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  1. Los Malvados X3

    1 month since we posted the main thread. Whoever wants to know more about this faction can send me a private message, or join us for some quality roleplay.
  2. The Grajales Familia

    Had some nice interraction with you guys. Good luck!
  3. Garland Neil Abermurly

    This topic deserves 500 likes and comments. It's nice to read a few quality sentences instead of watching screenshots of some character riding his bike and standing in front of IPS. Good job. @Gambit
  4. Los Malvados X3

  5. Yakuza Family

    I guess no, and they had never some real potential. He bought a small building in El Corona and named it Yakuza Family HQ. Weird, and common senseless.
  6. Los Malvados X3

    si Thanks.
  7. TWCN - LS GIRLFRIEND - 18+ Blog

    Username: Cholo Comment: fucking mexicans
  8. Los Malvados X3

  9. Breaking That

  10. Liverpool Grape Crips

    Good luck Draco. Change the font anyway, it looks childish and ugly
  11. Los Malvados X3

  12. Los Malvados X3

    It has been two weeks since I posted the faction thread and ran into this faction alone. Now there's decent number of us in the faction, so I want to shotout for everyone who decided to join and remain in the faction, in order to contribute and help with developing Los Malvados X3.
  13. Newsletter - End of January 2018

    It's good to see that you keep your eye on active faction threads. Good job.
  14. Los Malvados X3


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