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  1. You know it's just basically gonna be someone singing over text, just like in the Ariana Grande event, and only last for a couple hours or so, thats a thing you can do everyday. a flood event would last a few days and would be much more fun.
  2. BBQ and Musical Event on the Beach Oh, so just a basic ricer car meet with someone singing over text, Ariana Grande event part two.
  3. No, it wouldn't raise the server's activity. You really think people care that much about in-game money? Some do, but most care about the RP quality, this is another suggestion for statwhores.
  4. gl dont get this ckd in a month too
  5. If the bike would've been destroyed, and your character hit a pole with more than 60KM/h speed, how did your character get up in under five minutes without a scratch on him? Also it's a Harley Davidson, not a car. It weights a fuckton so I heavily doubt it would spin around like that, just talking about realism here. If the bike was shattered, why didnt you describe the damages in /do or inform us about it with a PM or something? Instead you come here. Situation was already resolved with an administrator, so feel free to report on UCP.
  6. Faction scene there is ten times better so you dont know what you talking about.
  7. eoozy

    One word, go!

    turpa kiinni
  8. როგორ ხართ, ბოზებო?



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    2. Ambidextrous


      i have pistaleti.,,,, jebem syki523632 sykki :D:D:d sykkii hvin joo :D;DSGFASD:"# maissilastuja


      hei missä sitä vadelma riisifruttia

    3. eoozy


      maistuu vissiin täs mun aivastus öhöm

    4. Ambidextrous


      tää on mun aivastus


  9. Shooting cops isnt proper illegal RP.
  10. yall should join a faction before creating one but good luck
  11. Credits to @klippan for the face
  12. eoozy

    ERP - ESEX

    I esex with my homie @DrJoseEviI
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