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  1. Kotromanich

    Azrael Connection - Los Santos Mercenaries

    "This is a biography. Bloody and dirty, written for future generations and future breeds. For future migrants, bastards and mortals, who are trying to find their idols in people like me. For all these new people and already born generations who wish to learn, but also for these who are blind by their healthy eyes."
  2. Kotromanich

    Character Kill Appeal - Gabriela Alejandre

    I've done a deal with Thin today. I can provide logs of me, trying to find you last few days ICly, talking to locals, thinking about it. Then I saw your car. You know what happened next. Norm was all hype about joining a faction once again, and he was a local. He wanted to prove himself, so I gave him a task to murder you after I saw your car. He know nothing about you. Once again, you almost died together with my character, we were shot together, been treated together. With these facts, you could know enough about my character. Dear Collis, I know the fact that you like your character, and you're trying to develop it. I am just giving you a lesson to act smarter next time and use some common sense. Always think about consequences of every move you decide to take.
  3. Kotromanich

    Character Kill Appeal - Gabriela Alejandre

    Okay Collis here we go. First of all, as a member of Almighty Saints 13 (also known as El Corona Aztecs) for a month, you couldn't simply leave one gang and join another one like nothing has happened. You brought all you knew about our set with you to your new organization. Did you really think we will do nothing about it? When you joined us, a month ago, you agreed to a CK clause which our faction has, just like any else. I can see that you're using lies here. First of all, we weren't going after BlanK or any of his members. We were going after you. We saw your car in front of the bar, we knew you're inside. I can provide logs of it if needed. I did my quality RP of memory loss, that's why I used to roleplay with a guy who PKd me last night. BlanK can prove it. Once again, you've said twice that I couldn't know who killed me last night. I did -not- know that, and that's why I RPd with Thiago today like nothing happened. And I did not MG finding you. Thiago came to me to set up a deal, I knew that he leads a new set in San Pedro. You knew enough to be judged as a betrayer. Last thing in this comment Collis, I did this to teach you for future. I actually liked you as an OOC person, you're really fine. But you can not be under a CK clause, be wounded together with me, been offered to deal on the corner by me, and then simply leave with knowing all these information about my character, and expect that nothing will happen. Greetings. EDIT: I actually started liking @BlanK 's new faction. All I can do now is to wish you a good luck in the future activities and happenings. Good luck my man. You did your roleplay tonight like a real leader!
  4. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

  5. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

    Since our new faction came with a really nice idea to represent their hispanic roleplay activities with serbian rap songs, I had a few thoughts to begin pushing some quality German/Irish/Bosnian/Croatian songs to represent our hispanic faction. But let's leave it for some other time.
  6. Kotromanich

    Los Diablos Del Rato

    Good luck BlanK and others. And please, stop using serbian (european) hip hop actors to portray your hispanic characters.
  7. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

  8. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

  9. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

  10. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

    No matter what ‘home’ means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home. It’s the place where we eat, the place with our friends and family, and it’s the place we make our own. Sometimes in life we could use a little reminder of how it feels to be home, to come home and to leave home. Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends. A place of love, hope and dreams.
  11. Kotromanich

    Almighty Saints 13

  12. Kotromanich

    Liǎng tiáo lóng (two dragons)

  13. Kotromanich

    El Loco Gato

    Why are a SERBIAN actor and SERBIAN hip hop singer portraying your HISPANIC character??
  14. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2004 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: Impala SS VIN: 17463 Mileage: 201150 Description: A top condition four-door vehicle. Perfect for city tours. Images https://i.imgur.com/ubDhNeh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pqrMNe4.png Starting bid: 5000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 9000 Auction end date: 04.09.2018 Contact details: 420944

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