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  1. Shoujiro Kenzo v. Dan DiFonzo [3/15]

    Shoujiro Kenzo, wearing a formal black suit and tie along with a Breitling watch attached to his wrists and black tinted shades on top of his head, would walk into the courtroom as he'd make his way over to the Plaintiffs table where he'd take a seat, patiently waiting for everyone to arrive. His hands would reveal a slight portion of a tattoo upon being looked at.
  2. Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

    Family dispute
  3. CPQL Issues

    Thanks @DylanW
  4. CPQL Issues

    We did and got a reply from @ititan saying they have moved applications over to a sub domain. The main forum applications would be corrupted. Meaning we had to sumbit an application. And then we we're told he doesn't do liquor licenses. So can anyone tell me, where are liquor licenses requested, before I lose my mind over this..
  5. CPQL Issues

    I would love to know where the licenses can be requested, so if there's any admin around that would be able to assist us with this.. By any means, feel free to.
  6. Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

    For those who are interested, below a picture of a small portion of yesterday's RP.
  7. Lost posts?

    Hey @DylanW, thanks for the reply. How does @Najkwiin post for this matter, not contribute to that?
  8. Lost posts?

    This morning when I checked our faction thread I noticed some of the posts have gone missing. I've received several emails mentioning I had a reply to a previous post and when I check, they're not there. Screenshot below. regarding: http://prntscr.com/iq2u37 Can I have some one check this out for us please? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

    There are many ranks which are not yet correctly displayed. Thread is under construction and will be adjusted according to our needs. Thanks for the feedback, oldie
  10. [General] - keypad burglar alarm or panic alarm

    What's next guys? Convenant Alarm Verification and Security Operation Centres? GO!
  11. [Q] Removing interior world objects?

  12. [Age Rules] - Revise

    I don't really have an opinion on this since I believe everyone should RP what they want to RP. Not everyone is on the same RP level and that is just a thing that we have to accept, then again, not everyone has the skill to RP a grown man, is that a reason to not allow them to RP kids? I don't believe so. No I did not read previous comments.

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