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  1. The Grajales Familia

  2. The Grajales Familia

  3. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    ★ Demond Williams takes a seat on the couch as he sinks into it. [English] Rafael Howard says: She's juss' a friend. [English] Jayden King says: Haa. [English] Jayden King says: Fo'sho. ★ Jayden King gazes at Demond. [English] Jayden King says: Who you be, dog? [English] Rafael Howard says: Me? [English] Jayden King says: Nah, this other nigga. ★ Demond Williams sucks his teeth as he glances at Jayden. [English] Demond Williams says: Dee. [English] Jayden King says: Deez nuts? [English] Demond Williams says: 2015 called, they want their joke back. [English] Jayden King says: Chill, nigga. ★ Jade Everet inspects the situation with a bit confused and disgusted facial expression. ★ Clevon Hamilton slides himself near the table, dropping the contects from the baggie, on the table. ★ Demond Williams glances at Jade as he eyes her facial expression, sucking his teeth as he glares to his drink in the glass. ★ Jade Everet lays back in couch more comfortably. ★ Demond Williams lifts the glass to his lips, taking few sips before laying down. ★ Clevon Hamilton takes out his card, moving the cocaine into more straight lines with it. ★ Clevon Hamilton pockets the card, taking out a dollar bill. ★ Demond Williams inhales deeply as he glares at Jade, eyeing her for a second before glancing back to Von'. ★ Clevon Hamilton would roll the bill, then placing it on the line of cocaine, placing his left nostril on the bill, closing his other nostril. ★ Clevon Hamilton closes his eyes, sniffing the cocaine in his nose as he moves the bill to the end of the line. [English] Demond Williams says: That went deep haha. [English] Clevon Hamilton says: Woah, damn. [English] Clevon Hamilton says: Elf, chill lets talk about this. [English] Demond Williams says: Bruh. [English] Demond Williams says: Put that gun down. [English] Clevon Hamilton says: Hes trying to shoot me. [English] Clevon Hamilton says: Had to get a gun. [English] Demond Williams says: Nigguh. ★ Clevon Hamilton throws the gun at the kitchen. [English] Clevon Hamilton says: Got Elf. [English] Clevon Hamilton says: He got knocked out.
  4. Name: WhatTheFuck? Comment: What the fuck?
  5. Name: Lil'Broski Comment: Holla holla get the dolla', Fire!!
  6. Prince Zarbon from Xerios Three

    Already love this
  7. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    "Welcome to the wonderland"
  8. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    Parental Advisory Explicit Content
  9. Leopard Squad

    I want to see how it will work in Owlgaming. Looks really interesting.

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