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  1. callumjeff

    Ku Klux Klan of San Andreas Sub-Group.

    name: realjeff comment: hey u stole my fuckin username on this bumass website dude give me ur password plz
  2. callumjeff

    Manny Evening News

    just the shit server lol. x
  3. callumjeff

    Manny Evening News

    This just in, zany black man goes for a cruise skeeting down Alanwood, has a run in with the law for provoking some sweaty minge. (dont admin jail me) It appears that he is caught riding a Harley Davidson purchased down near El Corona with a vehicle token. He bamboozled the stonker riding round a house twice and the mong tried to have him bailed. Mans got away...
  4. hapy birthday remake ur mc faction it was sick bro

    1. Show previous comments  1 more


      Pythons x Hornets

    3. dykekerk


      Pyrnets :Think:

    4. callumjeff


      failcakez more like failmong get off my status u gimp NOW

  5. callumjeff

    Manny Evening News

    fucc a san lameteen ace st aint shit on crip we hold this shit down son spare us a fag
  6. callumjeff

    Manny Evening News

    cheers big ears x
  7. callumjeff

    Manny Evening News

    Manny Evening News is a small company founded in 2017. It's still 2017 and the company is growing. Mans assisted by his scoop team and make news. Manny Evening News is rivaling San Andreas News and have had past street wars on who has stole a car at pizza stack. WIP.
  8. callumjeff

    Congratulations to 100 year old Finland!

    cant believe finland was discovered 100 years ago mental that. well done geography. shoutout to talking tom sat nav
  9. callumjeff


    no you polish mong im not banned
  10. callumjeff


    using third person to peek corners, no /ame or /me indicating that he is spying on them slaps his bind button to pull out deag, use the power of the mouse wheel to scroll that shit headshots someone and slaps his bind to put it away. yeah. thats what u record on this server. u show good roleplay mate.
  11. callumjeff

    GAT Update - December 1st, 2017

    ur proper funny u never heard of that 1 before
  12. callumjeff

    GAT Update - December 1st, 2017

    get rid of joe but add a retard. ok.
  13. callumjeff

    It's december again...

    hey look its a bunch of sad mongs
  14. callumjeff

    Will you be there?

    could just merge the pb with gta.w already done on there, and being actively updated. take all our next-gen players over there cos they dont have a pb as it is, gathering around 35-50 peak. could easily make it 100.

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