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  1. COD TDM, ground war is dogshit
  2. If Joseph needed to get Character Killed that would have happened by now. The handeling admin was 100% sure of what he / she was doing, and if you decide to shoot him in his leg that will be roleplayed you could have just shoot him in his head. Kicking him unconscious is okay but that does not make him forget about whole the situation. And even before you started to kick him unconcious Dale got killed. He pulled up to stacks driving the same bike that Dale owns and they also beforehand sprayed the bike black and red so its nothing weird that Noah knew that he was driving on the bike. Something else to add, when you guys decided to insult me and destroy my vehicle Tyrone was earing the same clothes and as Ermolay already told me IC'ly that he was wearing an helmet makes me 100% sure thats the guy we are looking for. How can he also Metagame his name OOCly when he was wearing an helmet? I never got contacted by Noah saying that he was at stacks by the way, i decided to drive by and check if i would see anyone there and i saw him there so i drove by and then turned around shot him and drove off again.
  3. What makes you think that we cant recognize you if you are wearing an full face helmet? You were driving on our Prospect his bike, his bike was in my garage for days so i'd know what it looks like. Ermolay also informed me in character that you guys were wearing helmets and Noah was the one to tell me that you are driving Dale his bike.
  4. You were apart of them and damaging someone who gets annoyed by any little thing isnt smart enough. You also decided to insult me with your mates for no reason at all acting like you dont care about your life. And inbetween the shooting all of you were bhopping spamming f to enter and exit properties, eating pancakes and shit. And also after i got reported i explained everything and the admin did not notice any issues.
  5. I was hunting you because you and your mates decides to insult me and destroy my property for no reason at all. Shortly after i decided to try and kill you guys but i failed as you and your mates decided to bhop and eat pancakes during the shootout, and as you guys know who the shooter is it gives me another reason to finish you off. When i logged on Noah explained me everything in character which gave me another reason to kill you so even if Noah rp'd it properly or not you would still be dead
  6. Kicking someone unconcious doesnt make them forget anything
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