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  1. hella based

  2. marry me wigga ?

    1. Script


      what the fuck is going on here

  3. If we can get a lot of players on Reality that'd be a lot fun, I've played it before. ?
  4. Torn apart? now we are together

  5. It's only now.. now i understand ? we are torn apart.. 

    1. Script


      jesus clippy that's gay

  6. wtf is that display

  7. The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is it's last day on Earth. but i think that's a luxury, not a curse.

  8. sometimes i dream about cheese

  9. عيد الميلاد حرااااام but hb doe

  10. Happy birthday brother

  11. happy 9/11 brother

  12. Happy birthday good guy, still young

    1. Clippy


      yeah thanks not my birthday its just on 9/11 xxx

    2. Dawkins


      Ohoho, happy ISIS day then

  13. happy birthday x

    1. Clippy


      yeah thanks not my birthday its just on 9/11 xxx

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