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  1. You can make the chat longer lmao, just play with IG settings
  2. At this moment all I can see is you are making nonsense. You don't even read what you write.
  3. Pretty much sums everything up.
  4. cause its rp server not script server
  5. Pretty decent. Enjoy
  6. what dxrk said. This slowly turning into gtaw type shit with all those suggestions
  7. LS is much bigger than in GTA:SA universe. This would make server even more empty.
  8. People would still call out that as an OOC thing due whatever reason. Because like @Vubstersmurf said above: However I fully understand @DrJoseEviI. People just like to hate and throw random statements that are not even real, but rather made up. Great that you made this thread to clear everything.
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