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  1. Sparta Inc - Drift Cup - Practice Course Sparta Inc are thrilled to introduce you to the first Open Sparta Inc Drift Cup 2019. The Event is being hosted at Los Santo Stadium, the 20th of July 2019 at 6PM. The event will be free and everyone will be able to attend, we hope to bring the citizens of Los Santos something to look forward to this upcoming weekend. Everyone must bring their own helmets for safety purposes. We are looking forward to see you all this Saturday.
  2. And what about the old perms you got for other factions? @Freebird
  3. Alright so, I don’t see the point in this if FT is needing to approve logs AFTER you started or finished the growing and harvesting. Here’s the thing, if people can grow and harvest they can abuse/cheat or whatever you wanna call it. I’m it saying the idea is generally bad and I’ve suggested something similar a few nights ago on the thread Unitts made it’s just about how this is going to promote RP and how it should/could be maintained by admins and/or FT. It would also be great if people could keep a civilized conversation/discussion without insults of any kinds thank you.
  4. This made me smile, glad to hear life is working out for you. Bit funny seeing you were friends with different admins like @Script and Myself isn't it? 😛 I mean, you can be friends with admins just like the rest of the staff team but as you said it wont give you any advantage.
  5. __The Mint, Nightclub_-_BLACK&WHITE_-_Gala 2019 __ The Mint Nightclub is hosting our first Gala event Saturday the 13th of July at 8PM! To make sure our guests will have a perfectly safe and enjoyable evening, people will not be allowed in if they: Got anything that can hide their identity. i.e. masks, bandanas, etc.. Carrying weapons or other dangerous items. Carrying drugs. Carrying a bag, duffelbag etc. Having stinky or torn clothes. Under 21 years old. Please note that not all reasons are listed on the list above. Tickets: We got 50% discount on entrance tickets, daily VIP tickets and Monthly VIP tickets. At the entrance, we will be selling Entrance tickets. It is mandatory to get a ticket if you wanna be allowed into the club itself. Entrance tickets will be $40 per ticket. VIP Tickets: We got 50% discount on entrance tickets, daily VIP tickets and Monthly VIP tickets. We will be selling daily VIP tickets along with monthly VIP tickets at the VIP ticket booth. A daily VIP ticket is sold for $750 and a Monthly VIP ticket is sold for $2000 Giveaway ticket: We will be giving away a 2013 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. In order to enter the giveaway you must grab one of the giveaway tickets at the VIP booth. A giveaway ticket costs $1500. Please be aware that you are only allowed to buy one ticket per person. If anyone is caught obtaining more than one per person they will be disqualified and the prize will go to someone else.
  6. L&Aing upon request by Zuclya.
  7. I’ll lag you off a Cliff love. @ThatGuy, Neat letter!
  8. Yes, we don’t see the purpose of factions having to be stuck with a vehicle they can’t sell. If the dealership has been trying to sell it, auctions, opening the sales lot InGame, advertising etc we don’t see why they should be stuck with a vehicle for months limiting their import options because these vehicles that just won’t sell is taking up slots.
  9. To add on to rosemaries pharmacy, if you were to make this happen it would be an easy way to create an NPC and spawn it at places that make sense like SEMC Would it be possible to maybe create a secondary key section for each type of keys so you’ll have all your business keys, vehicle keys etc in their own “map” in the key area to prevent players screen from being blocked by keys every time they open their key folder if they got lots of keys?😬 eh, also if possible the drugs and alcohol effects let’s say people would be smoking weed, they’ll get a slight blur effect, and depending on how long they hold the joint it’ll get more intense. Maybe a way of growing stuff Script-wise like, tomato plants, other kind of vegetables, flowers and weed.
  10. Name: Dinoco Ltd Management. Comment: Hello, We at Dinoco Ltd do not support his actions and he was therefore removed from the company effectively immediately. We apologise for this incident and hope his actions didn’t cause any damages. We value our customers right to privacy and this will not repeat itself. Good luck with the auction, and if anyone got any questions they’re welcome to contact us at our hotline 5500 or email us.
  11. QueenC

    DCS Perms

    Sorted @PlayerX1994, @Chaotropy
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