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  1. [Multiple Vehicles] AMG Heaven [ENDS 23/03/2018]

    Name: yeah Bid: Buyout on the 2007 Mercedes
  2. [YouTube] YXNG DXYZO$ - LIKE I'M KOBE

    Name: AntJr Comment: lit as fuck nigga! keep it going 🔥👌
  3. 2016 Mercedes-Benz GL450

    Name: V Bid: Starting
  4. Antwon Washington Jr.

    16 year old Antwon Before 2010 when crime somehow stabilized for the citizens of Compton, California, life was certainly known to be a bit of a rollercoaster. Walking down the street you never exactly knew what you would see, or who you would walk into. Everyone seemed to know each other, and that was no different for Antwon Washington Jr. Born in 2002 to two loving parents, things appeared pretty simple to those who walked past the small house on the street. Yet if you decided to pay attention to the quaint house, you would realise things weren’t what they seemed. Alcohol played a large part in the beginning of Antwon’s life, with his mother choosing the bottle over being an actual parent, often drinking to even get up in the morning whilst her child cried his eyes out for attention. Meanwhile Antwon’s father was often out on apparent business, coming back late at night blurry eyed and stinking of smoke. Money pushed onto the table before he slumped down on the chair, asleep. Despite this, Antwon enjoyed life, he made good friends on the streets and soon learned how to survive without his parents. At the age of 14 he began to get into trouble with the local police, after throwing stones off a bridge onto cars, Antwon experienced his first weekend in a cell. His Father eventually pulled himself together to collect him from the station, saying nothing aside from giving Antwon a clip around the ear and a ‘Don’t get caught next time’, comment. Shrugging it off, Antwon realised the sense of adrenaline he got from running from the police previously, was addicting. So he began to see just how much he could get away with, stealing anything he could grab within reach from the corner shops, and even had a small joy ride in a car before ditching it when he crashed it into a bush. After spending a few months in Juvenile prison for attempted armed robbery with a knife, Antwon’s family ended up getting evicted from their home due to not paying rent, therefore Antwon found himself on the streets. He tried doing anything he could to survive, even stabbing an elderly homeless man who was acting funny with him. Unfortunately this only ended up causing more problems for Antwon, and he ended up hitchhiking to get out of Compton in fear of being caught by law enforcement. Eventually he found himself stepping off a truck in Los Santos, with nothing but a backpack over his shoulders, a few dollars and his phone. Looking around he told himself that things would now be different. That now he would make something of himself unlike his parents. For better or for worse. He wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. Credits to @Vubstersmurf for the story.
  5. [WSHH & Youtube] Bankroll Baby - R.I.P

    Name: youngvon Comment: litty 🔥
  6. 200 Gamecoins

    very nice send me coin
  7. The server time is 2 or 3 hours late. But it doesnt mean the forums I think? Not sure what the timezone is on forums.
  8. The bid was over six hours ago, they bidded an hour late (I guess). So I won?
  9. [YouTube] MONEY N' BITCHES (Ft. WolfCub)

    Name: nobody Comment: who gave you the nigga pass

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