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  1. I'd rather play in MTA than GTAV imo, if it had an active playerbase.
  2. [UCP] Disabled stat transfers on V until CKs become well supported on V Stat-transfers shouldn't be a thing anyway, but yeah a lot of statwhores would be crying after they get their precious character killed if there was no way to transfer your assets.
  3. /ame is definitely needed anyway, if ur doing something and want to avoid possible MG, you should be able to /ame.
  4. Screens would look much better without those effects, but that's just my opinion.
  5. eoozy

    The Pyrite Metal Minds

    First set of screens here finally
  6. In-game character faceclaims would work, better than seeing everyone with model faceclaims.
  7. The clothing shop dont have the same things as the character creation either, some are missing
  8. eoozy


    The server has annoying bugs and crashes but it's still just the second day, and it's in a beta. I've still had good roleplay anyway, it's probably gonna be even better when they get the bugs and crashes sorted out + new features.
  9. Yeah for sure, and make it so you don't have to pay five grand or more like in any other server
  10. eoozy


    Too bad MTA roleplay is dead itself, it was a good run
  11. Username: yami sukehiro Comment: initial d is better you fucking beaner
  12. They probably gonna expand somewhere if the server does good (?)
  13. Doubt we ever gonna expand to LS because it's huge
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