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  1. Name: TR1PLE$IX V0NN1E Comment: fire dog keep it up ­čöą
  2. Street gangs could become official, but most street gangs just go ahead and sell firearms to make easy money, which is not realistic at all for a street gang.
  3. If she has so much contacts, why is she hanging with some lowlife gangbangers?
  4. *The following image would be posted on user TR1PLE$IX V0NN1E's mystory, only the people on his friend list can view it.*
  5. You know physical features mean like for example; if you're skinny, fat, muscular or something along those lines.
  6. Physical´╗┐´╗┐ Features: You c´╗┐a´╗┐n't read my body language, she'd be *Unpredictable*, Athl´╗┐etic body type, You couldn't resist but look and stare´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐she walks by.´╗┐´╗┐ nigga what
  7. Wright DTO: Mattias Hadley Clevon Hamilton (Face and tattoos by klippan) VillainZ (Second face by klippan)
  8. Like the way they speak in teamspeak while ingame, smells like MG to me.
  9. Timestamps on where you're seen:
  10. Oh and you're lying too? Lying and a trolling administrator. Everyone can see you in most of the videos, or then you just have something wrong with your eyes.
  11. Yeah totally not trolling at all. You go to a violent gang territory. Park your car on the sidewalk like a retard, and start saying stupid shit like "ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY" and then just drive off because that's hilarious. Also you allow them just to do them trollish /statuses as can be seen on the picture above. "BECAUSE IM NOT THERE" Yeah good excuse.
  12. Then why aren't you telling them to stop? You're an administrator.
  13. Let's not act like RPing a white takes any skill.
  14. so you gonna remove neon and keep queenc
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