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  1. Just restrict the usage of Pay N Sprays to one hour at a time
  2. Ruffles97

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  3. Now even the admin admits he was aware the player was powergaming to "prevent MG". In this context "prevent MG" also means prevent anyone else a chance to react. I stand by the fact there should have been a /status or the gun should have been in his hand scriptwise, as physically pushing the gun against Wade is indeed something someone may have noticed if they passed by or weren't there at the time of the /me (like Zebby, the cop, said he wasn't). You don't get to by-pass the rules to "prevent MG". That's just a give away you were roleplaying to win/powergaming and not being fair. The roleplay wasn't to CK standards and the admin involved is a trial admin who has made questionable decisions in the past. I have nothing further to say and await the input of a non-involved non-trial admin.
  4. You're admitting to not using /status or having the gun in your hand script-wise to deceive those around you, with the excuse that you are trying to avoid other people meta-gaming. I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to skirt around the rules like that. Your roleplay indicated you were physically pushing the gun against my characters stomach (something that's not exactly subtle) and you gave nobody around an indication that you were doing it besides a /me at one brief moment in time. It seems like power-gaming to me. CK situations are supposed to have the highest quality standard of role-play and this never did. Nobody around had a chance to react to the guy holding out his gun and pushing it against my character's stomach.
  5. It doesn't matter what your friend wrote in /me. They never signified to anyone at all other than me what was happening. There should have been a /status like "Covertly pointing a gun under his coat at Wade" or he should have had the gun in his hand script-wise so there would be at least some element of fairness. The CK was valid for disregard but the guy powergamed the gun thing. Unless it's an invisible gun it would look at least a little bit suspicious. The only indication you were willing to give of what was going on to anyone other than me was one /me at one specific point in time for an interaction that lasted a lot longer than the duration of you typing the /me. The cop that pulled up even admits he never even had a chance to see what was happening.
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