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  1. eoozy

    [Website] www.RichardBingham.org

    Name: fuck your mom! Comment: FUCK YOU BITCH GTA MONY GLICH
  2. Name: Gentleman Comment: This car has the lookings of the very nice, modelligng is very nice but did you know Paul Walker died driving a car! CARS ARE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!
  3. eoozy

    Almighty Vice Lords

    Would be nice to see something else than just guns
  4. Its ok most of them are statwhore rshaulers
  5. eoozy

    [Items] - Silenced Firearms

    Expect ur not allowed to build gun/attachments of those in owl
  6. eoozy

    [Items] - Silenced Firearms

    Where you gonna get a silencer that fits bigger guns
  7. eoozy

    [General] - Scriped drug-test

    if someone rp's snorting 5 grams of cocaine gonna report and push for ck
  8. eoozy

    San Andreas Action news

    > say that you can chainlock a bike thats in the middle of the road by pressing K
  9. eoozy

    Taxi - Yellow Cab Co.

    dont see point rping this when no-one cant even see this
  10. eoozy

    eoozy's shit skins vol 1

    Lil Cambodia Recordz: 'JAH' 'TOMMY GUN' 'UMEZAKI' Updating later

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