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  1. Nightstalker

    Application - Brittney Myers

    Name: Brittney Myers Phone Number: 787-975 Age: 23 years old. Education & Degrees: Happy Valley Primary School Sacred Heart High School San Francisco University High School The position you want to apply for (multiple can be selected): LSMA (Los Santos Motorsport Association) Event Marshall (no previous experience needed) [X] Technical Marshall (some mechanical experience, please provide some logs) [ ] What makes you more suitable for this task than others?: I feel suitable for this position because i am always able to show up when there are events going on and i'm friendly to litterly everyone aslong they are friendly to me aswell. I'm always alert when i'm on duty so yeah thats how it is. Do you have any previous experience in motorsport and the position you are applying for?: Yes, i indeed have some experience. My dad used to have his own dragstrip back in California and i used to manage it and sort out all the needed things. Its pretty long ago though so maybe i'll need to sort out how everything works again. ((OOC INFORMATION)) In-Game Username: Nightstalker Forum Username: Nightstaler HoursPlayed (Account total): 2103 Timezone: GMT +1
  2. Nightstalker

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    Lets get it boys.
  3. Nightstalker

    Looking for an professional mapper.

    and i wantt tsomeone to map 4 me
  4. Nightstalker

    Looking for an professional mapper.

    I'm looking for ana professional mapper who is able to map the exterior shape of my house along with three floors above the ground and one floor underground. [ We only need the floors and such, so furniture is not needed! ] Also if you think its hard to map the half circle, just hmu and i will sent you the current map since the half circle is already mapped in there. // We are willing to pay with RL cash or Gamecoins, maybe both. https://imgur.com/a/SJY6rxr
  5. Nightstalker

    Brittney's B&S

    We have an business license now, some last touches and we are ready to open it up!
  6. Nightstalker

    Brittney's B&S

    thanks x
  7. Nightstalker

    Brittney's B&S

    Screenshots of the building!
  8. Nightstalker

    Newsletter - End of August 2018

    oeyee my signature made it!
  9. Nightstalker

    Brittney's B&S

    We have successfully renovated our building, screenshots to be annouced soon.
  10. Nightstalker

    Residential - 21, Royal Street [ENDS: 5-9-2018 // 00:00 IG Time]

    You have won the auction, call 787-975. ** Phone number would only be visible for ari. **
  11. Nightstalker

    Brittney's B&S

    We have received all our needed items, shoutout to @Bxhey-.. We are renovating the building tomorrow.
  12. Nightstalker

    Brittney's B&S

    Our location has been annouced, we are going to renovate the place somewhere this week.

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