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  1. [GUI] - Movable MP3 UI

    Shut up piney, not everyone rich like you! XD We can only afford MP3s.
  2. Permanent Classical Music Radio Station

    Exactly. Some blues, jazz, maybe retro stuff would be awesome with clasical music. All i hear is a trash rap, Taylor Swift and "Yo imma gonna bumbum" stuff around.
  3. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL OFFICER APPLICATION Section One - General and Personal Information First Name: Lily Middle Name (if applicable): - Last Name: Walker Date of Birth: 14/04/1993 Place of Birth: United Kingdom, Britain, London Current Address: 2006 Lombard St, Idlewood - LOS SANTOS Phone Number: 475-189 E-mail Address: [email protected] Are you a citizen of the United States of America? [ ] Yes [ X ] No If your answer is no, are you authorized to work in the United States?: [ X ] Yes [ ] No Have you ever worked with the Los Santos International Airport or possess a similar experience: [ ] Yes [ X ] No If the answer is yes, please explain the experience(s) briefly: - Have you ever been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor penal code: [ ] Yes [ X ] No If answer is yes, please elaborate on the misdemeanors or felonies committed: - Section Two - Occupation and Education Do you have any previous occupations? [ X ] Yes [ ] No If yes, state them here: SoftServe - London Have you attended any High school? [ X ] Yes [ ] No If yes, state the name of it: Cardiff Sixth Form Collage, Cardiff Have you attended College or University? [ X ] Yes [ ] No If yes, state their name(s): Harvard University - Computer& Software Engineering / Cambridge, Massachusetts Other(s): Took achitecture lessons aswell as side-subsection. Section Three - Motivations and Brief Explanations In your own words tell us why would like to become a Air Traffic Control officer (ATC Officer). State your reasons, motives, and goals you want to achieve. ( Minimum Requirement: 55 words): Do you have any reference(s)? [ ] Yes [ X ] No If yes, state them here: - I, Lily Walker, agree to always abide by the current laws and instructions, as given by authorities and FAA. I understand that my contract may get terminated if found needed by the Administration of the Los Santos International Airport. I understand and agree to that FAA may access my background information from instances such as the police and medical institutions. I confirm that all information in my application are correct, and that providing false or misleading information is punishable by law and by signing bellow I accept the Los Santos International Airport Terms and conditions ((found here)). Signature: Lily Walker Date: 23/02/18 Initials: L.W.
  4. Masked ID can make this system work actually. But there are some IC issues, still. What if one recognizes you from your voice? Dealing with MGers could be more easy than that. But the idea is good, definitely.
  5. [GUI] - Movable MP3 UI

    Definitely +1
  6. Oh, you are absolutely right. I just got confused i guess.
  7. Well i offered this one, because there are IC social media websites out of the game. So why not this one? I really like the idea of spreading the whole owl roleplay into the real world.
  8. Well for starting, i guess nobody jumps right into it without a tought, it must be developed ICly. It can be heard from a friend as an example. Or instead of talking at the park, people can talk over there in private for illegal plans.
  9. [Miscellaneous] - Dark Web

    There's log tracking script for Admins to check out whenever they want so. It's totally OOC to be honest, because we want to make this Anonymous ICly.
  10. Definitely. It has it's own consequences to use it ICly. As you can know, an experienced hacker can track anyone down. I guess that makes things complicate and full of excitement.
  11. That topic seriously raped me. Editted for 4 times to make it a bit more accurate and easy to read. Also it's 08 am here, so forgive me please. :3
  12. [Miscellaneous] - Dark Web

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Dark Web What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Miscellaneous What is the suggestion?- Having an anonymous chat room in a sub-page of the server's domain, so illegal people can do business, anonymously over the "dark web". What are the advantages?- It's an opportunity to carry the illegal roleplaying to a next level. Also law enforcements can build up a new cyber-crime subsection for against the hackers. Basicly more roleplay and IC job opportunities. What are the disadvantages?- It would be hard -mostly impossible- to catch experienced hackers. But if an experienced hacker would join the legal-side, that can make things equal, so basicly there are no disadventages. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Sure, I open-sourcely shared the all necessary scripts at this link; https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/88669-suggestion-darkweb-chat-rooms-for-illegal-activities/ How would you go about implementing this idea?- It's actually it is not a big deal. We just need to create a sub-domain at the main owlgaming.net domain and paste the codes i've given to that sub-domain. It only takes like.. Maybe five minutes?
  13. Hello there! I always wanted to roleplay as a hacker in Owl. That wasn't a quite start but hey. Who doesn't wants that, anyway. So i'd like to share some kind of information about the script and how it's going to work. I dreamt about getting my own money for the works I've done with my software engineering skillset. I noticed that we can do it -just- with a page, belongs to the server's domain. Not with a shiny design and super-functional page. Just with a basic chatbox allows people to communicate each-other easily. I already prepared the pastebins for the script but I didn't get any response to my Public Application and somehow it got deleted. I can simply share those in here, i guess. The chat application will be quite simple. It will include a login and logout system, AJAX-style features, and will also offer support for multiple users. Pretty basic. Also, after carefully reading you can copy-paste it aswell. Step 1 : HTML Markup Let's start this by creating our first file called whatever you want (as an index page.). Also you may want to place -i don't know a suitable- background image for "Dark-Web". Started html with the usual DOCTYPE, html, head, and body tags. In the head tag, add the title, and link to css stylesheet (style.css). Inside the body tag, structure our layout inside the #wrapper div. This will have three main blocks: a simple Menu, our chatbox, and our message input; each with its respective div and id. The #menu div will consist of two paragraph elements. The first will be a welcome to the user and will float left and the second will be an exit link and will float right. Also include a div to clear the elements. The #chatbox div will contain our chatlog. Load the log from an external file using jQuery's ajax request. The last item in the #wrapper div will be our form, which will include an text input for the user message and a submit button. Just need to add our scripts last to load the page faster. First link to the Google jQuery CDN, as using the jQuery library for this. Our second script tag will be where we will be working on. We will load all of our code after the document is ready. Step 2 : CSS Styling Now add some css to make our chat application look better than with the default browser styling. There's nothing special about the above css other than the fact that some id's or classes. Colors are just random, if you want to decide something more suitable, it's all up to you. Step 3 : Using PHP to Create a Login Form. Now we will implement a simple form that will ask the user their name before continuing further on. The loginForm() function we created is composed of a simple login form which asks the user for his/her name. We then use an if and else statement to verify that the person entered a name. If the person entered a name, we set that name as $_SESSION['name']. Since we are using a cookie-based session to store the name, we must call session_start() before anything is outputted to the browser. Showing the Login Form In order to show the login form in case a user has not logged in, and hence has not created a session, we use another if and else statement around the #wrapper div and script tags in our original code. On the opposite case, this will hide the login form, and show the chat box if the user is logged in and has created a session.; Welcome and Logout Menu Not yet finished creating the login system for this chat application. This still need to allow the user to log out, and end the chat session. If you can remember, our original HTML markup included a simple menu. Let's go back and add some PHP code that will give the menu more functionality. First of all, let's add the users name to the welcome message. We do this by outputting the session of the user's name. In order to allow the user to log out and end the session, we will jump ahead of ourselves and briefly use jQuery. The jquery code above simple shows a confirmation alert if a user clicks the #exit link. If the user confirms the exit, therefore deciding to end the session, then this send them to index.php?logout=true. This simply creates a variable called logout with the value of true. We need to catch this variable with PHP: Now see if a get variable of 'logout' exists using the isset() function. If the variable has been passed via a url, such as the link mentioned above, we proceed to end the session of the user's name. Before destroying the user's name session with the session_destroy() function, we want to write a simple exit message to the chat log. It will say that the user has left the chat session. We do this by using the fopen(), fwrite(), and fclose() functions to manipulate our log.html file, which as -I will explain later on- will be created as our chat log. Please note that we have added a class of 'msgln' to the div. We have already defined the css styling for this div. After doing this, destroy the session, and redirect the user to the same page where the login form will appear. Step 4 : Handling User Input After a user submits form, we want to grab his input and write it to our chat log. In order to do this, we'll use jQuery and PHP to work synchronously on the client and server sides. jQuery Almost everything we are going to do with jQuery in order to handle our data, will revolve around the jQuery post request. All those codes will work if user submits the form as you can figure out easily. Before we do anything, we must grab the user's input, or what he has typed into the #submitmsg input. We now store this value into the clientmsg variable. Here come's our most important part: the jQuery post request. This sends a POST request to the post.php file that i will create in a moment. It posts the clients input, or what has been saved into the clientmsg variable. Lastly, we clear the #usermsg input by setting the value attribute to blank. PHP - post.php At the moment we have POST data being sent to the post.php file each time the user submits the form, and sends a new message. Our goal now is to grab this data, and write it into our chat log. Before we do anything, we have to start the post.php file with the session_start() function as we will be using the session of the user's name in this file. Using the isset boolean, we check if the session for 'name' exists before doing anything else. We now grab the POST data that was being sent to this file by jQuery. We store this data into the $text variable. This data, as will all overall user input data, will be stored on the log.html file. To do this we open the file with the mode on the fopen function to 'a', which according to php.net opens the file for writing only; places the file pointer at the end of the file. If the file does not exist, attempt to create it. We then write our message to the file using the fwrite() function. The message we will be writing will be enclosed inside the .msgln div. It will contain the date and time generated by the date() function, the session of the user's name, and the text, which is also sorrounded by the htmlspecialchars() function to prevent from XSS. Lastly, close the file handle using fclose(). Step 5 : Displaying the Chat Log (log.html) Contents Everything the user has posted is handled and posted using jQuery; it is written to the chat log with PHP. The only thing left to do is to display the updated chat log to the user. In order to save ourselves some time, we will preload the chat log into the #chatbox div if it has any content. We use a similar routine as we used the post.php file, except this time we are only reading and outputting the contents of the file. The ajax request is the core of everything we are doing. This request not only allows us to send and receive data throught the form without refreshing the page, but it also allows us to handle the data requested. We wrap our ajax request inside a function. As you see, we then move the data we requested (html) into the #chatbox div. Auto-scrolling As you have seen in other chat applications, the content automatically scrolls down if the chat log container (#chatbox) overflows. We are going to implement a simple and similar feature, that will compare the container's scroll height before and after we do the ajax request. If the scroll height is greater after the request, we will use jQuery's animate effect to scroll the #chatbox div. We first store the #chatbox div's scroll height into the oldscrollHeight variable before we make the request. After our request has returned sucessful, we store the #chatbox div's scrolle height into the newscrollHeight variable. We then compare both of the scroll height variables using an if statement. If the newscrollHeight is greater than the oldscrollHeight, we use the animate effect to scroll the #chatbox div. Continuously Updating the Chat Log This function will run our loadLog() function every 2.5 seconds, and the loadLog function will request the updated file and autoscroll the div. I hope i explained it as clear as i can. It became like a tutorial but i needed to explain every single code to gain trust, you probably know what those codes do, but like i said, i felt like i had to explain. Color codes, background and other non-lethal stuff can be managed easily. If you just place a page under your own domain, we can start our hacking roleplay without losing any time. Basicly this is just a chatbox app on a web page, i couldn't think more, because if dig deeper, illegal advertising and other stuff will pop-up and this till take lots of time. With this chat-box application, we can connect to other illegal people like other hackers, hitmen etc. easily. Also thanks for spending your time to read that! Have fun!
  14. The Grajales Familia

    Pretty dope.

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