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  1. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Carlos Flores

    Congratulations @Norm on the acceptance of this Character Appeal. Since it got accepted I will now archive this. If anyone got further questions about this acceptance they can PM @Wright.
  2. QueenC

    Sub forum under Dinoco.

    ♥️ While you are at it, add @Destin to The Mints recruitment and @Sergeant to IMAXs recruitment.
  3. QueenC

    Sub forum under Dinoco.

    I need a sub forum under Dinoco for The Mint and IMAX for applications and such. @Mogs can confirm.
  4. QueenC

    Dinoco perms

    Hey, I need Dinoco perms. Im the COO of the company @Script and/or @Mogs can confirm.
  5. QueenC

    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    Not really how it works, I don’t know you ICly, so getting married to someone else IC isn’t really effecting you.
  6. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Javeon Brooks

    This CK appeal already got assigned to an admin, everyone here should just remain civil until the assigned administrator starts his investigation. If you are not a part of this CK situation do not comment. Sincerely QueenC
  7. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Markus Heinseberg

    First of all, I wasn't the supervising administrator of this Character Kill, and to be quite honest I wasn't even online when this happened. Why you decided to blame this on me and lie about who the supervising administrator was I have no clue about.. The administrator who actually handled this was @ItsMelodyy You decide to disregard your life by attempting to stab an officer to death " Markus was trying to assasinate him with a knife, but failed as the officer starting shooting him to death. " That alone would've resolved in you being CKed. You RPed death that is a straight CK, with no possibility of appealing it, this is also stated clearly in the rules: Being a new player isn't an excuse for not knowing the rules, it is your responsibility as a player to know our rules and keep them updated as we update them. The CK is valid regardless and you are not able to get the character back, I wish you good luck in starting up a new character and hope that you've learned from this. I will also link the rules below and I strongly advise you to read them all to make sure you are updated on the rules and will be able to prevent something like this in the future. Owlgaming Rule docs: https://docs.owlgaming.net/index.html
  8. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Gabriela Alejandre

    We do not accept people to comment on a CK appeal they aren’t a part of. If you are a part of the CK, you can simply put your side of the story and keep the comments civil. Provide evidence would be great too. But do not argue nor fight. If you are not involved in this particular CK, stop commenting on the topic. As my faction were the CKing party here I will not be handing this.
  9. QueenC

    Properly RPing car crashes

    Alright so as @ItsMelodyy already pointed out, we do enforce people to RP injuries but we are not always there to see what’s going on. So unless you guy report the persons for powergaming and failure to RP we can’t possibly know. Just screenshot/record it and get logs of this, recordings are the ultimate proof in situations like this but unfortunately not all players know how to record it or can record it due to bad PCs. Screenshot can also help a lot, where the logs, they can’t show us what actually happened like a video, gif or screenshot but they show us the RP Done and the OOC conversation. Remember to have the proper evidence when reporting, like ItsMelodyy we are sorta like PD just an OOC version. What would PD do if you reported a crime and didn’t have enough proof of the said crime? They would detain the person, look for evidence and then release the suspect if they don’t have proper evidence towards them. Same with admins, instead of detain people we pause roleplay, we look at the evidence given if there no proper evidence we are forced to leave the case alone and continue Roleplay. I do see the issue @Jadamson, and therefore I will encourage everyone to RP their accidents more realistically, if they don’t tab on that F1 button and let us know.
  10. QueenC

    Getting bored?

    Just no Poffy.👀
  11. QueenC

    Getting bored?

    Go on, but it’s not only UAT and GAT. Scripters, MT, FT and VT and every other staff team have their fair share of this.
  12. QueenC

    Character Kill Appeal - Savannah Belicia

    As Unitts already stated: If you are **NOT** involved in this ICLY and by that I mean the CK itself, then stop commenting on this appeal. For everyone who is however a part of this CK, keep the discussion civilized and wait for an admin to take this appeal. Note: As I’m a member of this faction I will not be handling this.
  13. When all is said and done, you believe god is a woman.
  14. Think you had me confused with yourself for some strange reason. 😛

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