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  1. I might be mentally retarded but doesnt that say there are 15,9 million owned houses in the age gap of 30-44 years old? 21% of share? Almost 1/4th? Or am I totally misreading this. Either way the arguement doesn't work since I can create a 65 year old character, and by your logic, they shouldnt be allowed to own a house for RP reasons. Also discussion =/= arguing, post less meme images and actually discuss your points with me. Makes it easier to understand and we could once reach an agreement both parties are happy with. But I guess that's kinda difficult too, isnt it?
  2. So it's better to grind RS Hauls for hours without any RP instead? Only if tokens worked on rentals. What if I create a character who is 30 or 40 years old, it's unrealistic to force me to just rent a shitbox with the 500 bucks in my characters pocket instead of giving me the opportunity to own a house and some beaten up car. That's just limiting RP opportunities in my opinion. It's not like you can buy ferraris or mansions with the tokens anyways.
  3. So anyone who has over 500 hours and makes a new character should be forced to RP a homeless bum?
  4. Shouldn't this be the case already :^) Yes from me, doesn't take anything away from the average player.
  5. Even better, lets make new characters spawn in with a Glock instead of a briefcase! After that we can work on making a rule about exiting your house being disregard for life and thus a CK clause! No.
  6. Congratulations, you won! Hit me up with an E-mail to pick this baby up!
  7. Private bids must be placed by the private bidder in the thread itself. His character name may be left out.
  8. Private bids must be placed by the private bidder in the thread itself. His character name may be left out.
  9. Name: Tyler Comment: Oh. Bid: Buyout.
  10. Name: Tyler Buyout offer: $110,000
  11. Name: Tyler Durden Bid: $30,000 Comment: You broke the first rule, dude.
  12. Name: Lilah Bid: Withdrawn as the auction has already ended.
  13. Name: Lilah Bid: $60,000
  14. Name: Lilah Bid: $32,500
  15. Noted, leading! I have no idea what you're talking about, this is the first car I have ever put for sale. Tough talk behind a private nametag, cunt.