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  1. Street Dragons is a group of organized crimes that lies in Little Seoul This organization was fount by a man called Han Hongya. He has some underbosses that he never states their names until you become a part of their organization. This organization's roots lie all the way back to Han's time that he spent in Hong Kong during the 2000s. Han Hongya was a man of Triad during his time in China. In China, Han tried to achieve more power in Triad and got on the nerves of the Triad. He was asked to commit 'Six Holes' suicide or give away one of his fingers and move to Los Santos in the name of Triad. He started to create a network of exporting black market items on the streets on gun and drug wise. It is rumored that Street Dragons works for Triad and they are a part of it. Street Dragons generally be seen with thug-wise pop-culture clothing on streets except for two or three men that stand out with their suits which are rarely seen on the streets. This little cute Korean Neighborhood is contested by some shady Chinese people. And by time Street Dragons came to be known in the area. Each day, the hood that Street Dragons live in gets populated more by Chinese people. Over time, different gangs and underground organizations started to become aware of this faction. They are becoming more popular each day in the District. Thanks to @LeNova for his graphical help on this thread. Even though he insisted alot to remove my great looking edits... Still thanks for his work. Faction CK Clauses: Those who associate with the faction may be CKd by leadership because of the following rules: 1) Provoking members of the faction. We need our members to be loyal to each other. 2) Betraying the faction. 3) Attracting unwanted attention by Government Factions. P.s. Feel free to put screenshots in the comments as long as you Roleplay with us, but make sure to speak with leadership and ask their permission before posting them.
  2. May I ask what times do you check the Un-ban request appeals? It is forwarded to you by @Lartsa and I been waiting for two to three days already... Or more? I am not sure.

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