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  1. I never even heard or noticed these speed restrictions, any examples? Either way, support from me.
  2. Even though I do think that certain things for illegal factions need to be changed I dont really think this should be one of them. Also, if being a so called 'stat whore' means being afraid of getting robbed every week then yes I am definely one, because that shit would not realistically happen. As someone previously mentioned in this topic, the ratio of illegal vs legal characters is horrible. Why? Because this is a game, if someone wants to do legal shit they can do it irl, but no-one that's right in their mind will do major crimes irl which could fuck up their lives. With that being said I've got to admit that because I only recently started playing on this server a few weeks ago I dont really know what happens when you do give up your keys. Like, do you actually lose that vehicle or property? Either way, whatever the outcome to that question, it probably won't change my opinion, which is a simple no. Illegal roleplay shouldn't be all about robbing people, there's so many more possibilities, and tbh it's sad to see robberies being such a common thing. Even though they aren't included also a No for ATM cards. Personal skins could be removed from the list (not that people would really care about them) IF there was still a way to remove them from Dupont (so that you're not stuck with a used slot because a robber took your skin). Not really able to give an opinion on the faction related stuff as I'm not part of any faction yet.
  3. Yeah, fuck all the people who live in different timezones, or aren't able to play during the day because of work and / or school. It's a simple answer but that's also it. In my opinion it's common sense to have a requirement of having a minimum amount of cops online, I'm quite suprised no such requirement was in place already like with the firefighters for destroying property. We're not playing on a daily alternative of The Purge where authorities decide not to give a shit about what goes on during the night. Police would still be active during the night, and even if this rule gets implemented, there's always going to be less cops online during the night than there are during the day, so it'd remain the best time to perform a robbery. A requirement to have an administrator spectate the entire thing is pointless, though. Just make screens and make a report afterwards. I know that illegal roleplay has a lot of restrictions and I agree that some are pointless and can be removed, but this is actually a good suggestion.
  4. I've got to agree with many of the people here who'd like to see this rule being removed. It's useless and frankly I can imagine it preventing some people from creating IC sites because they dont feel like waiting for UAT permission which takes ages, and it's even stupid that you need to give them full permission for everything. Websites being used for ingame communications and possibly metagaming? Well, websites should be the least of your worries, lmao. Next thing you might want to get my account details for Skype or any other social / communicative networks to make sure they are clean as well? And why should there even be a difference between a PDF hosted on Dropbox and one hosted in Google Drive? It looks exactly the same! In fact, if I recall correctly, on Google Drive you could mark it private, so based on these rules that should even be worse than Dropbox considering admins wouldn't be able to check those private documents. If I missed something, feel free to correct me, but in my opinion those rules are just stupid.
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