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  1. Thread updated
  2. Good luck but doubt it's needed. Have fun with it my mans
  3. y' every gangbang' tak' laik' dis' now these days' foreal' mayne'
  4. Owl is alive











    haha april fools niggers xddddddd smd

  5. Name: Winner Comment: You have just won Iphone 6! Click here to receive it now! No scam!
  6. Name: Lyrics Inspector Comment: So beat is used by Playboy Carti - Magnolia. To add up, half of these lyrics are the same but the words are just changed. For example: So in conclusion I would say this is wannabe fake rapper who just steals the flow, some lyrics of other amazing artists and tries to get money through this method. Be original and stop copying artists. Thank you for attention. Case Closed.
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