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  1. Weiga

    The meaning of "Ricer."

    you still couldn't change my coilovers and you owe me 10 grands yeah? @Ramsis
  2. Weiga

    An importing issue.

    LSO @Deuce
  3. Weiga

    Import Request - Dominic Branwen

    not my business but the car is currently in the US as stated in the description
  4. autistic estonian kid tries to make a meme of himself but fails downright
  5. Weiga

    [SAAN] The Hobo Thief's demise

    name: elalmani comment: since when is pizza stacks called idlestack, or you mean idleraq? p.s.: ayyy lmao see you in hell troopa
  6. Weiga

    Shooting cops?

    i give up, long live the useless queen.
  7. Weiga

    Shooting cops?

    uk is none of my business, i'm good out here in africa buying overpriced groceries.
  8. Weiga

    Shooting cops?

    great sense of humor people have these days
  9. Weiga

    Patrick "Pistol Pat" Byrd (RIP)

    fatdick affiliated with iron deuces mc
  10. happy 9/11 brother

  11. Weiga

    The Colavecchio Crew

    please archive it, hasn't been active for weeks now
  12. Weiga

    Brittney's B&S

    pretty cool, take it far brother!
  13. Weiga

    make me senior in bios and I hook you up with money ig

    1. Youn


      lol you got it.

    2. Sponge


      ok mister canadian promote me too 

    3. Youn





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