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  1. Please don’t comment on CK appeals unless you are involved. If you are commenting regardless you risk a forum punishment. Cheers.
  2. **Advertisement would pop up in the news, in the sidebar on tablets, phones etc Posters would also be found on light poles around Los Santos.** The Mint Nightclub is hosting its grand opening this Saturday at 8 PM! You must be over 21 years old and be decently dressed, To make sure our guests will have a perfectly safe and enjoyable evening, people will not be allowed in if they: Got anything that can hide their identity, i.e masks, bandanas, etc.. Carrying weapons, or other dangerous items. Carrying drugs. Carrying a bag, duffel bag etc. Having stinky or torn clothes. being under 21 years old. Please note that not all reasons are listed on the list above. Tickets: At the entrance, we will be selling Entrance tickets. It's mandatory to get a ticket if you wanna be allowed into the club itself. Entrance tickets are $80 per ticket. VIP Tickets: We will be selling daily VIP tickets along with monthly VIP tickets at the VIP ticket booth. A daily VIP ticket is sold for $1500 and a Monthly VIP ticket is sold for $4000 Giveaway ticket: We will be giving away a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro LT, to enter the giveaway you must grab one of the 20 giveaway tickets at the VIP booth. Each giveaway ticket costs $1500. Please be aware that you are only allowed to buy one ticket per person. If anyone buys more than one per person they will be disqualified and the prize will go to someone else. You will find us here: Address: 1462 Panopticon Avenue Hotline: 5500 Map: https://i.imgur.com/cQNpxDG.jpg Picture of the club: https://i.imgur.com/NPxoUKI.png
  3. QueenC

    DCS Perms

    Sorted @Chaotropy
  4. @EPICxNUTS, @Ixosis, @JameZ, @DxRK, @TheNeonGuy 😍 Congratulations to everyone who made it!💪🏻 And @iii, stop breaking my heart.
  5. Commenting on this CK appeal without being involved, will not be tolerated and you will risk getting punished. Please keep this CK appeal civil and allow the handling admin to sort this out.
  6. (( To be quite fair, people aren’t really applying for the jobs of running a mall, and they’re not really contacting Dinoco to rent a store either. We can’t force people to apply for renting a store or a job, the only things we can do is to hope people would finally realise that it would be better to hang around a huge mall than in idlewood but of course it depends on your characters and all, like for the middle class and rich people a mall might be better to hang around than idlewood. And for a gang idlewood might be better than a mall, either way point being we can’t force people to use the mall. But we will try to make it active we just need to figure out how to attract people and keeping them interested in RPing there instead of idlewood.))
  7. Rose Moreno The change we need. The voice YOU deserve. Introduction: My Platform: Improvement of Law Enforcement Agencies + other governmental agencies: Helping Businesses: Community outreach: Retirement, Vacation, Healthcare etc: **Comments would be heavily monitored, any trollish, or vulgar language would be blocked or deleted by the administrators of the site, any threatening comments would automatically be handed over to the local authorities**
  8. I support this idea, it wouldn’t only help PD finding their crime scene more effectively but also improve the response time for FD and SEMC. If its made server wide or faction bound, it could also be helpful for cargo services, security firms, etc.
  9. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  10. The discussion of this topic is no longer seen as necessary, thus this thread has been closed from further discussion.
  11. the UnCK was finalized and we talked in-game about the arrest. L&A
  12. Since mogs isn't an admin anymore I will finalize this CK appeal. I will unck the character as promised by mogs previously, and I'll get back to you later today or tomorrow about the arrest part. Sorry for the long waiting time. Sincerely QueenC @Shekelberg
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