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  1. *Allison White walks with Sean Zhukov into the courtroom, Taking a seat beside him.*
  2. Name: Mahmoud Bid: Starting
  3. CommanderChef

    Residential - #2 Vice street [ENDS: 07/12/2018]

    Name: Mrs Zhukov Bid: Starting
  4. Happy bday bro

  5. CommanderChef

    LSIA Perms

    Need full perms for LSIA @Sergeant can confirm
  6. CommanderChef

    MT Update - Mid November 2018

    Is there a way to reinstate?
  7. Kept you waiting, huh?

  8. End of a mixed sad and happy experience. This is the where i stop in OwlGaming. Many of my goals haven't been reached, some i have reached, Met nice people and met horrible people. It makes me sad that i cannot keep up anymore with OwlGaming. Thanks to everyone who became my friend and thanks to those who hated me, you did a good deed by making me a great person. Goodbye.

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    2. Fernando16


      had goods times with you man


      peace <3

    3. Fuzion


      When i see you again oooooooo

    4. Script


      Stay in touch.

  9. CommanderChef

    [General] - Adding fuel tanker usability

    Ooooooh, that's a great one +1
  10. CommanderChef

    DCS Perms

    Can confirm
  11. CommanderChef

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    Will do, thanks.
  12. CommanderChef

    Dinoco Ltd - Aviation Imports

    Dinoco Aviation - Aircrafts/Seacrafts Dealership Dinoco Aviation are always taking importation requests. We are an aircraft/seacraft dealership which means that we import any airplanes/boats within the USA as long as they follow the import regulations. Vehicles usually arrive on the 1st and 15th of every month and they should be available for pickup after 12pm on their arrival days. You may apply for one (1) vehicle each import unless an exception is made. CURRENT IMPORT STATUS: OPEN Link for import application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco90OKnijT-ZxPEWG8viP4O4iw2__Ltb3v_18YvCpqfUq4NQ/viewform Legend: OPEN - Self explanatory, imports are open and will actively be looked at. Refer to second to last paragraph if you have any issues. SLOTS FULL/ON HOLD/CLOSED- Self explanatory, can vary, anyone with pending imports when slots fill up will be notified. Payment Information All payments are to be made before the import date*. Any exceptions made must be paid in full when retrieving your vehicles, any non-payments may result in a court case. Current Importation Fee: +15% of the original cars value on all vehicles under the price of $20,000 A set importation fee of $5,000 on vehicles priced between $20,000 - $49,999 A set importation fee of $10,000 on vehicles priced between $50,000 - $99,999 A set importation fee of $20,000 on vehicles priced between $100,000 - $199,999 A set importation fee of $30,000 on vehicles priced between $200,000 - $299,999 A set importation fee of 10% of the vehicle's value on vehicles priced over $300,000 Note: If your importation link stops working on the day of arrival, your importation request will automatically be DENIED. Import requests are reviewed on a three (3) day basis, if it takes longer than three days email Alice Grace at [email protected] and/or [email protected] (( Forum PM @Sergeant & @Renny )) to get the status of your order. This only applies to import requests made when imports are open. Return Policy; If you are dissatisfied with the vehicle you have imported then you may be able to return the vehicle to us within 24 hours of picking it up. There will be a $1,500 order cancellation fee if you wish to return the vehicle however. We may accept returns on vehicles within 15 days for a $2,500 fee. Refunds are given at the discretion of the employee. Refunds can only be approved by the COO, please email Valentin Payne & Dimitri Petrov to file a refund claim at [email protected] (( Forum PM @Script & @Renny )). Refunds will not include import fees. Failure to pick up vehicles; Failing to pick up your vehicles in ten (10) days after arrival will lead to a repossesion of your vehicle with no chance of a refund. Footnotes: *: Payment due date can be found in your invoice.

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