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  1. @JayZawack the rp elitists we talked about
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Idlewood Pawn Shop, South of Pizza Stacks. Description: A great location for a new business initiative. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $10,000 Minimum Increase: $2,000 Buyout: $30,000 Auction ends: 18/03 Contact Information: To be given to the winner. Comments both OOC and IC are disabled.
  3. God bless Jorge, the infamous cartel hitman gangbanger
  4. In 2003 the notorious Guasave Aztecas XIII, led by Ismael “Shadow” Barajas began to push their way into becoming the most feared organisation in Sinaloa. Known for their ruthlessness, the group was suspected to be the cause of over 300 deaths in the space of a three years, 50 of which were Police Officers. The group focused on extortion, gambling along with drug and Weapon distribution, with many members targeting other gangs in order to secure different turfs that they could operate from. Aguayo “Seven” Damian, Ismael's right hand kept the organisation running by being the face of the group, issuing orders and personally torturing those who dared to try betray the group, his most notable method would leave the person with three large cuts on their cheek that branded them as traitor. In 2010 Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel Villarreal one of the leaders of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel was killed in a military raid in Guadalajara's suburbs, Coronel killed a soldier and wounded another before being shot. The Military gave a statement stating that they found guns, two hand grenades and $7 million in cash at the house where Coronel was killed. Due to the death of Ignacio, Ismael decided to attempt to take over his operations, this move ended with Ismeal receiving a promotion within the Cartel and therefore spending more time away from the gang. In 2014 an injunction was placed on the group after several members were caught during a raid on several houses and warehouses that group were operating from. The group lost a good percentage of members who were facing charges ranging from drug trafficking, Vandalism and even murder, with forensics linking other members to many unsolved cases within Sinaloa. After an emergency meeting by the leaders of the group it was decided that Aguayo would move his set to Los Santos with the hope of rebuilding the reputation they once had but under the name of Seville Boulevard Locotes XIII. Seville Boulevard Locotes XIII also referred to as ‘Eight’ had several morales that the members were to follow: Respect every member of the group, no matter what rank they were everyone counted as family. Disputes were to be settled by fists only. Anyone who raised a firearm to a fellow member without having the go ahead from a high up member would face being kicked from the gang and having a cross cut into each cheek to show they were not to be trusted. CK Clause: You are liable to be CK’d by faction leaders (Or upon the orders of faction leaders) if you do the following: Betray the gang and ‘snitch’ on other members. Are seen to cause actual issues within the gang such as robbing other members, threatening them etc. Members are meant to work together, not against. Bring negative attention to the gang - Such as shooting LSPD, doing deals in the hood, or attacking innocent people without a valid reason. (( Shoutout to @Vubstersmurf for helping me set up the faction thread.))
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