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  1. How do you roleplay a crash scene? You say skip or void ❤️ 

  2. Happy birthday xxx

  3. [PUNISH]: Senior Admin Unitts issued 6 points to Kiandra Reynolds. [PUNISH]: Reason: Deathmatching [PUNISH-BAN]: (12) Player Matey has been banned for 144 hours.
  4. cheers you now follow a transexual microwave 

  5. Name: Private Bid: $50,000 (2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350)
  6. Mate.. along time no seen : ( Anyhow.. How's your youtube channel? greetings : ) 

    1. Cross125


      Hey, yeah I was just not able to find the spare time to really work on videos recently. It's always that and that, you know how it is. I guess I'm just entering that stage of life where free time is starting to get very valuable.

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