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  1. You are the winner (( send me a pm to retrieve the house ))
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: East Los Santos Car Wash Description: Large place for a clean businessman, comes with two gates and has a Huuuuuge parking lot, garage is decently large and the doors inside is of quality. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 50.000 Minimum Increase: 5000 Buyout: 120.000 Auction ends: 25.04.19 Contact Information: Will Be given to the winner
  3. @noskill You have won the auction, Send me a message through PM's to get the car
  4. (( Calm your tits i told you that you just won ))
  5. (( Yeah you are the winner calm down its just a game ))
  6. ((Sure idc too be honest hah)) @Andreww Has won the auction
  7. ((in that case i think Rafgangar won tho :/))
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