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  1. Cross125

    [SOLD] Car - 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S [ENDS: 1/28/2019]

    Name: Private Bid: Buyout
  2. Cross125

    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    [PUNISH]: Senior Admin Unitts issued 6 points to Kiandra Reynolds. [PUNISH]: Reason: Deathmatching [PUNISH-BAN]: (12) Player Matey has been banned for 144 hours.
  3. Name: Private Bid: Buyout ($100,000)
  4. cheers you now follow a transexual microwave 

    1. Cross125


      had it worse

  5. Name: Private Bid: $50,000 (2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350)
  6. Cross125

    RPMF Sub-Forum

    Would need a Sub-Forum under RPMF Incorporated added named "NsV Design". In that sub-forum, I would need two more sections. -Portfolio -Media Would need this thread moved into the "NsV Design" sub-forum: And this thread moved into the "Portfolio" Sub-forum On top of that, I'd need the usual moderator perms over the sub-forum to edit/move/delete/pin threads. @OXIGENT can confirm not like I have nothing better to do than making things up Thanks
  7. Cross125

    Leopard Squad

    can you not
  8. Cross125

    Car - 2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage [ENDS: 14.10.2018]

    Name: Private Bid: Buyout
  9. Cross125

    [SOLD] Car - 2012 McLaren MP4-12C [ENDS: 14/09/2018]

    Name: Alex Bid: Buyout
  10. Cross125

    Azrael Connection - Los Santos Mercenaries

    I feel like I should mention as to why the faction was inactive for the last two to three months. There has been an on-going ticket which directly affected multiple key figures within the faction which resulted in the recent inactivity, which has been finally resolved. Three months is, of course, a lot of time for any faction which slightly set the faction at a disadvantage to some degree. People who are interesting in joining this type of roleplay but have OOC questions or concerns are more than free to contact me on Discord ( Cross125#4192 ). I will also try to include more RP-orientated screenshots in the future to give a better perspective of what the faction does, as previously I preferred to just post basic screenshots of situations. Almost a shame considering how many interesting IC situations have ensued since the creation of the faction which in my opinion were not shown to an extent as they could have been.
  11. Cross125

    Morra Organized Crime Group

    Had the opportunity to RP with the faction for a bit, have to say that the guys know what they are doing. Sadly due to time reasons, I won't have the chance to continue my stay with the faction at this time. Good luck with the faction and have fun folks
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