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  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trident Fisheries - Job Application. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello and welcome to Trident Fisheries Application Center. In order to submit your application for Trident Fisheries you need follow the step below. Copy the Form below. Go to the main page of Trident Fisheries or click HERE to return to the main page. Create a new topic and paste the copied Form in it. Make sure that the Title is: Trident Fisheries - Your Full Name - Job Application. Fill out the form with the correct information. Submit the form. Wait on Trident Fisheries to get back to you. We are looking forward hearing from you. - Good luck. Title: Trident Fisheries - Your Full Name - Job Application.
  2. People should be able to play without all the nice and fancy scripts. Yes they are great but reality is that currently we don’t have these scripts and there’s plenty of other things the development and scripters need to sort out first. And you should be able to RP even if there’s 10 people on the server. It’s sad to see people refusing to go online to RP just because they don’t see a half full player-base. How is the server supposed to get more players if everyone just refuse to log on just because the amount of players online doesn’t suit you? Come on people.. Get online, and get out there interacting with others. Develop your characters and have fun with friends. Its great to see the players and factions that is actually getting out there and RPing with each other despite not having the scripts etc they wish for. As for myself, I’m not online due to having a potato. Not much to do about that other than attempting to get a new PC. But for all of you who isn’t stuck with potato’s log online and interact with others. And you can always ask mates to join you.
  3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello and welcome to Trident Insurance Solutions. Here at Trident Insurance Solutions we offer you a lot of different House Insurances and Health Insurances. Our system makes it possible for you as our client to custom your own House Insurance, and Pick the Health insurance that suits you the most. We offer: Health Insurance: For everyone who wants to get an insurance. Business Health Insurance: For every business who wants to offer Health Insurance to their Employees. Hero Health Insurance: For Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department, Los Santos County Fire Department, etc.. House Insurance: For everyone who wants to get an insurance. Business Insurance: For everyone who wants to insure their business. Here is how you do it, you can do it in two ways, the first way would be to call and get a meeting with an Insurance Agent, the second way would be to fill out a format, submit it and wait for an Insurance Agent to get back to you. Below you will see a line of forms - You copy the form of the insurance you wish Once you found the correct insurance you got HERE to create a new Insurance Topic. Make sure that the topic name will be the Insurance name - your name for example Health Insurance Inquiry Request - Jane Doe You fill out the form accordingly to what Insurance that will fulfill your needs. Before you submit it make sure everything is correct. Submit it. Wait for an Insurance Agent to contact you. In order to gain The Business Insurance, The Business Health Insurance, or The Hero Health Insurance the Leadership of the agencies need to contact us at [email protected] ((Forum PM @QueenC & @Chaotropy)) By submitting an insurance Request, you agree and abide by the terms and policies of Trident Ltd & Trident Insurance Solutions, You acknowledge that your Insurance Inquiry Request may or may not be denied by Trident Insurance Solutions. You hereby authorize Trident Ltd & Trident Insurance Solutions to perform a background check that may include any investigations or inquiries of your company or personal, criminal, educational, health or any other relative matters necessary to conclude on an employment decision. You agree that all of the information submitted is valid and including false information in the submitted Insurance Inquiry Request may result in immediate denial and report to local authorities. Forms: Health Insurance Inquiry Request - Your Name House Insurance Inquiry Request - Your Name
  4. Username: Alexis DeLuca Comment: I’ve already asked the bartenders at The Hen House to help out. Let me know who turned up to help and who didn’t. Wish I could be there, this will be an amazing event!
  5. Alright well, as Chaos has said over and over again, the MTA server will be kept up as long as there's players who are interested in playing on the server. - So there's that. I can only speak for myself here, but sometimes people forget that staff got other stuff to do as well and can't be there 24/7. Sure you can debate that the admin team and UAT for example got more than 1 or 2 admins, but majority of the admins and UAT got family and work to focus on too, as we are only humans some are also dealing with illness etc. I for one hasn't been playing games or been on any RP servers lately I've just been focusing on myself and my family since there is something going on that someone like Gopnik1919 is well aware off. Although I've been keeping an eye on the MTA server, and sure I've seen you and a few others online still I've even gone on to do reports and help out as I usually would. I know BremboBG has probably been on MTA once or so since the V launch, but honestly if you are gonna sit here telling us you miss MTA then do something about it, nobody has denied you to log on MTA and have fun, you are not banned, so you are perfectly free to log onto the server and maybe gather some mates asking them to jump on while you are at it. I myself doesn't mind logging onto MTA to have some RP, and I'm pretty sure others are feeling the same way even with them being on V and stuff. Yes, maybe of the MTA RPers has grown up someway with Owlgamings MTA server, some people would never abandon the server until it would be shut down, while others are ready to move on to something more modern and better looking RP servers like for example the new OwlV server. For me both servers are great, it all depends on personal preferences It all comes down to what people like and what they don't like and the fact that we as staff can't control the players and where they fancy RPing. We can't just tell them to log on MTA every now and then its up to themselves.
  6. Alright.. With the evidence I've been given, and the talk I've had with @LaPulga. I don't see any wrong judgement here done by the handling admin, nor do I see any rule breaking which is why I have to deny this CK appeal. If you got any questions etc. I will be available in forum PMs. Sincerely QueenC
  7. Shouldn't just nick all the credits yourself! You need to learn how to share young man! - It looks good though, go out there and show them how its done!
  8. Yeah, I can see that! Outstanding!
  9. @ToastyBud, I am still waiting on that video of yours, so if you could please hand it over and tell me your side of the story here so I can process this CK appeal it would be great, I'll give you until Monday.
  10. @ToastyBud, I would like to see the full clip of this situation and hear your side of this.
  11. Alright, I'll handle this. I will need all the evidence you got @LaPulga, that you didn't include in the CK appeal itself. Once I got that, I'll check it out and post my verdict. I would appreciate if everyone else would keep off the appeal, only those who's involved and can prove it may comment as well as IG handling admin. But please keep all comments civilized. Commenting on CK appeals while not being involved ICly will result in receiving forum points as well if you post any toxic comments etc.
  12. QueenC

    SEMC Permissions

    Sorted. @JameZ
  13. Hello, I need the Trident leader forum permission added to myself, Mogs, Vubstersmurf and Script.
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