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  1. congratz yoow and question is... where is @SexyStakk foo???
  2. i met the finest hyna at the pluga

  3. breaaaaaaaaaaad
  4. its two different platforms, why would you keep the ban record
  5. basically this, and i bet people gonna play owl v since theres a much better server than owl in ragemp in general so gg
  6. lmao you still think thats gonna happen
  7. its too late, staff been banning and cking players for shit reasons and without solid evidence and just adding on top, if you made it to one of the UATs lap then youre blessed with power
  8. damn people really have faith in owl
  9. this aint gonna bring the playerbase back damn calm down
  10. theres only 1 beta tester hmmm
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