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  1. (( From what I understand, the character who won this auction was CK'd. This car will thus be re-auctioned IC:ly next month ))
  2. [Age Rules] - Revise

    Yes hello, that's exactly the problem, it's very rarely RP'd properly. The kid in my post (page 1) apparently opened up a window, escaped from CPS and hanged out at IPS for a few days before her IC mother found her there. (That's what the person explained to me as her backstory) Shes a 5 year old white girl. That's the level of RP most of these kids have.
  3. [General] - vehicle malfunction script

    If your point was to use that articlec as "proof" of new cars breaking down, please read it more carefully. "We buy about 80 cars a year and this is the first time in memory that we have had a car that is undriveable before it has finished our check-in process. " "We encountered other problems with a Karma press car that visited the track for a few hours, and we have heard of problems at press events. In addition, we see that some owners are experiencing a variety of issue " It was a very experiemental hybrid car from a NEW company which was only in production for a year. Its a shit car from a shit manufracturer assembled like shit. Their cars broke down for those reasons, but its stupid to assume other manufacturers would have the same problems.
  4. [Age Rules] - Revise

    Only time I have ran into one of these children was when my IC employee brought their five year old kid to work. They even had a picture of someones real child in their /look and that disturbed me greatly. After the kid asked their IC mother "What's a condom?" I swiftly removed myself from that RP and have avoided kids ever since. I believe owl already limits characters with mental disabilities, I think child characters should be included in this rule.
  5. [General] - vehicle malfunction script

    Having a RS hauler with no intention to RP crashing into someone is a different subject than having the server RANDOMLY decide that it's time for me to RP an overheating engine.
  6. [Properties] - Mailbox Work

    I thought this was a RP server!!!!!!! Not a statwhore server!!11??!
  7. [General] - vehicle malfunction script

    Absolutely no. Forced RP results in bad RP.
  8. [Auction House Rules] - Discuss

    This is pretty much how BoTS sells vehicles these days and it has worked just fine.

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