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  1. I visited Turkey before it turned into a shithole warzone and I spent 2. days in a hospital because of diarrhea.
  2. No, if you think someone might be using the dirt on plates trick for PG you can always report them to an admin who can request to see logs. It's a meme but blocking/taking off plates is so easy it really shouldnt need to be toggled/supervised by an admin. If your suggestion has "The player should report and get it enabled by an admin" you really should re-think it for a bit. Having to report something to an admin ALWAYS pauses the RP and begins the notorious waiting game. I'd rather not have someone wait anywhere from 3 to 60 minutes to have some mud applied on their plates.
  3. +1, Would be very handy and I think someone once said "Your world. Your Imagination." and this just seems to fit that like a glove.
  4. Nese

    [Age Rules] - Revise

    Yes hello, that's exactly the problem, it's very rarely RP'd properly. The kid in my post (page 1) apparently opened up a window, escaped from CPS and hanged out at IPS for a few days before her IC mother found her there. (That's what the person explained to me as her backstory) Shes a 5 year old white girl. That's the level of RP most of these kids have.
  5. If your point was to use that articlec as "proof" of new cars breaking down, please read it more carefully. "We buy about 80 cars a year and this is the first time in memory that we have had a car that is undriveable before it has finished our check-in process. " "We encountered other problems with a Karma press car that visited the track for a few hours, and we have heard of problems at press events. In addition, we see that some owners are experiencing a variety of issue " It was a very experiemental hybrid car from a NEW company which was only in production for a year. Its a shit car from a shit manufracturer assembled like shit. Their cars broke down for those reasons, but its stupid to assume other manufacturers would have the same problems.
  6. Nese

    [Age Rules] - Revise

    Only time I have ran into one of these children was when my IC employee brought their five year old kid to work. They even had a picture of someones real child in their /look and that disturbed me greatly. After the kid asked their IC mother "What's a condom?" I swiftly removed myself from that RP and have avoided kids ever since. I believe owl already limits characters with mental disabilities, I think child characters should be included in this rule.
  7. Having a RS hauler with no intention to RP crashing into someone is a different subject than having the server RANDOMLY decide that it's time for me to RP an overheating engine.
  8. I thought this was a RP server!!!!!!! Not a statwhore server!!11??!
  9. Absolutely no. Forced RP results in bad RP.
  10. This is pretty much how BoTS sells vehicles these days and it has worked just fine.
  11. Yes, welcome to city traffic. It's not made to be an enjoyable cruise at the farmland.
  12. Unneccessary addition for something which is already a shitshow of confusing rules. No from me.
  13. This is not specified in the rules, and even the admin ingame told me that you need supervision. If this is already the case, adding a single line to the rules section would clear all confusion.
  14. Rule Discussion Subject: Vehicle Robbery - Revise I want to...: Revise Elaboration: Current vehicle robbery rules not very detailed and are as follows: Vehicle robbery means vehicles which are broken into and have the contents inside stolen. They do not require the owner to be online and are treated like faction or government property robberies, however, government vehicles require permission from an administrator to be broken into. Current rules lack any mention about vehicles which have been left unlocked. It has come to my attention that because there's no mention about unlocked doors, the rules about breaking into an unlocked vehicles are very vague. Here's an example of property break ins/robbery: "If administrative intervention is necessary to complete a robbery or theft, such as unlocking a door that was kicked in, it must adhere to the following rules and needs administrative approval. If a door was left open for example and you just walked in, you do not need to follow the rules below or approval." I have also had an admin confirm throught F1 that if the door of a property is unlocked, it's not concidered a break-in and you require no supervision. I would like this line to be added into the Vehicle Robbery section as well. It makes no sense that you can break into a home and steal anything you want with no supervision, if the door is unlocked, but the same doesn't apply with a vehicle. Vehicle break ins already take a long ass time, cutting off the required supervision from already unlocked vehicles could potentially speed up the process. Here's an admin confirming in game that you can not do that (Name censored) "Admin ***** *** *** has accepted your report (#3) at 15:58, Please wait for him/her to contact you. You were reporting *** *** ***Reason: If I find a unlocked car, can I steal stuff from it if I rp it but without admin permission? PM From (** *** ** **): Nope, still requires admin supervision."
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