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  1. It's only now.. now i understand 😔 we are torn apart.. 

    1. Script


      jesus clippy that's gay

  2. Name: Suliman Bid: $10,000 ((The ending date is different from the title))
  3. "I still solemnly refuse to answer." (( @Zebulon @ThatGuy ))
  4. Great, advice. Also just stay away from Razer products, they are all show and less-than-expected-for-the-price go. Logitech and Corsair products are pretty cool and much cheaper than Razer's. And also, NEVER get wireless keyboards, they are literally infuriating, I broke the stand on mine because it lags a lot.
  5. Name: Sheen Comment: mate who sold u a car for 40 buckaroos, you better gimme his number
  6. Update: Thank you so much @Vubstersmurf, @Serx, @Simonman80 and @Jordan For anyone having this problem, basically you want to download two AVs and go to My Computer, right click on the infected partition and scan with both AVs, it'll take some time but it is worth it. Also make sure to track the infected files in folders, delete whole folders and you'll be good.
  7. so, everytime I scan these 4 always pop up, can't seem to get rid of them:
  8. I'm not sure about that to be honest, the only one I trust is Malwarebytes. It has been very loyal but really messy. One more thing, do you know what type of virus this is?
  9. I installed a fresh copy of windows that removed every single program, also i'm on windows 7 so is gonna be WD any good?
  10. Name: Luqman Bid: Starting Comment: Does the vehicle have any existing problems?
  11. hey guys, so i've been struggling with this weird virus, it just won't go away. I've tried malwarebytes, installed new OS to fix the registry but the virus is still on the hdd. Here are some pics: I'm extremely grateful for anyone who can help me, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Comment: you got it. Also, are the damages only cosmetic? Have any electronics or interior parts been penetrated by the bullets? Name: Luqman Bid: $50,000 @Dylanjeter1
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