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  1. Lets MG nametags!

    instead of wasting time of making a thread like this he could've used the report function and would've achieved much more by now
  2. Majestic X8

    i hate a main thread layout like that. knowing you, ik u got this tho. hijo de puta and all that messican stuff
  3. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    char thread:
  4. Prince Zarbon from Xerios Three

    honestly couldn't care less about a ban, just doing this cause it's fun to do so. if I intended on intentionally trolling I'd be doing way worse lmao
  5. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    prince zarbon approves
  6. This thread will showcase the life of Jontell Xavoir, self claimed Prince Zarbon from planet Xerios Three. Jontell Xavoir suffers from a multi-personality disorder, Prince Zarbon being one of them. All the screenshots are posted for entertaining purposes and are therefor not meant to be taken In Character.
  7. Clevon Hamilton

    There's numerous ways to tell a story, screenshots being one of them.

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