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  1. HARDER 

    1. senseidoge



    2. eoozy


      wassup can a loc come up in yo crib

    3. senseidoge


      yemen, door's open 

  2. Name: Mom Comment: I also like sucking somebody's dick.
  3. Name: Freya Keller official 1001102012 Comment: Ever considered getting the full story?
  4. Name: Honest cunt Comment: Ya'll sad faggets sucking eachother off.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: F80 M3 VIN: 15204 Mileage: 2** Description: Lovely car you could use as daily, it comes with a M package, hits 200 km/ph. The M3’s power is generated by a 3.0-liter inline-6 that combines elements from the brand’s past with its future. Known internally as S55 internally, the engine revs up to 7,600 rpm, with its 425 horsepower peak arriving at 5,500 rpm and continuing through 7,000 rpm. The turbo gives it low-end grunt that M3s of the past lacked. The 408 pound-feet peak begins at 1,800 rpm and stays on boil all the way to 5,500 rpm. Previous M3s were famously naturally aspirated and made their power up high in the rev range. The M3’s power is unending. It makes the 0-60 mph run from a standing start in 3.9 seconds with the optional dual-clutch transmission, and speed just keeps building well into the triple digits. The Competition package ups the dosage to 444 hp and shaves a blink from the 0-60 mph run. Images Starting bid: $80,000 Minimum increase: $ 2,500 Buyout: $150,000 Auction end date: 01-07-2018 Contact details: ** IC and OOC comments disabled.** Phone number will be given to the winner.
  6. Requesting all permissions for the DPS forums/Sub-Forums.
  7. As the Fire Chief i can confirm.
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