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  1. She say she can deal with that
    But she still want it from the back🤔

    1. EDR
    2. Lartsa


      see edr, I've been wondering the purpose of life when reading these kind of status updates that make no sense what so fucking ever. Maybe he's just trying to express how fucking edgy he is. Or then there is something bigger involved.

    3. EDR



  2. SexyStakk

    Ganton Youth 1226

    Chat is a bit big, I know, will fix it on next screens
  3. SexyStakk

    Owlgaming Logs

    @Lartsa Thanks, now it's working
  4. SexyStakk

    Owlgaming Logs

    This method works but I wanted with the font. Will try it.
  5. SexyStakk

    Owlgaming Logs

    Just tried that. Same thing.
  6. SexyStakk

    Owlgaming Logs

    Hey, so basically I came into small problem. Whenever I go to mta > mods > deathmatch > resources > owlgaminglogs > chatbox and take one of the logs file .html and I open it and this is what I see: > I've tried to open with another web browser > Tried to open with notepads but it just shows the script only > This happens to every file I try Any fix? *Update: Old files from 2018 Spring do work but the newer ones show me only black screen*
  7. SexyStakk

    [Vehicles] - /ame's for windows.

  8. SexyStakk

    OwlGaming - Slambook

    Name: Jaunius Age: 18 Country: Lithuania Time Playing OwlGaming: Nearly 2 years Favorite Player(s): Basically my friends Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: No idea Favorite Faction: HGC, Bratva, Morra's Favorite Faction Leader: Everyone is unique (ofc if they keep good rp standarts) Favorite GAT Member: Script, Vubster, Lartsa Favorite UAT Member: Everyone are good Favorite LEO Roleplayer: ??? Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: Serx, Lartsa, eoozy, FAILCAKEZ, Ambidextrous, senseidoge Best Legal Faction: Dinoco, Sparta Best Illegal Faction: HGC Favorite Weapon: Tec-9 What makes me play OwlGaming: Friends and factions What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: Many things What do you aim for in Owlgaming: New friends and have fun If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: Make more strict rules about shootouts and trolls
  9. SexyStakk

    Grupa Baltija

    I hope you bring some reputation to Baltic States. Luck will be needed.
  10. SexyStakk

    [YOUTUBE]: cops pulling over ed

    Name: RonnyMCCXXVI Comment: bruvh I didn’t get that, I’on speak wack hoe
  11. SexyStakk

    [YOUTUBE]: cops pulling over ed

    Name: RonnyMCCXXVI Comment: real ass niggha would pull up if aint scared HA, you the type who does bj's for clout hoe, delete your youtube acc cause you wack
  12. SexyStakk

    [YOUTUBE]: cops pulling over ed

    Name: RonnyMCCXXVI Comment: Who's this fake ass bruvh without name yo, i'm keepin ya on my scope naah i'm sayin? RATATATATA

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