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  1. Thank you kardeş alot. We will 😉
  2. "A new approach to Human-Rights" Fortress was fount on 23.06.2019. This movement is the legal approach about the immigrant issues and fellow Americans who share different colors of skin. Fortress is committed for the society, a society to help and protect each other. Fortress reaches out to every human being that resides on the earth. As the name states out, Fortress is a family with strong bonds and it is here for everyone! Our Community aims for a society which works with each other, the members of Community gets picked neatly. We aim for a clean Community as most of the members get picked from the people who seek low priced residences and that is why we live in Idlewood. Yes, our Community is located in Idlewood, on the intersection of Grove Street and Washington Street. Come and give us a visit, we are waiting for fellow white people who seek residence! * * *Rest will be visible to permitted people via Matthew Fields* * * "A new approach to Neo-Nationalism" Welcome Brothers and Sisters. Yours welcomed here with all your beliefs. We are as well disgusted from those worms and the poisons, so called drugs, they brought to our great nation! Come and find us, follow the rumors you hear about Fortress in the Idlewood. We lay right in the enemy zone, ready to go and erase those mongrels off the streets as soon as possible. But don't get it wrong, we are not a bunch of rednecks who runs outside to shoot those mongrels and get caught. We are committed to clean America from those vile creatures and we will do it step by step. Seek for us and we will find you. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" -88- In memory of Tucker Flynn Place of where a hero fell ------------------------------------------- OOC INFO
  3. May I ask what times do you check the Un-ban request appeals? It is forwarded to you by @Lartsa and I been waiting for two to three days already... Or more? I am not sure.

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