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  1. Yeah, you don't understand, the narrative was that we were going to kidnap him so that we wouldn't have any competiton on the gun dealing market, and we just bought our time until he unintentionateley disregarded, that's how it went. The ck reason was pretty weak imo.
  2. i think it would be an improvement to the server to have something like what LEGACY had, the graffiti system was pretty good because not only did the gang territories look a lot more.. you know.. gang-owned, but you could also put, say, leaflets on the walls and such, or maybe paint windows on a house, its' a good thing to have generally.
  3. not gonna lie to you it's pretty sad but some people see the humour in it
  4. thanks for the kind words leader of the owlgaming saints row faction, lmao you got official branded gang gear "le almighty saints xD"
  5. I'm the executioner ((Timur Israilov)) , I want to ask that they be un-CK-ed as the situation was a little forced, we were buying our time until either disregarded their life and then we went out and did it, @Lyov can testify. I was the one who wanted to go out and do this but now I see the CK is unnecessary. CodyMody was just spamming /b, he didn't really have a direct involvement in it. I approve of the un-CK. @Koji Good luck!
  6. Let's get this shoa on the road.
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