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  1. Congratulations to all four new trial admins. Welcome to the team, @Neptune, @Maxwell25, @Deez and @Deuce welcome back!
  2. This has fully been processed, I will be L&Aing this if there’s anything, you can reach out to me on discord @ResidentPeach
  3. The forum aspect of this has now been handled, I'll try to get someone to sort the in-game stuff tonight or tomorrow. I'll let you know when this has been finalized. @ResidentPeach
  4. Hello @ResidentPeach I will be handling the forum aspect of this, and get someone to sort the in-game stuff. I'll let you know when it's been done.
  5. If we could keep the thread about MTA and the memories people got instead of arguing it would be amazing.
  6. VeX

    So happy to have made a great friend like you at my time on OwlGaming MTA! Hope to roleplay with you in the future on OwlV!

    1. Stretch


      Ma'am may I please DM you please madam? If anything I'll be the one in the kitchen haha

    2. VeX


      bruh she's taken what's wrong with being friendly to someone? :( 

  7. Can’t believe I played this many hours on one character only! Did have some good roleplay times for sure, and got to build friendships with some amazing people. If it wasn't for MTA I would've never met the amazing people I talk to on the daily, or gotten into making posters, making skins and vehicle wraps! Though it's sad to see it go, I'm sure we all knew the day would come eventually. Besides, with a new server comes new memories and friendships. - Hope to see everyone on GTAV as I will be joining very soon!
  8. Trident LTD: Trident Ltd is a legal non governmental company, we offer the citizens various job opportunities and services. All from Fisheries, Insurance work to jobs in the food industry and nightlife. We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our business, and hire new employees in order to keep the services we provide on top and we are not afraid of challenge ourselves or our employees. We appreciate our employees and we acknowledge that without them and the citizens of Los Santos we could not do what we love to do on the daily. The Vault Nightclub: The Vault nightclub, are hosting normal events along with special events such as Halloween, Christmas and other special themed events, if you are interested in seeing us hosting a specific themed event please contact us at [email protected] ((Forum PM QueenC)) You can read more about The Vault HERE Current jobs available: Bartender/Barmaid If you are interested in joining the team you can find the Application form HERE Trident Fisheries: Trident Fisheries is a fisheries that specialize in catching the best seafood the sea can provide, we sell to local businesses as-well as export out of San Andreas. Current jobs available: Fisheries Employee If you are interested in working at a Fisheries , please follow this guide HERE on how to apply for the job. Applications for Trident Insurance are currently on HOLD
  9. *SEMC Seeking Hospital Administrator poster would be seen hanging around Los Santos and the nearby towns, and also be seen on their website*
  10. *SEMCs Career Poster would be seen hanging around Los Santos and the nearby towns, and also be seen on their website*
  11. QueenC

    Russian Mafia

    Hello, If anyone got any issues they are welcome to PM me about them. I've cleaned up the thread, if anyone continue trolling, flaming or otherwise spread negativity and/or derailing the thread they will be punished accordingly. Sincerely QueenC
  12. @Gangland I would like to talk to you regarding this and maybe help you out a bit opening a faction on our V server please PM me on discord my discord is QueenC#0200
  13. QueenC

    Russian Mafia

    Looks promising! Welcome to the community! if you got any questions my PMs are always open!
  14. Welcome to OwlGaming! I'm sure will be able to find someone who fancy a new family member, and anyways people are pretty friendly around here so you will differently make friends ICly and OOCly! If you need help with anything or got questions etc. don't hesitate to ask, you can reach me on discord or here on forums always ready to help! My discord is QueenC#0200
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