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  1. Yes, it will improve RP for PD, FD etc saving them time on trying to find the location, besides irl emergency vehicles got GPS anyways it would be a nice thing to have, and seems like a small and easy thing to add too.
  2. Yes please. IMO it should be able to add knowledge on its own after you’ve talked and been around people who talks a certain language if you got the language added to your character. If it’ll be something you can select yourself or if you need to report and get admins to set it idk
  3. Fishing would be great, would also help the fisheries factions. It is possible to fish without but it would be much easier with this as a script would allow different kinds of fish etc
  4. Love how you somehow forgot and didn’t notice the one you made last year: Behave yourself!
  5. Behave! Make your own thread.
  6. Yes you have, plenty of times so behave!
  7. You know who I am, don’t try kiddo! Hope you are well though, haven’t heard from you in ages! Behave! Behave! Behave you two!
  8. haha yeah : ) have a good one


    1. QueenC


      Haha thanks, you too

    2. DSIDanny


      haha yeah man : )

  9. This is literally what we got on MTA that I was referring too, here check out the link it’s something like this I would like to see on OwlV
  10. Nice work! Glad to see a new illegal faction around! If you need any help or got any questions myself and the entire Administration Team and Faction Team will be more then happy to help out!
  11. So basically the system we had on MTA which would allow a leader to set permissions for each rank. I do think it’s a great suggestion but there is probably gonna be some jobs where the employees would need bank access in order to do their job due to a script like on MTA unless these scripts are made so it won’t be necessary.
  12. Jer

    🇸🇪 nice flag @Valkyr

    1. Valkyr


      Yes yes very cool,thank you @Jer

    2. QueenC


      You two behave!

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