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    Cars, Girls, Cigarettes and beer :)

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    Cleetus Cassidy|Hillbilly Car enthusiast and mechanic
    Billy Winston |Hillbilly car enthusiast
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  1. Name-Little Jimmy Jackson, who jacks up his Bronco Offer-Buyout, bye.... @AverageLad
  2. @Dylanjeter1 We will meet up rigt now, sorry about that on the phone....
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle http://www.integratyper.org/jdm/rides/1999nbp-ire/pictures/pic2.jpg Year: 1999 Make: Acura Model: Integra LS VIN: 4197 Mileage: 200 Description: For sale by MESpedwaySociety - Honda Integra, 1999 Model, Type R body kit, runs great, perfect project car, reliable, good mpg, taken care of, 16 speakers premium pioneer sound sistem, new tires, rims 16 inc aluminum 6 spoke rims. ((no IC photo cuz im stupid and deleted all programs that can make IGM pics, dont have camera ic, and car is basically black uranus)) Image
  4. Name - Winston Performance Text - Call me at 662494 in about one hour to discuss the meet up.
  5. Name - Winston Performance Offer - Buyout
  6. Sadly sold BMW 318i, 1994 model year (one from the profile picture) 85kw (115hp) 400.000km (German Inreliability? Hmmmm) Sprort Exhaust Pioneer Headunit Now mine Alfa Romeo 147 88kw (120hp) 200.000km Sport Exhaust JVC Aftermarket stereo w/ 10 HQ speakers
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