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  1. Week later when all cars will be hotwired, everyone will be able to steal them so easily due this script. no
  2. 7. punish people who bought 1000000kg guns and ammo with their CCWP past days "to make sure I'm stocked with guns in apocalypse"
  3. gonna make will smith survival skin and get queenc as a dog
  4. If people having fun, why not? Let them play like that. We can all agree that MTA isn't played seriously anymore due obvious reasons.
  5. Moving to LS is high risk, high reward task. GTA 5 Los Santos is bigger than GTA:SA. This move will make the RP zone even more dead due PB staying almost the same or it goes successfully and PB increases and everyone is happy. Players will still say the server is dead with 50 players in Los Santos due the size of it. They just need to accept that LS will be bigger.
  6. Jokes aside, lowkey it would save the server with this
  7. owl fallout 76 server ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  8. You can make the chat longer lmao, just play with IG settings
  9. At this moment all I can see is you are making nonsense. You don't even read what you write.
  10. Pretty much sums everything up.
  11. cause its rp server not script server
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