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  1. Castlewall

    Liǎng tiáo lóng (two dragons)

    I have to be in this! Can't wait it goes live!
  2. Castlewall

    Car - 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV [ENDS: 25/05/2018]

    Name: Lily Walker Comment: $40,000
  3. Castlewall

    The Pershing Manor

    I might even live there! Good god, it seems beautiful. :3
  4. Castlewall

    AfterLife - Bar

    BRING IT ON! lmao Thank you for support! :3
  5. Castlewall

    AfterLife - Bar

    I hope not for extorting
  6. Castlewall

    AfterLife - Bar

    Thank you! Well, I won't lie. It did drain lots of my liquid. BUT it's all for my customers! :3
  7. Castlewall

    AfterLife - Bar

    Riiiiight? Everyone will LOVE this, after the grand opening, I'm sure!
  8. Castlewall

    AfterLife - Bar

    Thank you! ^^
  9. Castlewall

    AfterLife - Bar

    AfterLife Your heaven. Information: We know how hard life can be. When everything goes south all of a sudden or when you feel you're down for good, we are here to fill you with drink and positiveness. AfterLife built for making you happy, calm and forget every single bad thing life offers you. When you need to calm down, when you need to hang out with your friends in a positive place we will be there for you with our heaven theme and angels. And don't forget, we think you are awesome. Instead of going down, drive the wheels to AfterLife. It worths. What we do: We offer the best drink and the company you need, to keep you drinking alone! ((Not sexually company, OOCly keep that in mind, please.)) Where we located: 888 Pasadena Boulevard, Downtown - Los Santos / SAN ANDREAS Want to work with us? - Feel free to apply on Queen's Realm. ((BUSINESS EXTERIOR)) (( BUSINESS INTERIOR ))
  10. This could create its own roleplay and work-line, also could help other factions as well. Supporting, this is a great idea.
  11. Name: Queen Comment: Not your mom's place, that's located somewhere else, sweetie. (( Running an escort company is legal if you don't know. ))
  12. Name: Queen Comment: You can find her at Queen's Realm. *wink-emote*
  13. Castlewall

    TWCN - LEGEND OF RICE [Social Experiment]

    Name: Queen Comment: Sushi is always good. So as TWCN.
  14. Castlewall

    Queen's Realm

    (( This is the model Catalog Update, and should be accepted as IC information about Queen's Realm Model Catalog. ))
  15. Castlewall

    [Hiring] Queen's Realm Model Agency

    I'm always trying to get ahead of myself, every time. Thank you for your support, that means a lot. ^^

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