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  1. Name:2019carsonly Comment: Wasn't this stolen?

  3. Don't be sad friend. Roleplay be like that sometimes.

  4. Ok listen up 🛑😤

     You have made it  this far 🤬🤬🤬

    we demand nothing but our mate's right 👲🤬

    we want 👲 @TheNeonGuy 👲 to have his e-mail fixed 📧📧

    and we want that to happen today 👇👇👇

    we 🦉gamers

    need your staff members 👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👦 to be effective ⛏️⚒️ as much as possible 😒

    to decrease the waiting time on reports 🕗🔃

    we now 👇 will do our casual stuff 🤗 and 👉

    demand justification 🤬

    of why this guy 👉👲👈

    haven't gotten his email fixed yet ⁉️‼️ 

    you have come across one of my cult members 🤬🤬 and this will not be tolerated ⚔️⚔️

  5. SexyStakk

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    this thread is gold
  6. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

  7. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

  8. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

  9. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

  10. SexyStakk

    515 Washington Block Piru

    Good luck, looks legit
  11. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

    She don't know why But all she knows Is that her youngest child Is a real gangsta now
  12. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

    Congrats. Well deserved!
  13. SexyStakk

    South Side Aztecas

  14. SexyStakk

    Tankyani Akhperutyun

    Sounds like long adventure awaits for you. Best of luck pal.

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