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  1. عيد الميلاد حرااااام but hb doe

    1. JameZ


      Lmfao thanks ❤️

  2. Top speed is unknown as I don't drive like a maniac, there is no buyout price on the vehicles.
  3. Noted on the Mercedes, you're outbidded on the Ferrari Noted
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Cars Vehicle year: 2006 Vehicle brand: Infiniti Vehicle make: M45 Sport Description: Precious car in top condition ((top speed needs to be fixed)) Starting bid: 8,000$ Minimum increase: 1,000$ Vehicle year: 2004 Vehicle brand: Mercedes Benz Vehicle make: SL500 Description: a Beautiful example in near perfect condition Starting bid: 10,000$ Minimum increase: 2,000$ Vehicle year: 2001 Vehicle brand: Ferrari Vehicle make: 456M GT Description: Great Ferrari for a great price, tops 224 and drives smooth. Starting bid: 35,000$ Minimum increase: 2,000$ Auction end date: 28.9.2018
  5. Happy birthday brother

  6. happy 9/11 brother

  7. Happy birthday good guy, still young

    1. Clippy


      yeah thanks not my birthday its just on 9/11 xxx

    2. Dawkins


      Ohoho, happy ISIS day then

  8. happy birthday x

    1. Clippy


      yeah thanks not my birthday its just on 9/11 xxx

  9. Name: yusif comment: damn it's the father of fast food i can't believe it! i
  10. Yeah, had this problem before, only way i fixed was formatting my whole system.
  11. how much fps do you get, owlgaming is the only server that i barely can hit 60 fps on MTA, it lags too bad and i have a good PC
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