was nice and kind with Ms.Dakota. He served her a milk and some light meal for her as it was too early as a breakfast. How would he be charged for false imprisonment with all that and with zero proof of him being harsh? If really Mr.Armel was harsh against Ms.Dakota, why did she want to meet him back after leaving his house for the first time? What proves that the audio calls between Mr.Armel and Ms.Dakota as I request from your honor to retrieve the audio call between my client and Ms.Dakota. Lets head to the second charge which aggravated battery " GF002 ". Ms.Dakota accused my client of restraining and choking her, if that's true then why would she still meet him after all of that as the audio call shows? why was there no medical report made after the incident and the niner call? I can say your honor that's a false accuse of Ms.Dakota to my client. Because it's unbelievable for someone to be choked and restrained too inside someones house and want to meet him again after that. If really my client caused Ms.Dakota a harm or any kind of unacceptable attempt then why don't the detective or the prosecution show the evidence of that? As my client was told that they have enough evidences about him. Then they need to be brought to your honor. For the third charge which is child endangerment. There's nothing proves that my client attempted that causing Ms.Dakota any harm as her testimony say and as I said to the second charge. I don't really understand your honor if being nice and kind for a child can be counted as a felony. For the fourth charge which is controlled substance possession. My client admits that he smokes weed but he doesn't trade with it and what was found on him is empty bags for weed knowing that smoking weed isn't prohibited under the law if it's not a huge amount. At the end of the charges your honor I'd like to ask Ms.Dakotas mother, how would she allow her to hang out alone at this time and it's pretty far away from her house? Isn't that her responsibility to take care of her and she's the one who's responsible for anything happens to Dakota? And my client have no issues with her mother and same for Dakota and my client does have a clean record for his age not as for Ms.Dakota. All of the case doesn't show my client attempted any law breach your honor. (( @ThatGuy , @Wallaby ))
  8. I'll appreciate to have a public attorney for my case since my lawyer didn't show up. (( @ThatGuy I don't know how public attorney should go, let me know if I need to represent it my self as the public attorney ))
  9. It's not for some real life issues, planning to have this back soon.
  10. Hi, Actually I need a medium sized mosque interior as a help by any designer. I'd appreciate it as it's going to help with my faction development.
  11. ** Darell would be sitting behind Mike as he would shake his head slowly at Charlie's statement ** @doo2doo2 @Zebulon @Wallaby
  12. Planning to do, and playing with Sebha is something common so nothing haram
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