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  1. Cross125

    Car - Motorboat and 2 vehicles. [ENDS: 17/06/2018]

    Name: Private Bid: Buyout ($35,000) Comment: Boat ('96 Riva Aquarama Special) (( @Maikeyy2 ))
  2. Name: Private Bid: $6,501
  3. Cross125

    Legacy of Paper Forgery

    Yes, that was over a year ago when I just started out in illegal RP (and trust me my English and RP were kinda questionable back then, don't mention it lol) and I remember doing that UAT contact. I received this answer from UAT; I don't see any point of being an "approved driver" (apart from using the vehicle to commit crimes but at the same time, the vehicle comes back to your name if I understood correctly, so that's also out of the question). In my mind, the entire concept/point of forging papers is so you could eventually sell the vehicle to someone else without creating any suspicion (at the time of the sale) and be done with it. As for the "approved driver" thing, I don't know a single person who wouldn't take a few minutes to call that hotline to report a stolen vehicle (you don't even have to talk to a real person but to a bot) if they have lost a vehicle worth over $10,000. So in that regard, I don't see any point of trying to forge vehicle papers at all. I'm not forging papers anymore, so I'm not really interested in this whole topic, but for those who do, maybe @Shanks could clarify a bit what he means by "acquiring the vehicle". (I just noticed I received the answer on the 7th June of 2017, exactly one year ago lol)
  4. Cross125

    Azrael Connection

  5. Cross125

    Other - 2x Glass Tables [ENDS: 07/06/2018]

    Won, I'll contact you later during the day. (Auction adjusted to only feature the glass tables to avoid any confusion)
  6. Los Santos Auction House Item Name: 2 Glass Tables Description: 2 Glass Tables with Metal Frame, no scratches on the glass. Starting Bid: $1 Minimum Increase: $100 Buyout $799 Auction Ends 07/06/2018
  7. Won, I'll contact you later via mail.
  8. Los Santos Auction House Item Name: 12x Brown Leather Sofas Description: 12 Dark Brown Leather Sofas, no scratches. Bit of old-school luxury. Starting Bid: $1 Minimum Increase: $100 Buyout $3.499 Auction Ends 07/06/2018
  9. Name: Private Bid: $1,000,000 (Buyout) (( @Script ))
  10. Cross125

    Cross' Wraps

    Updated the thread with a few more wraps which I have been working on other the span of the last couple of weeks/months. I'm usually open for any wrap-requests, especially for companies (or generally wraps with specific brands/logos on them) as that's something that I haven't done before. However, I usually put a lot of effort into individual wraps, thus charging quite a amount for wraps (which is, of course, depending on the complexity of the wrap itself) so keep that in mind, should you want to request one. Anyhow, here are the new wraps: Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Audi S5 Dodge Charger Hellcat Dodge Charger Hellcat w/ Stripes Audi Coupe GT
  11. Name: VVV Bid: $45,000 Comment: Fix the picture, this is not an SV.
  12. Cross125

    Azrael Connection

  13. Cross125

    Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @LeiFeng - Introduced me to a much higher standard of Roleplay to a point that I start to unintentionally over time strive away from the people that I used to Roleplay with. Taught me the concept of "OOC RP" which made me more self-aware and realize how ridiculous it was since I have been doing that for almost the entirety of 2017. "OOC RP" meaning the intentional or unintentional OOC planning of IC events which makes the RP in the end much more smoother, however, less fun and pointless. Another example would be OOC bias, meaning you become IC friends with someone purely for the reasoning of being good OOC friends and the list goes on*. After RP'ing with @LeiFeng, not only did I start to avoid any type of OOC influences during RP (essentially keeping 100% IC, even though I have to admit it is in some situation more difficult than it sounds), I also started to not get OOCly annoyed at someone about IC occurrences plus learning to take the IC "L", essentially accepting defeat and being involved in situations where I know that ICly I will lose or generally will get a bad effect on my character due to that. Seems like the basics of RP, but I have to admit only since a few months I started to Roleplay like that. Edit: *I formulated it a bit weird, but my point was that I used to "OOCly RP" for quite some time but after starting to RP with LeiFeing I started to realize how dumb and wrong it is. I'm completely against "OOC RP" which is why I wrote "to a point that I start to [...] strive away from the people that I used to Roleplay with" at the very beginning, @FAILCAKEZ @Genocide - Brought in my eyes an extremely positive light onto PD with his small neat RP showcase on the PD's RP thread since from my past there was usually quite a lot of OOC involvement within the PD and actual IC character developments were quite rare. I thought I had some decent IC development by starting to smoke, being less effective due to injuries and being generally much more aggressive than previously, but this just tops it by demonstrating thoughtout character development and willingness to sacrifice their own character purely for character development reasons due to the extreme line of stress and mental effect of being a police officer in such a large city. I for example am not in a state where I could pull off sacrificing a character so easily. I have to say, if this would happen on a regular basis (with thoughout character development), I would be back in PD in a blink of an eye. Either way, always pleasent to see such RP.
  14. Name: WhyNot Bid: $800

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