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  1. Uh I was so close, can I have one plz?
  2. Waited all this long.. Finally time has come
  3. *THE INFORMATION YOUR ABOUT TO GATHER HERE IS OFF BOUNDS FOR IC. YOU CAN USE INFORMATION ICly ONLY IF ME OR THE LEADERS ALLOWS YOU TO DO SO* ??? ℍ???? ?? ????? M***** finally had left the church he grew up in. Finally he was free from torment, only to head to the next one. He was only fifteen when he committed his first crime, a shoplift. During this action he accidentaly shot a nun he knew in panic and on the street and he earned the infamous nick of ?? ???????
  4. Wish to see you guys more on Idlewood! Is this still going on by the way?
  5. Good lucks! Hope you guys still rolling.
  6. Yep! We do if you remember clearly bro.
  7. "A new approach to Human-Rights" Fortress was fount on 23.06.2019. This movement is the legal approach about the immigrant issues and fellow Americans who share different colors of skin. Fortress is committed for the society, a society to help and protect each other. Fortress reaches out to every human being that resides on the earth. As the name states out, Fortress is a family with strong bonds and it is here for everyone! Our Community aims for a society which works with each other, the members of Community gets picked neatly. We aim for a clean Commun
  8. May I ask what times do you check the Un-ban request appeals? It is forwarded to you by @Lartsa and I been waiting for two to three days already... Or more? I am not sure.

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