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  1. Nuckfuts


    Here, I did the searching for you. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/90569-keybinding-software/
  2. How are you going to limit the frames of the CCTV ingame?
  3. Tick No and the game should run.
  4. -1 I'm not a shitty driver and most times when my vehicle does end up damaged, It's because I drive according to the speed limit and some one lags in to me.
  5. There are a few rules that state you need to have a minimum amount of hours on your character for it to do something. Perhaps this led the faction to ignore you. Mine however does not operate that way. We prefer RP quality over hours and/or items.
  6. I appreciate the honesty and I can understand people at work would rather not have that on their screens.
  7. +1 This is does not make any sense. Plus the worker who provides the RP is usually charging around 3-7k.
  8. Name: K Comment: What if one of those pigs take my camera anyway?
  9. Link to San Andreas State Firearm Act. is hidden for me, is it supposed to?
  10. Sometimes I trust admins to make the right choice and I don't want to bug them while I am mid RP, doing something that needs hurrying rather then arguing with one over having someone freconnected or not. I'm sure the underground RP'ers know what I'm talking about here. I don't consider a players own house a public area either in this case, but a business with the owner inside and an unlocked interior should in my opinion be considered a public area, I'm wondering what your thought about this is. @QueenC
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