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  1. SexyStakk

    West Grove Wheelers (EBK)

    Mans speaking the truth
  2. SexyStakk

    [Dinoco] 2009 BMW E70 X5 xDrive48i [ENDS: 19/05/2018]

    Name: GGG Bid: Buyout
  3. SexyStakk

    Cars, Toyota Supra, BMW E34 M5 12/5/2018

    Name: GG Bid: Starting on Vehicle #2
  4. SexyStakk

    [SOLD] Car - 2010 BMW F11 535D [ENDS: 01/05/2018]

    Name: IDK Bid: $15.000
  5. SexyStakk

    Car - 1994 Supra Toyota [ENDS: 29/04/2018]

    Name: Doctor Bid: $19.000
  6. SexyStakk

    [Instagram] @MisterRangeQ

    (( Interesting idea ))
  7. SexyStakk

    [SOLD] Car - Four Vehicles [ENDS: 25th April 2018]

    Name: HValt Bid: $11.000 on #4
  8. SexyStakk

    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    There are pros and cons to this idea, however, no from me. Not enough people roleplay mechanics nor they know how to fix their vehicle. But its a good idea.
  9. SexyStakk


    Might be fun. Best of luck
  10. Auction end date: April 13, 2018 10:00 ((In-Game Time) (( How he won the auction if it didin't end ))
  11. SexyStakk

    San Andreas Rally Series

    Name: Flack Comment: Interesting. Folowing this for sure.
  12. SexyStakk

    SUV - 2007 Hummer H3 [SOLD]

    Name: GDOUBLEOD Bid: Starting

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