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  1. QueenC

    Almighty Saints XIII

    @Norm, @DrJoseEviI This is a faction thread. If you two got any issues with each other please take it somewhere else. I am not gonna have this faction thread clogged up with arguments and whatnot simple as. Both are welcome to pm me if you got an issue with this message point being take your argument to PMs or UCP.
  2. QueenC

    Unban Request

    Please create a new unban appeal on UCP https://owlgaming.net Sincerely QueenC
  3. QueenC

    San Andreas Action news

    Can people keep their negativity out of this? If they got an issue they’re more than welcome to pm me.
  4. QueenC

    Almighty Saints XIII

    Returning from the dark side.
  5. ** Rose Moreno quietly enters the courtroom, frowning lightly as she'd look around before she'd brush her hands over her skirt letting out a discreet sigh before she'd carefully move towards the gallery taking a seat behind Emma Tackson. As she'd turn her head looking up towards the judge crossing her legs formally. **
  6. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Lev Sokolov

    Let's start here, Pig Pen does have a guard NPC out front, however, when a business or generally interior is locked all NPC staff is off duty and RPed as if they're not at work but home with their family, therefore they do not have to get RPed as they really wouldn't be there. In this case, Pig Pen, which is the building the NPC is guarding has been locked for quite some time, more specifically hours up to and after this situation occurred. Having low hours doesn't mean you can not get beaten up for your actions, so I'm not quite sure what you are trying to argue here. You had the chance to drive away and get more people to help this guy, call PD or just flee, instead you decided to take a gun to a fist fight, a fight that wasn't even involving you the first time around. You said it yourself, you went on with this dispite it being 3 vs 1, the odds of you actially getting away with this unharmed were already really slim as you opened fire and injuried Steven. You started the conflict with them by shooting one of theirs and as a result of your own decision of doing this they found you and killed you. This is false, he did not kill you by ramming you, you got rammed but didn't die then shot by one of the others. Ramming doesn't require /me nor /do's in the moment just like we don't require someone to RP pulling the trigger or getting into a car or onto a bike. Both Characters was CKed due to disregarding their lives, you started by shooting at them, then he came to help you out getting himself into the mess. IRL if three males like these three are beating someone up you most likely wouldn't shoot at them being alone. just to clearify Timur got CKed for disregarding his life due to him getting himself involved in this, possiblely hurting them or killing him as he were trying to help you. You got CKed for disregarding your life, interferring in others business, brining a gun to a fist fight you were not even involved in and shooting one of their men. He was only PKed due to the fact that he didn't do any harm to you yet you shot him, CKing him would've been beyond unfair and below our CK standards. to sum things up, brining a gun to a fist fight you were not even involved in nor knew the victim is never a vise idea, especially not if you are on your own versus multiple people. The place of the fight doesn't really matter, yes it was on another factions property but the fact here is that as menitoned before you were acting on your own disregarding your characters life as you pulled the trigger and fired the weapon at them hitting one of their men. The reason here to CK is legitimate and with that said I have to deny the CK appeal. @Lyov
  7. QueenC

    Need perms for Red Rose

    I can also confirm, he got hired yesterday by @IloveDamage
  8. Username: The Well Stacked Pizza Co, management. comment: What an excellent commercial, thank you!
  9. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Lev Sokolov

    Alright thank you @DaLuppo, I will be giving my verdict soon.
  10. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Lev Sokolov

    Hello, I will be the handling admin of this CK appeal. If you aren't a part of this please do not comment, if you are however a part of this keep the comments civil. Is there anyone who happens to have more evidence, Footage? Screenshots? or even more logs? if so, please send them my way. You'll get the rest of today to forward said evidence to me.
  11. QueenC

    [STATE] The People v. Leo Carter [10/25]

    *Rose Moreno would enter the court room as she’d look around before quietly moving herself up next to Namira as she’d place a hand briefly onto her shoulder before sitting down next to her as she’d turn her head looking up at Leo as she’d send a small and brief smile towards him before she’d frown.*
  12. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    Hello, The CK appeal got solved in UCP tickets so I'll just briefly say something here. Due to the situaion being poorly executed both characters got Un-CKed and the situation voided. Sincerecly QueenC
  13. QueenC

    im back bitchessss

    Clearly got a death wish, stop hooking us up with random people.😠👏🏻
  14. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    Hello everyone, If you are not directly involved in this do not comment on this Character Kill please be patient, keep the comments on the appeal civil and refrain from commenting if you’re not a part of this particular situation. And wait on me to solve this as I’ll be the handling admin. Sincerely QueenC

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