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  1. Name: why Comment: So, in your terms, 'business' = 35k buyout for an 8k car, so basically scamming people like an Indian Tech Support worker.
  2. Name: why Comment: Lel, you literally just bought that thing from BoTS for like 8k. #whenyoucantkeepacarformorethan2minuteseeksdee
  3. Name: Ben Bid offer: 5,000 as starting
  4. Name: whoevencares Comment: Never rice again, my son.
  5. Name: lelthisisafuckingscam Bid: a rock from IGS Comment: Lel, retails for like 45k, nice.
  6. Name: Rachel Comment: To put it simply, if you don't actually do the auction, you're fucked.
  7. Name: Rachel Bid: 4k as starting? Comment: Know it's a bit late, but please?
  8. By the way, it's pretty hypocritical when you insult people for ruining auctions, when you do it yourself.
  9. @TutsMeisterWell, how? ((I ICly don't know how to actually contact you.))
  10. @JameZ (( The auction already ended, as far as I'm aware, or at least, according to the rules it should be.)) ((' Ending dates that do not provide a set time shall end immediately on that day (Auctions set to end on January 5th will end as soon as January 5th starts unless a time is otherwise set). '))
  11. Name: Rachel Bid: 22,000
  12. Name: Rachel Buyout Offer: Withdrawn Comment: Nevermind.
  13. Name: Rachel Bid: Starting Comment: Well, it was worth a try.
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