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  1. lopexsw

    Mapping help!

    That was old interior v2, but this one is the ABSALUTELY NEW FRICKIN' INTERIOR with all the tips and guides I got here and few other places! Enjoy:
  2. lopexsw

    Mapping help!

    Okay, thanks for the samp explanation... Here is my FIRST EVER mapping attempt. It is suppostu be my chemical labratory type of place, for my organization... Not here though :| I think it's good, but idk... So please tell me your thots! Link to imgur album:
  3. lopexsw

    Mapping help!

    @Platinum Yeah, I would understand you.. That helped! I get it how you do it, you just get large pieces of roofs or anything to use, but let's say I have 3 rooms in a row. Such as: +++ +beeing the rooms. How can I get the middle rooms walls if the whole house will block the other 2 rooms? And also I heard people using like samp objects in mta, but then if you get them for yourself, how would you place it on a server?
  4. lopexsw

    Mapping help!

    @AJTPI I thought of that too, but how would I make a like multiple room interior if one of the walls in the house is a different house? Can I like CUT OUT a piece of a object? I doubt it... I'm confused. Also if I change the size of a object, the hitbox that you touch, stays the same... So if you shrink a house, you can't still go on top of it, since the hitbox is like 10 times the size I have the house.
  5. lopexsw

    Mapping help!

    Whell, I'm new around here... Like just registered. Thing is, I just started mapping a few days ago and I wanted to make a interior, but I can't find any of the walls and floors, that I see in these great videos of good mappers. Can someone please show me how to get them? Examples: Etc.
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