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  1. You can buy a vehicle IRL without having a license.
  2. he's too busy rping in german lsrp
  3. You see this and MANY other factions have been inactive for a month or two, or even more. They're called the Faction Team for a reason, for like example The Yokel Mafia is a official faction and is supposed to be a big group, but only a couple of them active. The FT should be L&Aing the inactive factions, but I think they're too scared or something. Wouldn't be surprised though, they gave the established to Hoodlums, one of the worst factions ever, street gang selling guns, shooting cops and robbing. They was also rulebreaking constantly and had been punished, but even then FT didnt take up to it. Until it was reported to UAT.
  4. Wondering if the FT is really just not L&Aing these inactive factions, like this. Just so it would look like the server has an active faction scene, when it does not.
  5. You know it's just basically gonna be someone singing over text, just like in the Ariana Grande event, and only last for a couple hours or so, thats a thing you can do everyday. a flood event would last a few days and would be much more fun.
  6. BBQ and Musical Event on the Beach Oh, so just a basic ricer car meet with someone singing over text, Ariana Grande event part two.
  7. No, it wouldn't raise the server's activity. You really think people care that much about in-game money? Some do, but most care about the RP quality, this is another suggestion for statwhores.
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