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  1. The Pre-New Years Eve Celebration poster is out now, for more information about the event you can find the poster here: www.SabreLTD/EventInformation.com
  2. Sabre Events presents this years New Years Eve Party! The Party will be hosted at Stargaze the 30th December 2020 at 7:30PM There will be a Raffle and a Costume Contest so please show up in your best costume. In order to enter the Costume Contest you need to email #CostumeContest to [email protected] ((Forum PM QueenC)) Include your name in the email as well. In order to enter the raffle you need to pay 5 dollars per ticket, each guest can buy max 3 ticket per guest, remember to include your name in the email as well as the ticket numbers you wish to get. numbers goes betwe
  3. Event has been postponed until the 20th December 2020, 8PM
  4. The Merry Christmas Party poster is out now, for more information about the event you can find the poster here: www.SabreLTD/EventInformation.com
  5. The Christmas Market Poster is out now, for more information about the event you can find the poster here: www.SabreLTD/EventInformation.com
  6. Sabre LTD is hosting a Christmas Market! The Christmas Market will take place in the Simmet Ally, right across from Dashound Bus Center The Dashhound Bus Center will for the evening be used for parking in the back. The Dashhound Bus Center's regular parking spot will be used by CAA for a surprise! The event will behind the 19th December at 7:30, we at Sabre LTD are looking forward to see you all there! If you wish to have a booth at the Christmas Market please reach out to Sabre as soon as possible, last day will be Friday the 18th. If you do not wish your own booth but still
  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS LOS SANTOS & SURROUNDINGS! We are thrilled to inform you all that we already got a few events lined up for you this December. Check the Calendar below to see what kind of events we are hosting this month! There will be posters for each event which is why there is no further information regarding each event other than the dates and the titles! Keep an eye out for the event posters! If you have ideas for events you would like to see us host do not hesitate taking contact to our Events Team at [email protected] ((Forum PM QueenC or Use the Email featu
  8. We can if people wish to do these types of deliveries we can figure out a way for it to happen without it being a script
  9. Locked and Archived upon request.
  10. Hello @Express It looks like you already got the permissions for the forums linked. Pm me and we can try to solve this.
  11. It takes no time to go into the editor and make the outfit though, the newest clothing items you’ve bought are always the last numbers so if you just type in the last numbers in each field you’ve made the outfit. But I get where you are going, you’d like a feature so when you’ve made a new outfit in the clothing store it would ask you if you wanted to save it as an outfit.
  12. This is already a thing. @Resident You just go to the clothing store and buy the clothes you want then go to the editing feature at the same store and make your outfit, if you got a wardrobe bought at the furniture store you can also make outfits at your property
  13. I’m Danish end of discussion, the entire Swedish meme is a bit over used and old at this point. (:
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